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Maintenance - How Long on the Steps


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Hi All

I am now starting maintenance (both satifying and scary - at the same time).

How long should you take to work through the steps. I am nearly at my right weight - would like to lose another 6 pounds or so.

2 weeks on each step - more or less? Any thoughts?

Many thanks for help.
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Yep that's the best way to do it, 2 weeks on each step, you will continue to lose until you find the right balance for you, usually from 1500 cals upwards.

All the best with maintenace and congrats on getting to this stage :)
AAM for 1 week and then 790 for 2, 1000 for 2, etc.......


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Hi there,

I am a bit worried about this. I spoke with my CDC and as I was 2lbs off my goal started working through the steps. I had already done an AAM week so moved onto 790 for a week, then onto 1000 for a week and so on (havent finished steps yet!).

As I am going to Florida in 3 weeks I really only had time for one week on each step before I went to be back on 'normal' eating ready for when I go away.

I have followed the book and foods allowed to the letter and followed all recipes in the book without adding anything else extra at all.

However last week on my weigh day I had put on 1lb and I was absolutely mortified.:cry: :cry: :cry:

Cant quite understand how that can happen when on so few calories a day.

I am still drinking 4-5 litres of water a day same as when I was on SS so dunno what I am doing wrong.


The llb was probably just fluid. Some foods make us retain more fluid than others, next weigh in you could be lighter:)

Don't worry about the scales too much if your clothes are fitting the inches are melting.



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I think it is the glycogen effect. If I have one small meal (yes I know I shouldn't on SS but I have once or twice) then I put on a pound or two overnight - more than calories consumed.

I think to a certain extent SS holds your weight 2-4lbs artificially lower than it really is. You wouldn't notice if you go through the maintenance steps as you will put it on at the same time as losing a bit more (if you see what I mean).

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