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Just realised i have been thinking about sw all wrong


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:sigh::sigh:...evening all, fairly new into sw and to be honest 4 weeks is the longest i have stuck in..even attending classes is a new thing for me. Just sat for a wee while reading through some posts and it occurred to me (and am sure i am not alone) that i have the misconception that i can eat as much free food as i like - for example i would think nothing of eating mug shot at my 10am tea break in work or if i was hungry at night (even after dinner) thinking i could have a baked potato "cos its free"...i guess what i am saying that the forums are great because my consultant told me i could eat as much as i wanted, i guess she failed to mention (though it does seem common sense now) that i would be better off chosing fruit as opposed to a baked potato for a snack - sorry for the long winded post just wanted to share. Means from now on i can eat and chose more wisely when it comes to snack time and to fill my plate with free or sf items x
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You can snack on these foods but it's not really worth it as you are supposed to have 1/3 superfree with every plate of food! So you would b better off just snacking on superfree ;)
I have the same problem which Is why I try and stick to red days as I am a carb freak and find that I will eat potato till they are coming out of my ears just because I can!!! Lol not even hungry half the time. Occassionally will have an EE day, which I'm am treating as a treat!

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