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longtobeslims unit diet diary

Start day 10/9/07
Start weight 308lbs
Gaol weight 163lbs

Day one
B/fast:cornflakes,skimmed milk,
apple,coffee and a glass of water=0 units
Snack:slimma soup=1/2 unit
Lunch:soup,2 bread and lite marg=3 units
Dinner:ham salad=2 units
Treat before bed: a cup of horlicks lite=1/2 unit
Total units used 6
Total units saved 4
Well i really enjoyed my first day and i cant belive i didnt go hungery even feelt i was eatin too much:)
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Day Two

B/fast:cornflakes,skimmed milk,
coffee banana and glass of water=0 units
Lunch: baked potato 1 tin of tuna,
extra lite mayo glass of water=2 units
Dinner Quorn Blolognese glass of water=3&1/2 units
Treat before bed:cup of horlicks lite=1/2 units
snacks: if any i will add them as and when i have them


Queen of the Damned
Wow, looks like you're rocking and rolling there!! Your first couple of days sound great :cool:
Well i did have a few snacks yesterday i had a pkt walkers baked=0.5 units
apple=0 units
Tesco low fat yogurt=0 units
units used 6.5
units saved 3.5

B/fast: tesco healthyliving wheeta bix,skimmed milk
banana,green tea + glass of water= 1 unit
Lunch:beans on toast marg lite,pkt walkers baked,water=3 units
Dinner:chicken and leek soup bread marg lite= 4 units
No snacks today
units used 8
units saved 2

I am so glad i have found this wonderfull diet still seems too good to be true dont see how you can eat all you want and still loose weight:D
Your doing good, what day do you weigh in, have you been on the new site?
I am impressed too i have signed up for diamond as I have not got all the books and its very easy to use x
S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb
I'll be siging up eventually too, it looks great and I know it'll help loads of people to stay on the straight and narrow!
Thats it if your posting on sites like this its a good way to keep you on track i know that if i broke my diet i wouldnt want post and let everyone know, its bad enough when people at home know,its little extra push to keep u goin
For dinner yesterday i didnt fell like cooking so i had a egg mayo buttie=about 4 units


B:cornflakes skimmed milk apple
coffee water= 0 unit
L:spaggetti on toast banana water=2.5 units
D:soup 2 bread pkt walkers baked water=3.5

B:wheeta bix skimmed milk coffee
water pkt special K mini breaks=1 unit
L:low fat cheese spred on toast water
pkt walkers baked=I think about 4.5 units
D:quorn spag bol water=3.5 units
Treats:mug of horlicks extra lite 0.5 units

B:toast low fat cheese spread coffee
water =4 units
L:soup and bread water=4
D:baked potato beans water=1 unit
S:pkt walkers baked & horlicks extra lite=1 unit

Day 8

B:cornflakes skimmed milk banana
coffee water=0
not sure about lunch and dinner cant make my mind up
Day 8

L:soup bread extra lite marg water=3 units
didnt have any dinner just had a pkt walkers baked
and a slimma soup and 3 jaffa cakes=2 units


B: cornflakes skimmed milk apple water=0 units
L: baked potato tin of tuna and extra lite mayo=2 units
D: beans on toast=3 units
Hi D_Q I have between 6 and 8 week days then if i want a treat at the weekend i can and it also depends on what i feel like on the day,i am not really that fussed if i go over one day cause i know i can cut back the next,it will probably catch up with me and i will have to rethink but for now it seems to be working


Queen of the Damned
It sounds like it's working brilliantly for you mate - I'm really impressed :cool:
Morning I am loving it too just wish there were more people to chat about with xx

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