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LT via Gp?


I will do this!!!
i get it from my gp for £28 a week


I will do this!!!
No my closest pharmacy charges about £35
Ahhh ok.
Well i have docs appt next monday for something unrelated to this, might mention it to her. Saying that though she can be a hard faced cow when it comes to weight loss. Shes of the diet and exercise only mindset. :(


I will do this!!!
hmmmm one of the nurses at my gp's is like that, she's stick thin and has just climbed some huge mountain!!! i dont like seeing her about my lipotrim because of her attitude!
Hiya, mines from the GP too, it's cheaper because pharmacys & chemists do it on a "for profit basis" where as the doctors surgeries don't (providing your registered there).

Also if your doctors a bit of an old hack, ask for an appointment with the nurse or person that specialises in Diets at your surgery. (it's actually a nurse at mine rather than a doctor). They'll then check your blood pressure and do your weigh ins etc instead for you each week.

Just out of interest Pizzle which surgery do you go to coz you just exactly described a nurse that sees me too! lol

Hope this has helped.


I will do this!!!
Its in st stephen, i dont see that nurse i see another one thats lovely and she runs her own slimming clinic too.
OMG pizzle we're both at the same surgery! lol. I know exactly what you mean she was horrible when i first went - she was like "Oh you won't stick to it and people never keep the weight off so don't expect too much etc etc"

She's been really nice to me lately though coz i've totally proved her wrong! ha ha. Shes my regular nurse too - i don't often get to see the other - and she lovely too.

It's really nice to know i'm not the only on it from round here!

Thanks for the info lovely ladies :)

The doc i see is the same pizzle. Probably weighs about 8 stone soaking wet and carrying a huge sack of spuds!

Ill give the docs a wee phone tomorrow and see if i can change the doctor.


I will do this!!!
Wow small world! it is nice to know there's someone else in the little village :)
Ah your welcome. Wish you luck with Lipotrim.

Might be worth asking about the diet thing at reception. I'd asked my doctor originally and she just said to ask at reception for an apt with whoever sorts that sort of stuff out! lol

Let us know how it goes


I will do this!!!
It certainly is. lol I'm not really in St Stephen though I live in Nanpean but i've not met anyone else on it yet (although only one person at my kids school knows i'm on it to be fair) ha ha
I used to live in st stephen but i moved to grampound road a few months ago. Im not going to move doctors just incase i cant get lipotrim!!
that's fair enough! I only came to Brannel a coulple of years ago, i was in meva before that which was where i first heard about lipotrim but i didn't think i was suitable for it back then.

3 stone later and i think i definitely needed to do it! lol


I will do this!!!
When's your weigh in day?

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