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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by nanosh, 18 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. nanosh

    nanosh New Member

    Hey guys:wave_cry: ... so im new here and i have been thinking about starting Lipotrim but im worried about several factors like hair loss and saggy skin:confused:. im 20 years old and i weight 89kg:sigh: hoping to get to under 60kg with this diet. please help me with any advice you have.

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  3. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Member

    Hi there nanosh, im also new here & im only on my 4th day of lipotrim. I have been up & down in my weight for, well feels like forever! At my heaviest I was 86kg, I was 21, im now 33. I managed to loose 23kg. I was exercising & had no saggy skin. I do have now, although its not that bad. I have had 4 babies & with yoyo dieting thats what has done it. Now as for the hair loss, yes it can happen but, its not patches on your head, it does thin a little in SOME people. Hope this helps & good luck with whatever you decide.x
  4. nanosh

    nanosh New Member

    thank you for your answer and i hope you the best of luck with your diet. i have done loads of research and it seems great and being at 89kg feels horrible so i think i will start in a few days but like i said the most thing im worried about is saggy skin. also i read online that if u exercise while on lipotrim you dont lose as much as you would have if u dont .... do u have any idea as to if this is true? and do u thing some weight lifting will prevent the sagging or will i have to do cardio?
  5. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Member

    Im not sure about not loosing as much to be honest but I think a mix of weights & cardio is best. Any trainer I have ever seen has always advised a bit of both.
  6. T1506

    T1506 Full Member


    Honestly don't worry about the sagging. My aunty also did lipotrim and she weighed 18 stones, she's now down to 12 and she has no excess skin at all. Of course every one is different and you won't truly know until you've done the diet but just do sit ups on the side, that will tone up your stomach and prevent your stomach sagging.
    I've heard you can exercise after a week or two being on the shakes but I would advice you to ask your pharmacist just to be on the safe side.

    How much are you hoping to lose and do you have a time in mind that you wanna achieve this by?

    Good luck xx

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  7. nanosh

    nanosh New Member

    hey guys
    thank you for your advice i have started lipotrim Today and so far so good!!!:)
  8. T1506

    T1506 Full Member

    That's great, good luck x

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  9. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Member

    Ah best of luck. Keep us updated x

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