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Total Solution Last ditch effort diary

Started today, took advantage of the 50% off deal on the website and took the plunge.

Nearly onto litre 3 of water (not bad for me). I've had Banana milkshake (very nice), toffee, nut and raisin bar (not too bad) and the tomato and basil soup (dreadful!)

This is my second attempt at a VLCD, last one was LL. Did that for 2 weeks and lost 14lbs. I was a lot bigger then but I'm hoping for a decent amount of weight each week. Not sure what other people are losing?

I've put a shoe rack together and hoovered the stairs so thats my exercise for the day :D.

The only thing I'm worried about is (and I remember this from last time) being completely exhausted which is why I've started it on my week off so that I get the worst out of the way to begin with.
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Well done on your day 1 progress!!

Taking a week off to get started should help if, like me, you suffer major carb withdrawals and find the process of getting into ketosis rather painful (however, the upside of the pain is that I'm much less tempted to cheat as I don't want to go through it all again any time soon!). However, I guess the flipside is that you might find yourself a bit bored, and a bit bored can = HUNGER until the ketosis train arrives. Probably worth making sure you have plenty to keep you busy on your days off.

Wishing you lots of luck on your journey, and I'm sure you losses will be amazing!

Thanks, I have plenty to keep me busy. I need to go through my wedding stuff and sort it all out. Also need to tidy and clean the home plus looking after my animals and I want to start reading my book again...fingers crossed
well, day two started at 8am. So far I've tidied and dusted he bedroom, cleaned the bathroom and done the washing up. Now sitting down with my strawberry breakfast and first pint of water.
Water bottle is filled and in the fridge (hate warm water).
Once brekkie is finished am going to put the washing on, tidy and clean the kitchen and then tidy and clean the front room before hoovering all the way through with my lovely new Dyson.
Hoping to do some exercise this afternoon but I'll see how my energy levels are...may need to de-stress (doing these things always makes me irritable) already annoyed with the OH for leaving food on the plate from last night meaning I've had to put it in the bin this morning...*huff*
Feeling really heady and tired now, had a kip (knew I had the first week off for a good reason). Went out for 'lunch' with my dad earlier and just had water at the pub...VERY retrained for me. Big test tomorrow as am going to a football game and normally have a snack at half time...could be interesting...
Just completed 20 minutes of exercise (on top of the 2 hours of house work I did this morning). According to the Wii that's 200 calories gone.

Mushroom soup....umm..well it's better than the tomato soup (not difficult) but still very powdery. There must be a way of making these things taste better
hi, welcome to exante ;)
i never did find a way of making the soups taste nice so i gave up on them and only have the shakes and bars now.
keep up the good work and no food at half time. you can do this. :)
well day 3, only lost 1lb so far, bit disappointed as i've been very good and have had at least 2ltrs of water every day. Did 25 minutes of aerobics yesterday as well.

Just done 40 minutes today, feeling very tired and wondering why this weight isnt coming off...
have you checked to see if your losing inches? i am a prime example atm as i am not losing pounds but i am losing inches. not sure how it works but it does ;)
No inches lost yet as far as the tape measure will tell me.
Weighed myself this morning (becoming a bit of an obsession) and am at 15.1 WOOHOO may hit my first mini goal this week. Think my body was just teasing me lol. Hopefully (with 3 more full days til the first week result) I may have a couple more off which would be fab!
Tough day ahead of me today. Just sitting down with my chocolate shake (which is fine except that I think I've made it a bit watery) then onto the massive workout so I'll be asleep all afternoon ;) . All my (filtered cos I hate the taste of tap) water is ready to go, just got to get changed and pop a note on the front door for any deliveries that may arrive to go into the garage (i'm not a pretty site after a workout and hate being disturbed during one)...This is gonna hurt!
well work out started at 9.25 and finished at 11.50. Only stopped to top up my water (and eventually cos my feet hurt), shattered and very sweaty (yummy)...
well both pounds 'lost' yesterday are back today. Dont ask me how, I havent done anything wrong just had the packs and (nearly) 4 litres of water yesterday plus my workout...*sigh*
dont let it get you down. i had a wobbly few days where i gained for no reason at all but its starting to fall off again now and in the days that i gained or didnt lose i managed to lose inches! :)


You will be losing ! Don't worry !!! So many reasons ..TOTM , muscle gain dodgy scales constipation etc etc . You will not only be losing but you will be toning up and gaining good muscle so don't be worried ! The scales will catch up soon ... Ps assuming you weighing same time each time you get on scaled eg naked at 7 am is the best lol x
LOL only time i'm up at 7am is when i'm at work. It has been the same time each day. Cant think that I would have gained much from my exercise yesterday (longest one in time for a while) but I guess we will see.

Thanks for the positive spin :)

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