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Just made my first Chocolate truffles.

I have just made some chocolates out of the chocolate sachets and they look fantastic. When on the cambridge I was boring and just added water to my sachet and off I went. But now hearing you guys doing these different idea's with your sachet I am going to try a few more.
I have put them in the freezer for a little while and I can't wait to have them as a treat tomorrow at work. It was good making them as we all love to lick our fingers don't we.:)

Nick :D
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Well done and good for you. :D

For me, I only really add water and pysillium husk. I'm not a huge fan of the recipes although I do make the odd muffin.


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ooo nick they r really nice. doesnt taste like a pack too much either (if u know what i mean) bit more realistic!

they work nice with choc mint packs as well.



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fab idea flirty! i can make some for myself instead of just drooling when hubby opens the lindt choccies i bought him.

i am rubbish at making the crisps and muffins. truffles r the only thing i can manage but they r so yummy. i dont even like truffles in real life (cos CD isnt like my old world lol)

i wonder how truffles taste if u add a bit of the orange or berry flavour?? just a thought...
I can't do the crisps either. Use to make the muffins - but can't be bothered now. Imagine would work nicely with water flavourings ... orange will taste like terry's choc orange ... that gives me an ides .. I have segment moulds for ice cubes!! Make segments of choc orange!!


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at least forty minutes. gives them a chance to go hard outside but they stay soft on the inside...

Did you roll them into little balls or summink? How many did you make out of your pack? What did you place them on in the freezer - a plate?? Wont they melt in your bag today?

Oh and do let us know what they taste like!!

Sorry too many questions but i'm just so intrigued!!!
Karen - I got a silicon baking tray in the shapes of some belgium chocies for mine. I had a couple of disasters trying to roll them into balls lol

Hope you enjoy them Nick :)

Kitty xxx


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If u dont have a mould u can use 2 spoons, with the mixture on one spoon. then just use the empty spoon to shape and scrap it off the other one. its a bit fiddly but just easing them from one spoon to the other makes them round in about 3 goes. thats how i was taught to make stuffing balls anyways lol.

i couldnt help myself last night and made some as ive been truffleless for about a week. see what u've started nick???
well i dont have any choc packs so i used cappuccino and the first one tasted a bit too strong but then they were yummy. will have to see how butterscotch goes when trufflified.

anyways...i had used all my packs and cheated with with a fourth. do u think it will matter to my weight loss? also, given that one of yesterdays packs was a bar. i ended up having 3 packs and a bar. am i doomed? :cry:

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