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Louise24's Diary - feeling "fat, fat, fat"

Hi everyone,

I've decided to start up my very own diary kind of thing. I'm going no where fast at the moment.

I'm starting a new SW group tonight. I've not been to class for 3 weeks because of hospital / work etc.

So tonight is the night!!

I'm going to post my food diary here every day and keep everyone updated on me, me, me, like it or not. xxx
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Good luck Lou Lou we know you can do it.

Whats happening then? is it a totally new different group?

Ruthy xxx
Today is a green day....

B: Oat so simple (1B) and milk (1A)
L: Pasta N' Sauce (Free)
D: Vegetable chilli and rice (Free)

S: 2 Alpen light bars (1B), 1 Taz cadbury choc bar (5syns) - need to double check, lots of yogurts and fruit too.

Yep, I just want a fresh start and to motivate myself again, I'm sure my consultant is sick of hearing my same old excuses too!! I only ever stayed once at my last group, but my resolution is to stay every other week (even though I hate it).
New group is 6.30pm start so will be home earlier, where as my old group didn't start till 7.30pm, so I just wanted to get weighed and go home as I went straight from work.
Hope you are feeling happier today too hun xx
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Great idea Louise. We look forward to hearing about YOU YOU YOU !

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Good for you lady!!! I will be nice to see how you get on :) but I know you will do well (just don't forget the fruit AND vegetables young lady!) and mind the garlic! LOL

Lol I Disagree Stehp! Eat Loads Of Garlic Hahahahahahaaahaaa;)
Tomorrow's menu... (check me out planning in advance)...

B: Chopped melon and a grapefruit (free)
L: Chicken Salad (free)
D: Steak (free) with homemade coleslaw (3 syns for mayo), roast red peppers / shallots / cherry tomatoes and a jacket potato (1B)

S: 2 alpen light bars `(1B (these are 2 boxes for £3 in Tesco)), 1 taz chocolate bar (5 syns), sweet chilli sauce on salad (2 syns).

Steph... please can I have a gold star for increasing my fruit and veg?? xxx
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Steph... please can I have a gold star for increasing my fruit and veg?? xxx
Louise that menu looks awesome!!! I might have to have what you are having for dinner now!! 2 stars for that day!! :D

Thanks Steph.

I'm really enjoying today. I love the fact I had a free breakfast, so I can use my spare B on 2 x alpen light bars, think I may do this all the time to avoid my munchy moments.

Ohh it's all sunny and lovely too. Double yay.

Hope everyone else is having a good day.
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That is the best way to plan and a very good idea about having a spare HE B for munchy moments!
It's just turned sunny in London! yeah! I might actually be able to use the grill tonight.

Thanks Skinny!

I've just eaten a dinner big enough for 3 people (for the price of 1B) but going to go for a walk in a min to work it off a little.

Anyway..... I'm travelling down to London again tomorrow so will be a test of my diet again..

B: Muller light yogurt and chopped melon
L: Free sausage salad
D: Will be in hotel so meat and veg if possible, fancy another juicy steak, mmm.

S: 2 x alpen light bars - will eat in car, grapes and apple.

Won't be on tomorrow so hopefully Friday's is going to go like this....

B: (Hotel) Poached eggs and grilled mushrooms on toast then a big bowl of fruit salad
L: (Services) low fat sandwich and fruit salad and crisps
D: (Home) Tin of free vegetable chilli with brown rice

Fingers crossed.



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Well done for the organization missy - Im impressed! xxx
Thanks Vic... writing and doing are two different things though!!!! Hope everything is going well for you x
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S: 13st0lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st4lb(2.2%)
Good lucky today honey (and for tomorrow)!! Weird weather here today in London as well! A bit ago it was chucking it down with rain, then hail and now it's sunny again!
Hows it going Lou Lou? Hope all is well and diet is treating you good!

Ruthy xxx

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