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Lucy's anti tango mission!!


Hey everyone,'
Thought I would start a wee diary for me to keep track but also for some hints and tips from our xenical stars!!

Em a bit about me. I'm Lucy, a 23 ( soon to be 24 on the 9th), a biology teacher from Scotland and getting married to the man of my dreams next July. Desp to lose weight but have PCOS so find it a little harder!

Had a fairly tango moment but the culprit has been sought and eradicated ( in the wheeliebin!!)

Started on thurs, weighed on sat and 2lbs down but going to do a proper weigh in on a thurs.. Anyway..

Thanks for reading and first post will be tomorrow!! Xx
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Well done, your wedding is a fantastic target and you'll find lots of support and help from the others here.

As Megarinnyroo asked what's your culprit, some people are fine with foods that others find dodgy but it's good to have a list of potential suspects!


Hello everyone!

The culprit was a nasty ceaser dressing.. i thought it was the extra low fat one I had but picked the wrong one up by accident..oops! Oh well, never mind.

Thanks for the welcomes, I really appreciate it!

Breakfast: Not really a huge fan but had a cereal bar (1.5g) and some fruit juice.
Lunch: cous cous with veggies roasted using frylight. Little bit of cheese on the side with rice cakes
Dinner: low/zero fat homemade chicken curry with rice
snacks: snack a jacks, nectarines and low fat natural yoghurt.

All pretty low fat I think. Going back to school next week so trying to think of nice lunch ideas that are going to be as filling as possible. I think i'll get some cup-a-soups so can have one at break.

I'm finding i'm pretty thirsty all the time on this, so drinking lots of water which can only be good! I was having a rummage through the cupboards and found that I can eat pot noodles.. 14.6g per pot- is that seriously allowed?!!

Lucy xx


Happy birthday to me!!
Having a day off the diet- but sticking to some nice healthy foods!

Have a great day everyone!


Happy Birthday, hope you're doing something nice to mark the day.
Thank you! my lovely fella is taking me on picnic and then i think i'm gonna treat myself to some new clothes (2 sizes smaller for motivation!) and then we're off out for dinner!

Happy birthday. Ive been on the smaller size shopping too as a motivation even got shoes to match haha id be really annoyed if i bought that much and didnt get to wear them x


Hello everyone,
I hopped on the scales today after my first week on orlistat and have lost an amazing 6 pounds but i fear this may have something more today with spending yesterday very intimately with the toilet following a bout of gastroenteritis! hurray! Still feeling pretty shoddy and only managing to keep down water and lucozade(just!) So although its doing wonders for the diet.. a little less wondering for my general happiness!! :(

Hope everyone is okay and the weather isn't getting in anyone's way!!

Lucy xxx


Today has been a good diet day.. woop! I really wish asda would stop having crisps for tasting.. grrrr!!

Breakfast: still not managing to eat too well in the morning but grabbed a handful of grapes
Lunch: chicken tikka and salad (7gs)
Dinner: homemade chilli and rice

snacks: shape yogs and rice cakes

Looking at that, it doesnt look like i have eaten much but my stomach is still getting a bit testy.. stupid bugs! Going to jump on the scales tomorrow and taking that as my reading for this week. Had to sign up to a new Dr's today so hope they are so orlistat loving too. I can def feel a difference in my jeans which is nice!!

Happy weekend!

Lucy x


Violet is shrinking
Slap on the wrist for not eating breakfast.. tut tut tut!! lol!

You really must try and eat breakfast, I can't stress enough how important breakfast is, it quite literally sets you up for the day, kicks starts your metabolism, it helps with cravings and hunger ... you really should have a good breakfast... a good gi cereal, weetabix, brankflakes etc wholemeal toast, fruit!. yum! :)

make sure you're eating enough, if you don't start eating enough calories now, you'll plateau quicker and you won't be able to drop down enough to make a difference.

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