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katies ww diary

Starting core tomorrow been messing round swapping plans for ever so am having a change of plan looking at this as a healthy eating plan not a diet! So 3 meals a day till comfortably full, only skimmed milk, the biggest challenge will be no bread and keeping resonable portion size. Friday is my weigh in kast week was 16.5 I am also aimong to build in some exercise, i have a mini stepper and going to start walking. Looking forward to chatting to you all xx
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Hi Katie,

good luck with starting the core plan. I've tried it sucessfully in the past - it really is a great plan, especially if you need a bit more disipline than the points program allows or if you're in a good routine (working office hours).

Don't worry too much about your portion sizes to begin with, that's the beauty of the core plan. You can fill your plate, the only limitation is you must stop when you are satisified. If you're looking to find out how satisfaction feels, read the forum on Paul McKenna's plans, and you'll get an idea of it. Be warned though, once you start eating like this and know the feelings of satisfaction, it's very difficult to over eat!

Hope you have a great week - let me know how you get on!

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Hey you!! Good luck with WW. I have joined online and am doing points. Lost 4 lbs first week on to week 2 now. :)
Yay boofaloo i have been worried about you !!! hope you are ok well done on the 4 pounds!!! thats fab. I seem to have some self sabotage going on I keep getting down to 16 stone then binging and going back up agian!!! Goodness knows why was hoping that following something not counting may help and doing away with my scales i hate them!!!
My plan for today is.
Porridge, banana, syrup (1/2)
tuna, salad, jacket pot, elf.
salmon baby pots salad
plums clementines apple and strawbs for snacks if needed
chocolate mousse 1.5
2/21 points used x


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Hi Katie, just want to say good luck.
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
Hey honey!! SO pleased i found you after my unscheduled break - i have been thinking about you though and am so pleased you are still trying and that WW is working for you.
How are things today? Your menus look great. I am a bit hormonal at the mo so have used my points on stuff that isnt that great. I know when i have to reduce my points i'll have to start thinking healthy thoughts but at the moment it's nice to eat whatever i want as long as i count it!!!
hi all sorry not been posting im in the run up to exams so am trying to stay off the internet as i get too distracted however i am having day off revision and work today as i have man flu!! was a bit dissapointed with my weight loss although i lost 2 pounds i was hoping for more with it being first week hey ho cant complain lol trying points again this week xx
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
2lb loss is absolutely great!!! Well done. Good luck with the exams. I sympathise about the man flu i'm suffering at the moment!! x
Thanks all had a ceeky chinese last night ate 2 spare ribs and through rest away it was gross very dissapointed lol x

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