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Just a quick one...


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Has anyone noticed that they are pee-ing alot?

I don't know if it's just because I'm drinking more water than I usually would have... I usually would only drink about a litre or so?

Now a days I have a coffee in the morning and then carry around a 1L bottle of water with me which I re-fill once so I am remembering to drink throughout the day.. some days a herbal tea in the afternoon..

But I've noticed that I wee A LOT, I'd say about 8+ times a day! and not to far apart either? :confused:

I can hold it so I'm sure I'm not becoming incontinent or my bladder needs controlling, I just seem to be filling up!

I'm not sure the normal "pee average" is either haha! :D
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Its also the diet - glycogen (short-hand: carbohydrate energy stored in muscles) holds a lot of water. As you use up the glycogen you shed water.


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Last night I got up three times! It'd be so much easier with a catheter ;)
I definitely pee more, but a couple of weeks ago it got ridiculous and I went to the doc's - bad urine infection!! Always worth getting this checked if you are at all unsure if you have one.
I go loads!!! I can drink Coke all day long and I'm fine but as soon as I finish a glass of water I need the loo. I fill a bottle up and as in downing it I can feel my bladder getting fuller and fuller! I have to avoid drinking any while I'm watching a film or something so I don't get disturbed and there's no way I could drink it when I'm out. I also get up to go twice every night! It's really annoying as I'm trying to get pregnant and keep reading too much into it and thinking it's a pregnancy symptom lol


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Ah thanks everyone..

Hmm.. I usually get pains with urine infections.. :( so maybe it is just the diet, I was just wondering because yesterday I went about 4 times in an 2 hours haha! :)

I'll just see how it goes, maybe my bladder will strengthen and hold out a bit..

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