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ketosis!! Its here!

Yippee - well done you! :party0038:

Hmm, I'm not sure my wee will ever me dark again though with all the water I have on board!!

It's brilliant that you will no longer be feeling hungry though - hopefully the road from here in will be nice and smooth for you. :)
Oh wooohooo for you, that's great!!! Roughly what day does ketosis hit?
Clearly not day 3 for me because for the first time since I started I am ravenous! :eek: I have had 4.5l of water and that hasn't even really taken the edge off of it! :eek:

Fingers crossed it will be tomorrow - I do already feel a bit more energetic and I think all the gardening I did today might have added to me feeling hungry. We'll see what tomorrow brings...
Oooo you found you had energy on day 3? Brilliant, was worried cos it'll be my first day on it living my normal life- work etc!
Wooo hoo, never thought id say it but... I CAN'T WAIT FOR NASTY BREATH!
which reminds me... i must buy listerine strips before arriving at work on monday!
thanks guys!

this the end of day 3 for me- and i can literally feel the difference from not being in ketosis a few hours ago to now..

the first thing i noticed was my teeth felt furry - i hate that feeling, feels like i've been muching sugary sweeties all day and need to clean my teeth - but I havent!! - but i will clean my teeth shortly lol

oh yeah and i got the other half to check the breath scent, ha ha he made a coughing spluttering noise and said "yes, definatley smelly" hahahaha.

Everytime he grabs a chocolate from the quality street tin left over from Christmas I'm gonna breath on him!!
Ooh, since my last post an hour ago I have noticed some furring up of my teeth (and bad breath -Neil's sister is staying round and I was very embarrassed sitting next to her! :eek: )

I can go to bed happy now as everything crossed I will be hungry no more! Yippee!

Daisy - I haven't felt too abnormal at all the last couple of days. Was rather crabby and tearful this morning but it's also time of the month (sorry men!) so it's most probably more to do with that! If anything I have felt more alive (the only way I can describe it) than I have in a long time and that is a brilliant feeling. :)
Yeah I feel like that today, tiny hunger twangs the last hour and smoking a good few extra put hoprfully i'll knock them on the head when I'm half me down:):)

Lil K

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I ate on New Years Day (and therefore no longer in ketosis). It took 3 full days of SS, then on the morning of day 4 I tested with a ketostick and was back in ketosis - yipee!
lol, its when your body runs out of carbohydrate as the main energy source and starts to burn fat instead. So when your body is in ketosis it means that you are burning your fat and losing weight :)
Sorry to crash your thread; I'm on CD but a while back, I had a couple of LT packs that someone had left over ... I expected them to be gross after what I've heard but I actually found the vanilla & the chocolate tasted BETTER than CD's (in my opinion).

Remember, taste is a very subjective thing :)


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They don't taste that bad at all. I remember the wonderful video saying they are palatable without being moorish.

I hit ketosis on both occassions now on day three, but I know it takes longer for some people...even up to day five. When it hits it is sooooooo much easier. I'm never hungry, but always want food....just because!! It makes you understand why you eat in the first place. Its usually not down to hunger, but just out of habit. I do anyway.

Good luck everyone.
The milkshakes are ok. You can use Orange extract and peppermint extract to spice up the choc shake. Choc orange is my fav, it reminds me of terrys choc orange :)
The milkshakes are ok. You can use Orange extract and peppermint extract to spice up the choc shake. Choc orange is my fav, it reminds me of terrys choc orange :)
ooowww that sounds nice, where do i get orange extract? What does it look like??
Its in the little bottles in the baking section of the supermarket. with the food colourings. It says orange extract on it. (make sure you dont get the flavouring ones) As far as i know only orange and peppermint extracts are aloud, but i'm not sure

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