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lauras starting fresh

ok so im starting fresh from today im 2.5lbs off my 3 stone award and need tokeep track of my food intake- so today
extra easy day -feeling hungry today!!

breakfast-grapes, ww yoghurt
lunch-pasta, onion, cucumber, chicken peices,lettuce
tea-savoury rice, cabbage, runner beans
mint sauce, fruit salad, ww yoghurt
supper- sw roast potatoes-mint sauce(lol)
HEA- 250mls semiskimed milk
HEB- 2 weetabix ceral bars( add 1 syn)

syns- 2 biscuits at work unknown syns??guessin 5 altogether
-1 syn extra light salad cream
- 3 roses sweets 7.5 syns
total syns today- 14.5
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tuesday- extra easy
breakfast-ww yoghurt

lunch-pasta,onion,cucumber,lettuce,chicken peices

tea-2 eggs,bacon,mushrooms,onions,baked beans
- sw chips, ww yoghurt

hea-250mls semi skimmed milk(in drinks)
heb-x2 slices wholemeal bread(400g loaf)

syns- 1 extra light salad cream
-2.5 a biscuit at work(boo hoo)
-2.5 1 baxtons pink and whites
total syns today- 6
ok so i lost 2.5lbs this week and was so happy i got my 3 stone award!!! so treat myself by eating stuff i shouldnt have done lol- so im clawing back the rest of the week
sunday- extra easy day
breakfast- 1 banana
lunch- califlower, brocolli,cabbage,carrots,mushrooms,red pepper,garlic,potatoes,quorn sausages,oxo gravy
tea- spagetti hoops and jacket potatoe
hea250mls semi skimed milk (in drinks)
heb- scan bran cake
syns- 1 for 1/2 sachet of chocolate options
- 2.5 pink and white
total syns- 3.5
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so heres what i plan to have tomorow

monday- extra easy day
breakfast- ww pineapple yoghurt, 1 apple
tea- cabbage,brocolli,cucumber,carrots,green beans, turnip
Quorn peppered steak and oxo gravy

hea-250ml semi skimed milk
heb- 1 pkt of sweet chilli ryvita minis

syns- 1 for extra light salad cream
- 7.5 on roses(boo hoo)
- 5 on 2 biscuits(booo hoooo)
total syns- 13 (grrrrrhhhh)
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tuesday- green day

breakfast- apple and banana

lunch -savoury rice, and a bowl of sw rice pudding(HEA)

Tea- pasta quice,(with onion, mushrooms, cottage cheese added) and sw wedges

snacks- 1 pkt of ryvita minis(HEB)

syns- x1 extra light salad cream
- 2.5 pink and white
total syns 3.5
wednesday- Green day -MY PLAN 4 TOMOROW!!

breakfast- 1 apple, natural yoghurt
x2 weetabix(heb) milk(hea)
lunch-tin of spagetti hoops
Tea- jacket potatoe, beans, quorn sausages

snacks- 1 pkt of ryvita minis(heb)
- 1 Apple

syns- 0 ( FINGERS CROSSED_lol)
will update if any changes

thursday, i forgott to to a diary so heres today
friday -green day
breakfast- didnt have time
lunch- pasta,cucumber,onion,green pepper-
Tea-quorn peppered steak, sw roast potatoes,bean, spagetti hoops
HEA- 250mls semi skimmed milk( sw rice pudding)
HEB-(1) hi fi bar HEB(2) hi-fi bar

syns- 3 digestives 10.5
- 1/4 of a vanilla slice from cooplands(not sure of syns)so not guna have any more just incase!! lol................ 20 SYNS APPROX TODAY???
toatal syns left for week- 50
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saturday- green day

breakfast- grapes,and 2 bananas

lunch -x4 ryvitas ( heb) and 28g cheese(hea)

Tea- rice, sw chips, mint sauce

syns- 2.5( 1 quality street)
-4 tblsp on chocci spread
-1 xl salad cream

Total syns- 7.5
Total syns left for week 42.5
sunday- green day

breakfast- x2 weetabix(heb) and milk (1/2 hea)
lunch- x4 ryvita with jam(heb) (2syns)
tea- quorn mince, oxo gravy, potatoes, swede, turnip, carrots,onion,peas

rest of (hea) in drinks

syns- too many woop!!!
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monday- green day

breakfast- x2 weetabix(heb) and 1/2 milk allowance(hea)-1 apple

lunch- savoury rice( a few spoonfulls)

tea- sw chips, 28g cheese(hea) mint sauce
( heb) x4 ryvitas

other half of milk allowance in drinks

syns-2 (4 tsps jam)
feeling really sick today!!
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tuesday- red day

breakfast- x2 weetabix(heb) 1/2 milk allowance(hea)

Tea- x4 ryvitas(heb) with tuna and xl salad cream and onion(1 syn)
rest of (hea) in drinks


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wednesday- extra easy day

breakfast- x2 weetabix(heb) 1/2 milk allowance(hea)
been sent home from work after vomitting!!!- not hopefull for this weeks weigh in if i cant eat grhhhhh

lunch- small jacket pot with spagetti hoops

Tea- not sure if ill be able to stomach anything- ill update later
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thursday- Red day ( WEIGH IN TONIGHT)

- still not well not managing to eat!! grrhhhh, dont know if im well enough to even go to weigh in!!!
-its now 3.30 in the afternoon, ive drank 3 coffees - milk from HEA

Ill have to try and stomach something later on!!!
managed to have a hi fi bar (HEB) ( and its made me feel sick)and 2 poached eggs

I LOST 4.5LBS- no doubt ill put it bk on next week! lol
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FRIDAY- red day, still feeling nausious- NOT GOOD!!

breakfast/lunch- a hifi bar( HEB)
(HEA)- milk in drinks

tea- crabsticks/tuna,2slices wholemeal bread 400g- (HEB)

syns- 1 pink and white 2.5
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so heres my plan for tomorow, based on the fact that ill still be feeling pretty ill- and im supposed to be going out tonight so no doubt ill be drinking tonic water lol- (i had far too may syns- ate party food , larger etc!! guna put a line underneath today and no syns for the rest of the week to claw back!!)
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sunday- gren day

breakfast- i banana

lunch- quorn peppered steak,x veg, mint sauce,potatoes

Tea-x2 slices wholemeal bread (HEB)x2 cheese slices(hea)
syns- asda cheese curls 3.5
- 2 digestives 7( ooooooooooh dear)
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monday- red day

breakfast/lunch-2 bananas

Tea- x2 slices wholmeal bread(heb) egg and bacon/muller light yoghurt supper x2 weetabix(heb)

Hea- milk

syns- 2.5- pink and white
- 3.5 asda cheese curls
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Tuesday- Green day

breakfast- x4 ryvitas

lunch- sw rice pudding (hea)

Tea- X2 slices wholemeal bread(heb) egg x2
-muller light yoghurt

syns-2 jam
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wednesday- red day

breakfast- muller light yoghurt/and an orange

lunch- ww veg soup(heb)

Tea- x2 slices wholemeal bread(heb), x2 eggs

syns - too many on biscuits, after not having the appetite for anything other rubbish grrrrhhh
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thursday- green day

breakfast/lunch- dint get chance- sooo busy

Tea- jacket potatoe, baked beans,cheese(hea)

supper- x2 weetabix(heb) and milk(hea)
SYNS- 2 chocolate options
1 salad cream

just a quick note, ive not been feeling hundred percent, after having a week of DNV, then coming down with the cold ive had not a very good appetite, and fruit and veg went out of the window, hardly any super free foods etc, goig to weigh in soon, dont think i will have lost anything to be honest but here goes! ill update later- ok so i lost 1.5lb im happy with that
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