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Leah's EE Diary - Advice needed :)


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So I started SW last week and didn't lose that much. The leader said she would expect people to lose much more in the first week so was looking for some advice on what I'm doing right or wrong. Any help would be lovely :)
I'll start from my second weeks food diary.


Boiled egg, 1 slice wholemeal (HeB)
Glass of milk (HeA)

Jacket pot w/ tuna, cottage cheese (0.5) and salad


Prawn salad

Syns = 0.5

I've also been drinking loads of water as I never used to drink any before which was really bad.

Any comments?
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Mullerlight and Banana

Chicken salad w/ EL mayo (2) cheese HeA

strawberries, cherries

Slimming world spaghetti meatballs

Syns = 2


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Muller light

Tuna salad w/ cheese HeA, EL mayo (1.5)

SW chips with bacon salad EL mayo (1) spicy nat yogurt salad dressing

muller rice (11.5) Eeeeek was craving one but didn'y realise the syns

Syns = 14


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Thanks :) I'll try to bump them up a bit.
Had loads of superfree foods last week but just waiting to go shopping so eating up what's in the fridge.
Thanks for the help
Just wanted to say hi leelea as I started on the same date as you and also have put my diary on here starting from yesterday. My loss was small as well but I've realised I've boobed in my syn calculations on some things and also by not eating enough superfree foods.


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Hi Loungelizard...how are you?
I'll have to look at your diary :)
I'm hoping for a better result this week as a few people started when I did and lost 7 pounds. Felt abit cheated as I'd done 2 exercise classes but I still lost :)
What day is your WI?


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yep I'm on Thursday too. Will definitely look out for you :)
Think I read that your daughter goes too?
Good luck to her aswell


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All bran and Milk HeA with berry mix

Strawberries and yogurt

Steak, SW chips, spinach salad

Bit naughty and had a milky way...well 2 :/ (11.5)

No time for lunch today which wasn't good hence the milky way so was starving by the time I had tea with my boyfriend. He still cant believe I can eat steak and chips


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Crunchy nut and milk HeA (5.5)

Pasta and sauce chicken and mushroom with rest of milk
Spinach salad

Ice lolly (1.5)

SW quiche with beans and salad

Ice lolly (1.5)

Syns = 8.5


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No breakfast oopps
Pasta n Sauce with HeA milk (0.5)
Spinach salad

mini SW quiche as snack
ice lolly (1.5)

2 apples and 2 oranges

salmon and thai couscous (1) with salad

Feel like I've eaten loads today


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Thanks hun :)

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