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Cruise PV Loose oily stools!

Sorry, I can't help. Most people seem to have the opposite problem, me included!

What you are describing sounds to me like taking Ali (?). Not sure if thats the name but the tablets that are meant to allow fats to be expelled versus absorbed in the body.

This created the same problem you describe particularly when eating a meal high in fat. Perhaps it could be that your body is getting rid of fat? Maybe a good idea to speak to your GP about it.
Im the opposite too thank god for oatbran and PV days - could be the virus that's going around I work in a college and loads of students have been off with transition issues!


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Hi ToothFairy79,

I think a quick trip to the gp would be a a good idea,

Possible food intollerance? malabsorption ?

Good luck in finding out exactly what it is.

Tryer x


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I had another read of dukan and the bran absorbs some nutrients and carries it out. I actually think as I had a rather shiny oily stool this morning, that the natural oils in the bran and the absorption of the other food which have very little fats but none the less fat is just being expelled.
as gross as it is, I've been suffering with this too - pp or pv, I've been getting "die-o'rear" (I actually think my rear is dying!) often with little warning. I would give anything to have the opposite problem! let's hope as people have said, its the rubbish being "excreted" with the oatbran.. urgg.


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ha ha ha sorry i know it's not funny but the " my rear is dying " actually made me laugh out loud and i'm in work! sniggering at my desk. h ah aaaaa.
It could well be the wheat bran...I don't know about human dietry requirements enough to comment, but I do know about horses!! And you give it to them as a laxative or there gut isn't working properly...You dont give them oat bran for this , so maybe thats ok?


No matter what, carry on!
Thank you for your input, Georgie.
Dr Dukan recommended wheat bran ONLY if constipation occurs..
I think I got carried away..
Things are much better now.
Only oat bran :)

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