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Just a few questions on LL


Back on the wagon!
I lost 65llbs on LT and had planned to go back once I have had my baby and finished breatfeeding which will be around September time this year.

I chose LT as there were no CDCs or LL place close to my home. But LT is just sooooo boring and would prefer something we a lil more variety:sigh:

However, I flyer has just come through my door today saying there a LL councellor only a few miles away....!!!

I had a look on the website and understand how the diet works however seems you need your GPs agreement/sign off....mine is really soooo anti-vlcds........the advantage of LT was once my BMI was checked and I completed the medical questionaire I didnt need my GPs signoff.......

Is it necessary in all cases????:confused:
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Hi bea, well done on losing the weight! Yes, part of the agreement on LL is that you have your GP's sign off, mine wouldn't do it, so I went Private. For £50 I got a full consultation with a private doctor, then all my check ups. Was meant to get 3, but had about 6, they were very supportive and didn't charge me for the extra ones.

I've read on here that some Lloyds chemists do it for free, but I didn't do that.

Good luck with whatever you decide!


Back on the wagon!
Thanks Greenockgal......I'm in Ireland...and you pay for your Doctor fees....hmmmmm will give the LL number a buzz and see what they say maybe they have a few docs who support the diet.....
Have you thought of Cambridge? It's very similar, but cheaper, and I'm not sure if you need to have the GP check? Although saying that, I really advise it, as my body must have thought what the bliddy hell was happening to it when I started, ha ha!


Back on the wagon!
I have but the CDC is miles and miles away......will check them out just in case there is a new one around....
On both diets you have to be a certain amount overweight, LL you need to be at least 3 stone, not sure about CD.

When you said LT was boring, I would say the LL food packs are a bit boring and you are allowed one bar a day after the first week, but for me I can stand that as the Counselling you get more than makes up for it.

I have also tried CD and although I think it is really great,for me I needed the counselling, being a compulsive eater, which has for the first time ever helped me on my way.

Anyway, good luck with whichever you chose and good luck with your new baby.


Striving for slimness
Hi Bea first congrats on both your weight loss and your baby! Bet you're dead excited!! My GP wouldn't sign my form either as they were a bit anti VLCD. However my LLC reccomended a private doctors that would do it. Would agree that the best thing to do would be to contact a LL councilor and ask if they can suggest any private practices.


Back on the wagon!
Thanks for the advice....had 45lbs left to loose before getting pregnant and expect to have a few more on top of that with pregnancy.....so will be in the right zone.......

Cheers for your helpful reply.....
Bea as well as the LL diet being good, you may already know but the support on this site is so aspiring, I know I have struggled and everyone rallies round.


Back on the wagon!
I found the same with the LT site.....I just LOVE minimins......

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