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Keisha's diary: Made the switch


100% Focused
Here I am trying to start this diary. Hoping it will keep me focused on my goal. I am currently on W8 Rapid week 8 day 4. Ive lost 23lbs already. I'm aiming to losing another 28lbs by the new year if its possible. I have a good 8 week left until then.

I'll be upping my exercise programme. Before I was exercising every other day for 1 hour on my bike. But I sold my stationary bike so I can purchase a cross trainer which will be coming next week.

I'm currently walking 3 times a week doing 5-6 miles. So hopefully I'll have better loses each week but I'll try not to over do it.
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100% Focused
My muscles are really hurting today. I was going to work out to my Charllie Brooks fitness dvd today but don't know if its possible. Will have to see tonight.


100% Focused
Well I'm back in ketosis now. Taking my kids to a birthday party later. Then go to a see the new bond movie. Hopefully before the movie I'll be able to go on my 6 mile walk come rain or shine


100% Focused
Well I didn't get to go on my 6mile walk today due to only coming home just now for my daughters friend's party. So I'm just going to stick in my fitness dvd and get cracking.

Had some jerk chicken at the party, it was lovely. Only had my allowance for the day.


100% Focused
Well woke up at 7am this morning to go for my walk that I should have went on yesterday. Walked 5miles in 1.5hrs and it was quiet refreshing. Later I'll will be doing some push ups and ab crunches.


100% Focused
Yeah I sure love some support. Doing a diary is great. It take things off your mind and you can see what progress your making. I'm up this early cause my baby girl has the cold and can't sleep. And to top it off my muscles are aching me from my 5mile walk yesterday.


100% Focused
Today i did some abs crunches and jumped on my LTT for 15 mins. Tomorrow I shall be doing my 4 mile walk. Weigh in tomorrow. Not to hopeful though. Did not cheat and I did quiet a bit of exercise last week but we'll see
Sorry to hear about you baby girl being sick, is she feeling any better yet? Girl you are doing great 23 pounds off:D I really have to work hard to get this next nine pounds thats when I hit my platuae point. I always lose weight then get stuck at the same weight and then don't lose no more for weeks and then I get discouraged and let it go. So this time I am going to just stay focused and hope me exercising will get me past this point ;) and start looking slim like you
Hope you push pass that 9lbs in no time. Hopfully the exercise should help things along. Is it still 44lbs you have to loose? Only lost 1lb this week which has me really down now but I will carry on.

Should be getting my cross trainer on Thursday and I can't wait. Going on my walk soon as my baby girl wakes up. Both my daughters still have the cold, I'm just hoping they get better. The lil one is teething also (two coming up at the same time), so she has it pretty tough.

Hope you're having a great day USAgirl. Have you ordered the new chicken noodle mealpack?
Hey keisha,

sound like your doing brill.all that excercise putting me to shame anyways!! im joinging ww tomorrow night so will have to get on the excercise wagon soon. I hope your 2 wee girls get better soon, nothing as bad as sick kiddies. xx
Thanks Becky. When I'm finished my 12 weeks of W8, which is in a month, I'm going to change to WW also. Good luck on WW. Did WW before and it worked for me.
Had a bad day yesterday at the bonfire. I ended up having a burger and banana cake. I'm so angry with myself. I don't think I'm going to weight in this Tuesday. Going to use this week to get back on track and weigh in the following week.

I need to stop messing about as I only have 3.5 weeks left on W8 and I want to lose as much as I can before switch to WW.
Havent posted for two days now but I'm back on track for 3 days. I have doing a lot of exercises to combat breaking my diet on weds. Hopefully on tuesday I will have a good lose. Hopfully breaking my 2 stones barrier.
Today was a good day. Still on track. my calves are killing me, due to not stetching the muscle prior and after 60 mins on cross trainer. Just about to tuck into my second mealpack.
Weigh in tomorrow. Hope I hit the two stones mark

I'm a bit scared of weighing in tomorrow. I really want to smash the 2 stone barrier. I need to lose 4lbs to do that. I've being doing extra exercise just to make sure. So wish me luck
Well thats it for me until tomorrow. I did 45 mins on my cross trainer today. My calves still hurts but it a bit better now. Until tomorrow, good night
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Lost 4lbs so i hit my 2 stone target. My next target is to get into my healthy bmi range, so I need to lose 12lbs. Hopefully I'll be able to do that in 3.5 weeks time. So wish me luck.

Next week hoping for another 4lbs lost to break that 11 stone barrier.

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