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Lurverick's Food Diary...Now learning to maintain!!!!


Now to maintain.....
hi everyone,
hope you dont mind me joining in but i like to write my food down every day so this is great for me.plus hopefully i could gain some feedback too if needed.

sunday 2/5/2010.

Breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb).a kiwi,an apple,strawberries.

lunch = mugshot,shape zero yogurt(not great i know but was in hurry).

snack = 2 satsumas.w/w yogurt.

tea = roast beef,roast potatoes,mashed poato,swede,carrot,cabbage,peas,green beans.gravy(3 syns).

snack = bag of treat size cadbury buttons (4 syns),mimi milk ice lolly (1.5 syns).

supper = lettuce,6 cherry tomatoes,42g low low cheese(hea) and 3 slices bernard matthews chicken slices.
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Now to maintain.....
thankyou!! its fab to get feedback from someone who is doing so well!! looking at your sig you are doing fantastically-well done!!

i do try to make sure my superfree is there and am obsessed with trying to make sure its s or ss too!!

i know a few little tweaks i need to make so am doing so and hoping that next monday i get good results.tonight(my weigh in is mon at 5.30) im just hoping for a loss!


Now to maintain.....
breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb),shape zero yogurt.an apple,a satsuma,strawberries.cup of tea(0.5 syns).

lunch = salad(lettuce,spinach leaves,6 cherry tomatoes),4 dairylea light triangles(hea),4 slices of ham.cup of tea(0.5 syns).

snack = satsuma.

tea = butternut squash and bacon rissotto from ee cookbook.an apple,strawberries.

snack = 2 treat size dairymilk bars (8 syns)


Now to maintain.....
aww thankyou hun :)
im quite proud of myself actually,i dont normally stick to things,lol!! i havent cheated at all even a teeny bit either.

i think something just clicked im my head and i want to do it like yesterday,lol!!
going to class also works a treat for me....i just cant bear the thought of having put on.


Now to maintain.....
tuesday 4/5/2010.

hmm not so good today as didnt do well with the third superfree on plate.both lunch and tea never had any although they did have superspeed and ive tried to eat superfree in other places,not sure if ok though??

breakfast = shape zero yogurt,satsuma,8 strawberries.

snack = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb).

lunch = 2 poached eggs,bacon,baked beans.

tea = fish(2.5syns),sw chips,mushy peas.

snack = 2 satsumas.

supper will be = salad-lettuce,spinach leaves,cherry toms,4 dairylea original triangles(hea),few slices ham.

and had 3 cups of tea today...dashes of milk = 1.5syns.
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Now to maintain.....
wednesday 5/5/2010.

good day today :) well i think so anyway.lol.

breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb).apple,kiwi,strawberries.

snack = a satsuma.

lunch = 12 speed soup and a ww toffee yogurt.

tea = sweet chilli chicken(1/2 syn for sauce),roast potatoes,carrots,swede,green beans.

supper = an apple and 4 dairylea light triangles(hea).

had 3 cups of tea over day so 1.5 syns for dashes milk.

and going to have a twirl treatsize in a minute for 6syns.
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Now to maintain.....
thurs 6/5/2010.

breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb). raspberries,cup of tea(0.5syns for dash milk).

lunch = 2 morrisons eat smart sausages(1 syn),pasta,ragu sauce(5 syns).cup of tea(0.5syns for dash milk).

snack = satsuma.

tea= spicy mince(0.5syns) and swede mash from ee cookbook.green beans.

snack = apple.4 dairylea light triangles(hea).
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Now to maintain.....
friday 7/5/2010.

feeling quite good today as ive resisted party food at a kids birthday party and ikea hot dogs when i got my girls one each.

breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb).cup of tea(0.5syns).

lunch = 2 quorn sausages,2 bacon,2 poached eggs,potato slices,baked beans,2 oven baked tomatoes and mushrooms.

snack = raspberries and a satsuma.
snack 2 = few strawberries and grapes.

tea = pasta,chicken,spinach,tinned tomatoes.cheese(hea).
w/w yogurt.
snack = treat size twirl(6syns)


Now to maintain.....
Saturday 8/5/2010.

breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar (heb).strawberries.2 x cup of tea(1 syn).

lunch = 12 speed soup.w/w yogurt. strawberries.

mid aft = mugshot.satsuma.

tea = steak.mini jacket potatoes.carrot,swede,green beans. bbq sauce(2 syns).mini milk ice lolly(1.5syns).

snacks = dairy milk treat size(4 syns). 42g low low cheese(hea) and an apple.
cup of tea(0.5syns).


Now to maintain.....
sunday 9/5/2010.

breakfast = strawberries,apple, blackberries.cup of tea(0.5syns).

2nd breakfast - 2 slices nimble wholegrain(heb).2 soft boiled eggs.

lunch = 12 speed soup.mugshot.satsuma.

tea = pasta,chicken,mushrooms,spinach and spinach leaf salad on side.
mini milk ice lolly(1.5 syns)

snacks = dairy milk treat size(4syns) . 42g low low cheese(hea) and an apple. cup of tea (0.5 syns)


Now to maintain.....
monday 10/5/10.

weigh in day today!!!! i weigh in at 5.30pm on mondays.
im very proud to say that i lost 3.5lb this week gaining me my stone award(1 stone 0.5lb altogether) and also got slimmer of the week.

anyway back to the food...lol.

breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb). cup of tea(0.5syns).

lunch = lettuce,spinach leaves,6 cherry tomatoes,2 slices bm turkey.4 dairylea light triangles(hea).

snack = 2 satsumas,w/w yogurt.

tea = w/w frozen ocean pie(3.5 syns),carrots,brocolli,peas.

snack = cup of tea(0.5syns),dairy milk treat size(4syns).


Now to maintain.....
tuesday 11/5/2010.

breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb),cup of tea(0.5syns),satsuma.

lunch = cup of tea(0.5syns),2 eat smart sausages(1syn),2 poached eggs,bacon,baked beans,potatoe slices,mushrooms,tomatoes.

snack = apple,strawberries.

tea = jacket potatoe,baked beans,lettuce,spinach leaves.

snacks = 2 x cup of tea(1syn),treat size twirl bar(6 syns),4 dairylea light triangles (hea) wrapped in 4 slices bm turkey slices.


Now to maintain.....
wednesday 12/5/10.

breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb).satsuma.

snack = orange.

lunch = cod fillet on a bed of spinach and tomato.satsuma.

tea = mashed potato,2 eat smart sausages(1syn),cabbage,leeks,green beans,swede and carrot.gravy(3syns).

snacks = w/w yogurt.orange,kiwi,strawberries.
treat size twirl(6syns),treat size dairymilk(4syns).

hea today was milk which i had in cups of tea and then drank what was left!
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Now to maintain.....
thursday 13/5/2010.

breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb).an orange,a banana.

lunch = lettuce,spinach leaves,7 cherry toms,2 slices ham,1 hard boiled egg.

snack = w/w toffee yogurt.

tea = thai curry(2.5syns) from ee book with rice.
mini milk ice lolly(1.5syns)

snack = apple.satsuma.

again my hea was milk throughout day in tea and little bit left drank!


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I haven't popped in recently, but glad to see you are doing so well and your menus look great! Congratulations on the loss this past Monday and good luck for your next WI :)


Now to maintain.....
friday 14/5/10.

breakfast = kellogs fibre plus bar(heb).satsuma.raspberries.

snack = w/w yogurt.

lunch = sw quiche.tinned toms.salad.

snack = apple.orange.

tea = chilli-loads of veggies in-speed chilli,lol!(1syn),rice,sw chips.

snack = satsuma.

hea was milk which has been had in teas!

only 1 syns today but i really dont feel like anything! im going to go to bed in a minute..it wont hurt to not have any -well one! just this once will it?

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