Ketosis - coming out -how soon?

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    How soon does it show on a ketosis stick if you are out of ketosis? Don't know if this question makes sense but what I mean is - If I eat something extra to the diet, how soon will it kick me out of ketosis. will it only show the next day, within a couple of hours or straight away. I have had milk in my coffee and also coke zero and I am trying to work out whether any of them have knocked me out of ketosis. I thought I would carry out an experiment of doing milk one day and coke zero the next but wasn't sure whether the test would show so quickly.
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  3. JustJo

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    I'm not entirely sure of the answer to this, to be honest! I don't think it would show immediately, as there would still be ketones in your urine - it may take at least a few hours.

    Coke Zero shouldn't knock you out, but may cause cravings, have it in moderation. Milk in your coffee could, depending on how much you use and how many coffees you have in a day!

    At this point in your diet though, why risk the milk at all?

    Jo x
  4. Hi The milk thing is one that I just don't understand with this diet. I'm sure I must drive some people mad on here as I constantly question it. I'm on 790 which as you know allows milk. In fact I've been told by some on here you MUST have it. However I don't have it as 3 CD packs a day gives 100% recommended daily allowances and I don't need the extra calories as I'm losing weight not in maintainence. Anyway, my point is...Most people stay in ketosis while on 790 which includes milk. Hubby drinks milk in his coffee without problems and has even been known to have a glass of milk! He definitely stays in ketosis with this. I don't like milk. It makes me feel sick so I will not be forced to have it without scientific reason which no one including CD HQ has been able to give me.

    I don't know how long it would take for the ketostix to show but I'd just go with how you're feeling.

    BTW we drink zero coke too on a regular basis but no more than a pint a day.

  5. lahodges87

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    cambridge diet
    coke zero shouldnt kick you out of ketosis (as long as you have it in moderation apparently - altho iv be known to drink the majority of a 2litre bottle in a night esp if everyone in the flat is on the booze :( and i stayed in ketosis) but some people are just abnormally sensitive n it kicks them right out of it....

    i must say it does sound like a gd experiment because im sure one cup of tea a day (cannot have it black it just makes me thirstier) could maybe keep me on the wagon! as im sure everyone ones has seen by my posts my willpower left me high n dry and i now jump of the wagon! but 2mro im goin searchin for it and get bak to hardcoreness of ss hmmm the excitment! lol

    Let us know how your experiment goes!!! and enjoy!!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend!!
    Lynz xx
  6. sim94

    sim94 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Some people myself included are Carb sensitive. I don't have bars on a AAM or 790 week because if I have Cottage cheese I'm out of ketosis.

    Not sure If Zero Coke conains citric acid, but if it does be carefull. I had someone who had a Pepsi Max and was out of ketosis, hungry and craving even after drinking 3lt water.

    Some can get away with and some can't.

    On SS i tell everyone water, water and water.

  7. Ajax

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    Interesting question, One, i asked my cdc recently. I was told as quick as the food/drink gets into your system, ie like a chocolate bar for diabetics - when they need sugar, they eat something and it shows in their blood pretty quickly.

    I think I am one of the very lucky ones, it takes a bit to knock me out of ketosis. But having tested in the past to find this out for myself, I usually went beige on the sticks within a couple of hours of eating (either too much or something quite bad!) Othertimes when I have only been a little bit naughty i have stayed in ketosis right thru. I dont recommend trying this! I find that its not the seeing of the ketosis stick that makes me stick to the plan, its my inability to not listen to my chatterbox and my lack of will power. Just not actually being hungry doesn't automatically mean i wont eat!!

    Anyway I hope my waffling helps!
  8. Lenwie

    Lenwie Full Member

    Calorie counting
    Coke Zero has no Citric Acid listed on ingredients list, does have Phosphoric Acid though!!
  9. JustJo

    JustJo Cambridge Counsellor

    Milk contains 5g of carbs per 100ml. Cambridge is calculated to be just under the ketosis level for most people. As has been said, everyone's ketosis levels are different - therefore, some people can get away with adding more carbs to their diet, whereas some can't. As sim says, if you're particularly sensitive the cottage cheese and/or milk on 790 can take you out of ketosis. Even having the higher-carb bars can take some unfortunate souls out of ketosis!

    Your hubby's very lucky, although most men seem to have higher ketosis levels.

    Jo x
  10. sim94

    sim94 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hi Jo,

    Funny thing is the costomer of mine that had the Pepsi Max was a man and it was also a man that took 7 days to get into ketosis.

  11. JustJo

    JustJo Cambridge Counsellor

    That's interesting. My male clients always seem to be really lucky with stuff like that. I've always put it down to their increased 'bulk'!

    Jo x
  12. Hiya, I forced down the milk or at least a low fat yoghurt alternative to start with and I stayed in ketosis too. I was told that most people do stay in ketosis on 790 though. Obviously I only have mine and hubby's experiences to go by and everyone will be different. Also when I stopped taking the milk my weight losses have remained similar. I'm still averaging 3lbs a week loss.

  13. tallaght1

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    lpotrim 4th week
    hi i was 2 weeks into LT and had a small piece of Chicken. it was a disaster and i ended out of ketosis. i find it hard to believe i am actually in ketosis, how do i find out, i live in Ireland and my chemist does not check anything except my weight every week
  14. cmcewn

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    I ate one caramel bar today and suddenly Im ouf of ketosis .. how can this be (it was a CD bar)

  15. cazmaz_irl

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    Cambridge SS
    Hi Tallaght1, i'm in Ireland too, but i'm doing CD,,,different but still can buy Ketostix in a chemist, just tell them you need them cuz of a diet (they're only interested cuz Diabetics can get them for free), €8 for pack of 60 and you can self test with a wee bit (excuse de pun) of urine in a container....if ya need any help just give me a shout through my thread or feel free to PM me..:p
  16. chrisguy2008

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi Lynz how are you doing. I have just started the cambridge diet again sole source and i am in ketosis on my third day which im obviously delighted with. My name is Chris and im 25 from outside glasgow. I weighed 19st 11lbs when i started and within 3 days i have lost 8lbs, im down to 19st 3lbs. Its nice to see someone else from Scotland on here. If you want to keep in touch my email address is as follows: [email protected]
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