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Management Starts today!!!!


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tulips said:
Cheers Buddy! ( Love the fluffy dice! You do make me chuckle!!!) :rolleyes:

Just worrying I am eating too much!

Hope you are well!

I know what you mean about the portion sizes. One of the first things I did was change dinner plates from the flying saucers we were using (and filling) to a more modest size. It made a mental difference for me anyway.

I have been doing maintenance for a few weeks now and in the main it is great. I find I can have an off day and just take it easy for a couple of days after to recover. But beware of the bad day which stretches to three :eek:, while it is (relatively) easily recoverable, it certainly depressed me until I did.

I guess for me it will always be about being careful and remembering how restrictive being fat was to ensure I never go back there.
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Hey Sarah,

I just read your email, thanks very much indeed!

I have had my 'food' for lunch today rather than later on in the day.

So far I have had:

1 choc shake
2 cups tea
1 salad of lettuce,spinach,celery,spring onions ( all very green!) with cottage cheese.
2l of water
And a jelly! ( Yummy!)

I guess through trial and error we will be able to kick this portion size thingy!

Thanks again!

Clare x x :D


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Hi Tulips

Just wanted to wish you every success with management.... as you know this is the bit that really counts so keep going for it hun....we're all here with you on this, Tulips! :)


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Diva said:
Hi Tulips

Just wanted to wish you every success with management.... as you know this is the bit that really counts so keep going for it hun....we're all here with you on this, Tulips! :)
Thanks Diva!

Just ploughing on through!

I am by no means disillusioned that this will be easy! I know that the easy bit was abstinence, now comes the REAL test! LOL!

Great to have your support!


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Hi Guys!

So far so good, week 2 has started well & I have my first management weigh in tonight!

I am loving my jelly! Yummy! :p


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Lost 1 lb at weigh in tonight which surprised the pants off me! :eek:

I didn't expect that at all, and it's my TOTM and weightloss usually stops then too!

So, maybe I shouldn't fret so much!

Thanks for all your kind words people!


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Thanks Karion!

I think I need to enjoy this process a bit more now rather then being so stressed about it.

I don't want to put myself under so much pressure that I become obsessed with food! It's not good that way!

I need to trust myself and the choices I make. It's true that management isn't easy! :eek:


Gone fishing
I have to admit that I went through management one slither away from a nervous breakdown.

It's hard to get a balance though. You need to be 'on your case' as you don't want to fall too often at this stage, but there again, it's stressful.

To be honest, I let my self stress out about it...deciding that I had to do it as best as I possibly could. There was plenty of time to relax a little and work out the way forward when I was at the end of it.

That's possibly not the right way to go mind you...but hey! If I don't stress, I can go haywire.

Accepting that I found it difficult but I was going to be hard on myself, seemed to relax me a little. That's just me though ;)


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Can I ask an exercise question? :confused:

I know that lots of people especially Icemoose mentioned that during abstinence we should limit our exercise. Now that I am in management, can I up my exercise now?


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Well, day 10 ( I think) of management and it's all ok. Apart from a gurgling stomach..morning, noon and night! What's that all about! :confused:

Dave had to turn up the TV last night as it was interfering with what he was watching! :eek:

I woke up with pains in my tummy so I had a cup of tea and toffee bar. Pains have gone but gurgling tummy is back.. We are off to the pictures this afternoon to see 'cars'. I will probably be kicked out of the cinema for my noisy tummy! LOL! :rolleyes:
Hiya Tulips - in answer to your earlier question, it's ok to up the exercise once you've got a few carbs in you, hun, so if so, knock yerself out lol!

I saw Cars yesterday and LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't believe that it had been 2 hours long - it flew by!

And it sounds like you're well in control, babes - good for you!!!!!!


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Thanks honey!

2 hours though...blimey...best get an aisle seat for loo trips eh? LOL! Do you think I can smuggle my jelly in with me????? :eek:

Thanks for being so supportive! You are a gem!

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