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Just ordered my first Exante packs

I'm new here and planning on doing exante as my 3rd month of dieting, I'm doing 12 diets for 12 mths. If I like it I will carry on with it longer than a month. I've just ordered a bumper mixed pack, and hope I like it.

First month I did calorie counting, second I'm doing slimming world extra easy however this week I've been really lacking motivation and find myself wanting to see results faster. So I may start exante when I receive it. I have lost 19.5lb so far in the last 6 weeks, I don't expect a loss this week, (I weigh in Monday but I'm a bit scale obsessed), as I have had such a rubbish week that's including a meal at pizza express, kfc, wine and hotel chocolat! I have had some good days despite that but I fully expect a gain.

So i'll be reading a lot of the info over the coming days, any pointers on good things to read, pitfalls to avoid or any top tips for making exante work for me?
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I dont want to be negative here hun but is doing 12 different diets in 12 months going to be good for your body, it may not like the changes so often and go into starvation mode or something silly!

Anyway good luck with exante, I hope you do like it and end up sticking around.
Tips....drink lots of water and dont keep any food in your house!!
For motivation, for seeing which one suits me best, to stop the boredom once it gets so many weeks down the line. As I said, if I like one I'll stick to it. If I find exante is working well for me then I will carry on with it. I'm finding slimming world isn't at this point in time, I need more control over it so plan on swapping to the exante when it comes. Calorie counting did work well too.

I've been overweight for the past 15 years, I guess I'm trying to overcome some of the pitfalls that have messed it up for me before. Looking forward to sharing in this exante journey with you all.
I hope you will stick with Exante and see big results. It works if you stick to it. Good luck x
Well good luck with exante - you won't find better loss's than a VLCD.

The only think I would worry about with your 12 diets for 12 months is that you've spent all year learning different diets but not actually sorted any food issues such as emotional triggers or a maintanance plan.
I am starting counselling soon, I know I need to address the emotional side, I'm on the waiting list. Really it's about finding what works best for me, that might not take 12 mths, it might be the exante. I'm not expecting to be on a maintenance plan until next year given i've a lot to lose, if it happens that I'm getting near before I will of course do something about it.

I've bought some suggested flavourings today, and upping the water, lowering the carbs in preparation for receiving my packs. Feeling very positive about it.
Well they're here, so tomorrow is my first day, impressed with the quick service and 1hr delivery slot. I left a note and they delivered them in the shop over the road for me too as I was out with friends today.

Starting to feel nervous, wondering if I'll like them, (I couldn't stand slimfast), and how I'm going to feel. I just had a meal out with friends so will have a snack later and then I'll be up and at em with a shake for breakfast. My blender bottle came today too so that's good timing. I've been reading up on all the tips here to make it more palatable, does anyone use proper coffee to make up shakes, like adding an espresso shot? If so does it work ok? I was thinking it might make a nice vanilla & cinnamon latte. I'm a bit of a coffee snob and don't like instant.

Feeling really focused, I'm out visiting my sister tomorrow so will pack a bar to take, plenty of water and some teabags (dragonfly rooibos and vanilla is just as nice black as it is with milk, natural vanilla not like tetley stuff), so I'm well prepared. I'm sitting out my fat club with friends this week as we get together and eat, though next week I might take a soup. I'm thinking that late on day two I'd be ready to eat a friend let alone the food that's being cooked. I really value the company though, I have 3 young kids, adult time is highly prized so don't want to lose it all together.

Any last minute things I should be doing, survival hints/tips? I've ordered some ketostix and have breath freshener handy (3 for £2 at M&S yesterday). I need to pick myself up some water bottles, might nip down to costco and get big pack so I always have some to put in my bag.

Eeeks it's real, I'm really going to shift this weight this year, I've been reading some inspiring diaries on here that are really helping me focus.


I can haz cake?
Slimfast always made me feel sick/migrainey/horrible, but when I tried it I didn't know anything about ketosis.

I was eating a small amount of carbs with my dinner and probably going into, but never quite getting fully into ketosis. So I felt rubbish and sick constantly.

Hopefully you'll do well on Exante! I plan to do it once I get paid :p
Hey! Don't worry about the shakes, they are really lovely. Everyone has different tastes, but I prefer them to the Cambridge ones. I tried adding coffee to the vanilla and having it hot, but after just having vanilla hot on it's own I much prefer it.
The soups I think are quite nice. They're not amazing, but certainly edible and I don't generally like soup anyway. The bars and the shakes I would definitely eat even if not dieting!

Best of luck with it, you sound all steamed up ready for :)
Oh your wedding date is my daughter's birthday, and the week before my sister's wedding which is my motivator for losing weight at the moment.
Ooh, we have a similar goal then! Must be a good date ;)

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