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Liz's Re Feed Diary. Start date: Wed 30th Sept

Wow!!! Cant believe I am posting a re-feed diary!!!


Strawberry shake for breakie.

Vanilla shake for lunch.

Tea- 6oz of chicken filled with fresh garlic and dried mixed herbs, cooked until crispy on the George Forman. Green veg- 3 sprouts, 2 very small broccoli heads, about 10 green beans.

Tons of water, about 6+ cups of coffee with skimmed milk.

10 mins vibro plate, 50 sit ups, 30 press ups, 10 min on exercise bike.

The tea felt like far too much, and my mouth is so dry!! Must admit I was starting to feel full half way through, but my old habits that I must clear my plate have not disappeared!! Is that bad when it's a healthy meal??

I also didn't get to sit down and eat my tea until 8.30pm!!! Didnt get in from work gone 6, then had an almighty row with hubby and he stormed out. :sigh:Things not looking good on that front! Anyway, had to eat my first meal on my own, I was really looking forward to eating as a family. Boys were in bed and was in 2 minds whether to just have a shake!! How damaging will it be to have eaten so late??

Opinions on how many mistakes I have made on my first day????:confused:
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Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Liz

Oh, poor you......sorry to hear you had a bit of a "do" with hubby!! Do hope you are able to sort it out soon.

Dont worry about the time you ate....food doesnt know what time it is! I read somewhere that it isnt what time we eat that makes us big, it is what we eat. Not sure how true it is, as I know a lot of people dont eat after a certain time...but, it isnt always possible to be honest. I think you should just be proud of yourself you have got this far.

Stop thinking you have made mistakes!! You are doing incredibly well and you are here,,re-feeding and I am sure you will go from strength to strength now.

Your meal looked brill and you seem to be drinking plenty! So, nothing wrong at all with what you have done today.

Just sad that you had to eat on your own, but there will be plenty of other days where you all eat as a family and you will enjoy.

So, well done and keep up the good work - you are doing so well and need to give yourself a pat on the back.

Have a great day tomorrow.


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Thank you for the really encouraging words, just what I needed. Glad to see I am on the right tracks- sort of! Have been dreading re-feed for weeks. I am glad I am still in the right 'food' frame of mind, I have not been tempted to pick at anything at all, I thought that may fade once I knew I could eat food, whereas when I was on the shakes, I knew there was no chance I pick/cheat. I am so determined to stick to the sheet 100% (Excuse all the silly questions lol).

Have got over my eating alone now, I quite enjoyed it, looking back. I could eat in peace, and just took my time. I finish work at 3 tomorrow, in time to pick the boys up from school, so all 3 of us will be able to sit down for tea and eat together, will be nice.

Thanks again, day 1 re-feed over, survived it, roll on day 2!! Must admit looking forward to having my shake in the morning!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Just keep looking for the positive.

It is early days and so long as you are determined you dont want to go back to where you were, then I reckon you will be ok. Just dont take your eye off the ball, which is very easy to do.

Enjoy your family meal tonight !!
Glad to read you are feeling a little better, hopefully you and Hubby can sort things out and get the air cleared.

Good luck for refeed today.


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Breakfast- Chocolate, coffee and ice shake (My favourite meal of the day!)

Lunch- 100g tuna, mixed lettuce leaves, cucumber, 4x baby plum tomatoes, spring onion, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, seasoned with pepper.

Dinner- 6oz white fish seasoned with lemon juice, fresh parsley, dried oregano, pepper and a sprinkle of cumin wrapped in tin foil baked in the oven, 2x tablespoons of peas, broccoli, sprouts and green beans.

Lots of water, a fair few coffee's with skimmed milk.

Exercise- 10 mins Vibro plate, 50x sit ups, 20 x press ups, exercise bike.

Still really missing the shakes an awful, not enjoying my meals any where near as much as I enjoyed the shakes. I suppose I have bought this on myself as the shakes are not supposed to nice, just palatable!! I made mine too nice, and am having really difficulty coming to terms with not having them 3 x a day.Really grateful to be able to have 1 a day, goodness knows how I will wean myself off that one!!

Still feel I am over estimating my portions. Had a horrible thought that a table spoon was the smaller spoon, rather than the big spoon for my veg. Really panicked and had to Google it!!! My marbles are slowing disappearing I think!!

Was nice eating tea with my boys, however, things not picked up with hubby. There is a possibility they never will do. Really fed up today!
Aww big hugs to you hun. I really hope you two can sort things out.

Well I missed the shakes a little when I stopped them completely, but I had some leftover and gave them away a few weeks ago, but I tried one of them, and to be honest, they were disgusting after not drinking them for months lol.


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I am not holding out much hope this time, we have had to put it lightly, a rocky 9 years of marriage, only time will tell what will happen this time. Thanks anyway for your nice words

I have just noticed your LT end weight is the same as mine, my weight on wed, my last weigh in before re feed was 10st 6lbs,and you are also the same height as me. What made you come off the shakes? Are you happy with your weight, you certainly look nice and trim in your picture. I only stopped the shakes because I was told I was starting to look ill and had lost enough weight. I ideally wanted to get down to below 9.
My Pharmacist didnt believe in going the full hog on TFR, she said it can make you look gaunt and drawn, as I wanted to go further, but all my family said that enough was enough too. I asked peoples honest opinions on here too and decided that my weight was fine as it was.

I still feel happy at my weight now, some mornings I am 9st 12lbs, and my heaviest is 10st 4lbs, so I am happy to keep maintaining between those weights.

I think if I was younger then I might have wanted to lose more, but I was 50 this year and I think size 8's are when younger. I tend to be bigger on top, so I wear 12-14 on top and most of my bottoms are size 12, with a few size 10's.

Its all about being comfortable in your own body really.


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'Gaunt and drawn', yes I have had those comments from all my family and friends. They say I don't look over 10st, more like 8st. I have weighed myself on 2 scales so I know they are right lol. Majority of my clothes are a size 10, I have not been that size for at 15 years!!! Would like to maintain at a 10, but definitely want to get down to below 10, in the highish 9 st region. Will be doing RC after re-feed, so the weight loss won't be as dramatic, so will be hopefully able to sneakily get down to the weight I want!!

You have done great being able to maintain, you should be so proud of yourself, I hope I can follow your example.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Liz

Really sorry to hear about you and the hubby....do you think you have changed a lot since losing all your weight???? Does he say so? Just wondering...

People find it strange when I tell them I am 10st something, as they all say I look about 8stone,,it is amazing what people think....I have big boobs, which I am sure account for a stone..hahaha...but, like Mary says it is all about being comfortable and liking what you see...in lots of ways our weight shouldnt be the basis of our lives, but it is.

You are doing incredibly well!!


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Hi Liz

Really sorry to hear about you and the hubby....do you think you have changed a lot since losing all your weight???? Does he say so? Just wondering...

People find it strange when I tell them I am 10st something, as they all say I look about 8stone,,it is amazing what people think....I have big boobs, which I am sure account for a stone..hahaha...but, like Mary says it is all about being comfortable and liking what you see...in lots of ways our weight shouldnt be the basis of our lives, but it is.

You are doing incredibly well!!
Yes, I feel, not only physically, but also mentally. I feel stronger now, more able to face things alone. Has anyone else felt differently by the things they do and feel since losing weight? Is this a good thing or a bad?

I know weight shouldnt be, but to me it is the basis of anything I do. It has made me feel so much differerent, alot more confident. Was sent an email yesterday from the calorie counter people I subscribed to about accepting yourself and how to feel good about your self, not had chance to read it but think I need to. If it's any good, will post it on here for those who dont get the emails.

Thanks girls x


Life is not a Rehersal!
I have read many stories Liz where men feel threatened when you start to lose weight..maybe in the past they have known weight has stopped them doing things, therefore they become almost trapped and taken advantage of in lots of ways.

I know I have changed; I am more confident now than I think I have ever been in almost 20 years. Thankfully my husband has been very supportive and always knew the weight was a big issue with me, so he tried to understand as much as possible.

I think we have to learn to love and accept ourselves....how can you love someone else, if you havent learnt to love yourself....I learnt this years ago, and still not been able to put it into practise 100% - MAYBE ONE DAY!

It is interesting how people change as they lose the weight...and so they should!!

Yes, would be good if you could post that; would be good to read..always interested in learning all the time where weight/loving yourself is concerned :)


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Breakfast- Strawberry shake with ice.

Lunch- 100g tuna mix with desert spoon of extra light Mayo and mustard seeds, mixed lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, baby plum tomatoes, seasoned with pepper and parsley. (Getting slightly fed up with the tuna salad now!)

Dinner- 6oz chicken breast stuffed with garlic, topped with turmeric, dill and pepper cooked in George Forman. Spinach, leek veg mix with 4 sprouts, 8oz jacket potato baked in oven with tin foil, topped with 2 t spoons of fat free natural yoghurt, turmeric, chilli flakes and pepper.

Lots of water and coffee with skimmed milk.

Exercise- 10 min Vibro plate, 50 x sit ups, 20 x press ups, exercise bike.

Dinner was quite nice, hope I have read it right and not eaten too much!! Was surprised how much I enjoyed the spud, as opposed to not having it dripping in butter and cheese!!

Still missing my shakes!!
As for feeling different - well I definitely feel different as in more confident about myself, which is only natural after losing a lot of weight, but I still get niggled sometimes by my OH.

Even as recent as last week, we had a few words with each other, and his first comment was "oh, I wish I had my fat Mary back" I asked him what he meant by the comment - he just said that I was more loving. I honestly think this was him just talking a load of bull***t to be honest, because he had had a few pints in the afternoon.

Its all too easy for others to blame US because we have lost weight, when really its THEM that needs to get their heads sorted out.


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Yes, I totally agree, and don't you go changing!! It's really amazes how much difference losing all the extra blubber can really change a person. I really wish more people would take on this diet, they just don't understand the difference it can make to them, it is the best thing since sliced bread- but a whole load better!!!


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Can some one check my Day 3 menu. Need some reassurance I haven't eaten too much!!

Tomorrow(Day 4) I was thinking of having for lunch lean ham on pitta bread (have bought the tiny one's from Sainsbury's, do I have 1 or 2? With LF mayo and a salad, for putting a no fat fromage frais. For tea quorn sausages on the George Forman (How many??), with some veg and a jacket spud with LF natural yoghurt. A piece of fruit for pudding. How does this sound? I feel like I am eating way too much than I should be!!
Your day 3 menu seems fine, but dont worry about eating too much, eat slowly and listen to your body, when you feel full, just stop eating. No need to clean the plate.

When I was refeeding, I always found an 8oz potato too much for me, so I would veer on the smaller potato, usually 5-6 ozs.


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I must admit, I am not breaking the re feed programme, have no cravings that desire me too, however, I cannot break the habit of not clearing the plate!!! I feel as long as I am eating healthy, I can finish it all!! If I carry on like this, will my new shrunk tummy start to increase???

Feeling rather rough today (I am blaming eating food again, lol, any excuse to go back to the shakes!), headache, sicky, cough, cold, sore throat, achy- my first illness this year!!). Manages to have my shake this morning- I think I would have to be dead for anything to stop me missing my shakes lol. Just going to force some dinner down, ham salad sandwich and a no fat fromage frais. See how that goes!!

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