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Katie's Diary -Hello! Been so busy at school this week!

Hi everyone,

I am new but have been lurking for past week, have decided to try weight watchers.

I don't have tons of weight to lose, just a few pounds now and looking for a good eating plan for life!

Have been doing this on my own, have the books and advice/guidance from my friends who go to class.

You all seem like a lovely bunch and great support to one another!

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i defo think WW is for you then :D you can have whatever you like - its all about portion control :) (something I am still working on LOL :p)

good luck with it :D xxx
Thanks hun! I lost most of my weight on atkins, but it just wasn't a good lifetime way of eating! I couldn't handle not having carbs and ended up craving them like mad!!

Loving this way of eating so far! You are doing great! We will get there!

i agree with you on that one.. ive tried atkins (along with pretty much every other diet out there :p) and i missed the carbs (i pretty much live on things like jacket potatoes, and i admittedly do love my bread!)

good luck with today :)
Thanks for all your kind words!

I am doing well so far today. Am trying to save a few points this week as have anniversary dinner out at posh restaurant tomorrow night then a party on Sat! Don't think I will lose much this week would be happy to sts!

Hope everyone is having a great day!
a restaurant we know of or a one off poshie? :p

have fun anyway, sounds like a good weekend to me :D x
It's a one off poshie in Glasgow! 3 year anniversary so I am gonna try not to count lol! I always try to when I am out for dinner! Hopefully I will have saved enough!

Such a lovely day today! Half way through the week! Thank goodness!
ooooh another one in glasgow :D been up a few times for mini meets - theres a good few of us up there, and i'm only a couple of hours away in Newcastle :)

enjoy anyway! :D x
welcome hunni x
Jen and Starlight are both Glasgow-ers, plus i know theres a couple more on the boards who i've not met.. will have to have a nose through :) x


The Weight Loss Monster
Hiya Katie, I'm another one from Glasgow (only started recently) and LaLaLou is from Lanarkshire so she's close too.

Good luck with the weight loss, you've come to the right place, these guys are the most supportive weight loss pals I've ever had :D
Hey and very belated welcome :) i'm a fifer so not a million miles away :) i'm in the same boat as you i dont have much to loose just looking to maintain really as used to be a lot heavier and dont want it all creeping back on! This is such a helpful supportive place :) xx

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