Loose Women!

Was just watchin new series of this and Colleen Nolan has lost 2 st 3lbs and said she is doing it on a liquid only soup and shake diet and its for 100 days!

She looked fab - all raising the profile of VLCD's!
:D Oooh gonna put it on right now!
Hi Yeah I just saw her and she looks fab didnt catch how she did it and I suppose she wasnt allowed to''advertise''?
Good on her :D
maybe we should email a link to this site to loose women, for support for Coleen lol plus the recipe sheet! Or maybe she's amongst us already!!

good for her i say :D will be good to watch her shrinking even more :)
Oooh yes - come on Colleen - out yourself!!!!

She didn't say LL by name but all us in the VLCD club's ears prick up when you hear 100 days!!!

She looks fab - says another stone to go.
Ack...missed that one.

Saw a programme last week about someone who had just had triplets.

She was on LL :D

Saw her making and drinking the shakes and she talked about how well it was working for her :)
She had a toddler too! And worked!:eek:

She did have a very nice house husband though...that helps.
One of the women started being vocal about surviving without food and how it can't be good for you - but nothing more was said - hope that they get loads of emails and then it might encourage Colleen to talk about it more!
I assumed that it was Lighter life [she mentioned 100 days no solid food and 4 litres of water a day]although she did not mention counselling!
Wonder how she controls her bladder during filming!!
I caught about 30 seconds of the programme and Colleen really is looking good!

Can definitely see a big difference.

Good on her! We all know it works, and the benefits from the programme :)