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laughing cow?


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Hello. The extra light ones are 6 for a HEXa and are 1 syn each.

I use them by putting them in a pan with a little milk and melting it down into a gooey cheese sauce to put over chicken!! yummy! :p


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You can stuff them inside chicken breast with a little garlic and then wrap the chicken in bacon. Yum yum .....


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Hi, I love to put them in mash potato, creamy goodness! Also I use them as a substitute for marg or butter. On toast with beans on top!
I take them with me in my bag when I go out for lunch and put them in a baked potato with a dry filling like tuna or chicken. Saves so many syns on mayo
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Lovely on ryvita with some salad and bacon. I have this quite often for lunch and the Aldi ryvita type you can have 6 per B so enough for one cheese on each.:D
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i'm sad I just unwrap and scoff! I will shove them on a spud though :) one day!

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Oh I'm loving these ideas for rich creaminess from cheese triangles!! Yum yum :D I'd thank you all but need more posts before I can do that :p

I'm definitely going to try the cheesy sauce over chicken, it sounds delicious :)


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I use them for cheesy scrambled egg


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oooh have just got some fabulous ideas to use up my HEA, as I have been really struggling :)
I use them for lots . On ryvita with tomato , used to spead on bread instead of butter when having a sarnie , instead of butter in a jacket potato , spead on celery , pop on top of a chill instead of sour cream , sliced and put on top of an omlette and grilled , I make pasta , add meat and veg and stir some in ........


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yup thats the same for me use them instead of butter mostly i love them on ryvita with cucumber and in jackets!
does it melt down ok? do you just put it in a sauce pan can someone tell me it would be good over pasta? xx

Miss D

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Oh that all sounds lovely! I've a couple of boxes as they were on special at Tesco so great to have ideas on how else to use them
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I am new to the site and unsure about where to post, anytime i search the page is unavailable??????? does anybody know if aldi be light cottage cheese with pineapple is synned? thanks xx

Linda S

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What great ideas! Never thought of sauces, stuffing in chicken, etc. Like the sound of the cheesy scrambled egg too, Will be giving some of these a go!


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You can't beat laughing cow triangles. They taste really cheesy unlike some of their competitors. Enjoy!

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