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Knocked out of the big K?

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Every ounce is bounce

I'm a scales addict and when I got on this morning I'd put on 1lb. :sigh: Not my official WI!
I might have overdone my veg carbs yesterday. In fact, I'm pretty sure I did.
Will I be able to get back into ketosis without starting all over again if I drink loads of water today and cut back on veg carbs and cheese?
Yesterday I had 1 handful cabbage with breakfast, cauli mash and 3 lttle broccoli florets with lunch and about 1 and 1/2 handfuls lettuce with dinner.
Have I completely screwed up?

Help please!:confused:
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I don't think you've screwed up at all hun.. Sounds like you still only had the recommended 3 cups on atkins.. You may not even have been kicked outta K! And even if you were it would only be a temporary thing as over doing the vegs a little will do far less damage compared to having other carbs. I would say carry on as you have been doing! The 1lb gain could have been anything! (without stating the obvious). Try your bestest to not go by the scales each day though i do understand how hard that is too! Big hug hun, you'll be fine..

Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
Thanks sweetie, totm will be over soon and hopefully the fibre supplements will do their job! I'll try and wait til the official WI on sunday avo!


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Yes i think your being too hasty with the negative thoughts.
If your desperate to get rid of the.....toilet issue. one ducolax at bed time (it says two on packet but noooooo never again!)
Ive also put on 1lb-2lbs since Wi, but only offical monday WI counts...OK

thems the rules!

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Every ounce is bounce
Thanks sweetie. X
Jar it's probably water. I really can't talk about getting on the scale when i got on the scale knowing that TOM is due this week and I gain tons of water. I say drink more water and give it a few days. I dont know if you are like me but I've gain up to 8 pound of water on my TOM...

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Every ounce is bounce
Thanks. My totm will be finished in a few days, I'm surprised it still has this affect.
I haven't drunk enough in the last few days, so you're probably right, I'm retaining. I'll get another bottle out of the fridge now! :D
I went in to my local shop this morning and had to bypass the fresh bread, chocolate, gummy sweets, crisps, sugary drinks, croissants, chocolate spread and honey and all the booze. The worst bit was the chocolate fudge brownie frijj.:argh::gimi::drool:

I resisted! got my peperami, eggs and cream cheese and walked (hobbled) out with my head held high! :D
way to go jar :) you did good resisting especially with TOM around.. I'm convinced it's water retention.. Just drink somemore water and wait a few days after TOM and then weigh. I have to do the same.. aslo try to stay away from salty foods around TOM, because salt retains water..

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Every ounce is bounce
Thanks. on WW i seemed to put on halfway through the cycle. weird. I'll have to give it a couple of months and see if there's a pattern.


This is really the time!
I am a known scales addict too. If you weigh first thing in the morning, you can be a lb heavier than the second time you go to the loo lol....So, I go to the loo twice (sorry TMI) before I weigh. I do need to get over the addiction though lol...I keep meaning to get my partner to hide the battery. But I CAN'T!!!!lol

Anyway, weight can fluctuate daily without doing anything wrong. Water levels and so on. So, the sensible thing to do (I CAN'T DO IT!!!lol) is weigh once a week!lol

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Every ounce is bounce
Me either Fuffs - just cant do the once a week. i can skip a day here and there but it's rare!


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I am exactly them same! My day seems to have somehow started wrong if I havent had a peek lol


This is really the time!
lol!!! I have done thaat too!
lol you all are as bad as me.. I tell you whats weird with me is that I weigh less in the afternoon after I've had lunch during the day and have drank at least 2 or 3 liters of water, then on an empty stomach after coming from the bathroom. That one I haven't figured out. I have 2 scales a digital and regular one and they both are quite the same maybe one will have a .4 pound difference...

but jar it's water for you and especially with TOM..
I'm a little bit confused about Ketosis, my understanding is as follows, correct me if I'm wrong:

You stop eating carbs - your body switches to using it's emergency supply of glycogen - that supply of glycogen is diminished fairly quickly, usually within 24 hours (or that's what I read), and even sooner if you exercise - this is the point at which your body switches to fat as it's primary source of energy, ie. Ketosis?

I'm probably way wrong lol, but that was my understanding. So I never thought it took a long time to get into/back into Ketosis.

If I'm wrong, someone explain me though, that would be appreciated ;)
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This is really the time!
I believe it depends how much carbs need to go in your system. This can be a few days for some people. For others, just one or 2.

I do not live by ketstix. Sometimes they say trace, and other time negative. But if you drink a lot of water, or your body is using your ketones for some other important function, the ketostix will say negative...even though you are in ketosis.

I read not long ago, aslong as you are losing weight on low carb, you are in ketosis :)
Is there any process between the point that Glycogen is diminished and the point at which you start using fat as primary energy source - which may make it take longer?

Or is it just instant? I guess it would be, otherwise what would you survive on in between?


This is really the time!
I think your body does make an almost instant switch to ensure your energy levels keep perky :)