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I don't but I have considered trying it, after seeing it recommended on Atkins sites, etc. If you get good results you may not need it! I am doing okay at the moment so I won't buy it just yet.
I know this was one of the supplements that my private consultant advised me to take while starting Atkins, I cannot comment on other peoples weight loss or my own as yet (as its been 4 days and im yet to buy any of the supplments he advised) However - he is a top notch endocrinologist and knows his stuff - so I will certainly be getting next week.
I have been thinking about taking this, too, having seen it recommended on the Atkins site and even in the Neris and India book.

First I will research it. If the information seems promising I will give it a go.
Hi - i got some of these on saturday (pricey) but i have had mad amount of energy since taking them. Had a really good start at my spring cleaning. So dont know whether its these or just thinking it is!


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hi there,

As far as i know L Carnatine is an amino acid -- building block of a protein...has been around for a long time...and my vitamin book says liquid form is best!

Its a natural form of a thermogenic and I am unaware of any negative side affects like the shakes or jitters.


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I dont get the shakes or jitters but i do get a very stuffy dry nose :(


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Yes and OMG yes.
hasnt made much difference to my weight loss but yes the energy is amazing. You are supposed to take 3 a day but I only have the one in the morning.
Interesting thread. N & I also recommended chromium, multivits, co-enzyme Q10 in IPD. I bought the last 2 from Tesco's own brand although they (N&I)say buy dear one, I wonder does it matter?:confused: I Must get some chromium as it helps with sugar cravings.

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