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Marge's Diary: +4 stones to lose by July Wedding


Chronic dieter!!!
Hello all :D

Thanks for reading my weight loss diary! I was merely losing weight at a snail pace - rejoined WW in June and have so far lost only 16 lbs!! Very poor effort :sigh: - thinking i had until 2012 when my wedding was supposed to be... Only it just changed to next year, which means that i have 9 months to lose almost 4 stones.

Journey so far:

Start weight: 13 st 13 lbs
Height: 5' 5
BMI: Obese :cry:
Goal weight: 9 st 0 lbs (total goal loss: 4 st 13 lbs)

Last WI 9/10: 12 st 11 lbs (total loss so far: 1 st 2 lbs)
BMI: Overweight :)

First challenge:
Lose 1 stone by xmas to have a total weight loss of 30 lbs.

Stay tuned :)
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Chronic dieter!!!
This is a very poor way to start a diary, 3 days since my last weigh in and haven't managed to stay on track once... I really am struggling at the moment to stay focussed and keep my hands off the fridge and cupboards. I have increased my exercise, not sure if that is a contributing factor, but clearly not enough to compensate for the additional eating as for the last two weigh ins i have gained 1/2 a pound and STS :( Really need some motivation and tips if i'm going to get back on track and lose a stone by xmas...

Can anyone...

:) Help please :)
I'm probably not the best person to ask and I've spent the summer shovelling food into my face, but I am just focused on imagining what it will be like to get to goal and stay there - I have been overweight for the last six years and I cannot wait to get into clothes properly in places like Topshop.

It may help to imagine how stunning you will look in your wedding dress. But don't put too much pressure on yourself - try your best, just see that you track, weigh and point everything but remember that we all have off days, you just have to ensure it doesn't turn into an off week or off month.

just draw that line. dont think about what has happened, forget it and move on with a fresh head.

like missybct said, imagine yourself beautiful and skinny in your wedding dress!

also, reward yourself for each goal you reach - you're now only overweight, not obese.. you should treat yourself, even if its just to an hour you time or something :) x
Totally agree with Rach about the rewarding thing - previously whenever something good happening in my life I would take the opportunity to go out for a large meal and lots of wine - now (money permitting) I try and get something that I can treasure or at least look at and think "I earnt this" :) xxx


Chronic dieter!!!
Thanks girls!

I actually had a better day today. I did a step class at the gym and i ate a healthy dinner of fish cakes, rice and veg. Have decided that i am going to start fresh tomorrow and try and go a whole day within my points allowance - its the snacks that get me, i don't have unhealthy food in the house, so i eat loads of healthy snacks like low point crisps, breakfast cereal and other mindless sat in front of the tv or laptop food. I think i might try and find an activity that keeps my hands busy while i'm watching tv and get some zero point sweets that i can suck on (do they even do zero point sweets???)...


Chronic dieter!!!
At my last weigh in, one of the weigh in helpers suggested that i try doing vegetables with a coleman's chicken casserole sachet, which apparently is only 1.5 points. So just finished doing a large pan of veg - courgette, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli - and it smelt really good! So plan for tomorrow:


Bran flakes - 2 pts
Soya milk - 1 pt

Mid morning snack:
Soya yoghurt - 1.5 pts

Tuna - 2.5 pts
Jacket potato - 2.5 pts
Lettuce - 0 pts
Tomato - 0pts
Marinade (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce): 3

Afternoon snack:
Banana - 1.5 pts
Orange - 0.5 pts

Mustard Chicken wrapped in parma ham - 4 pts
Casserole veg - 0.5 pts
Ice cream - 2 pts

wow.... that actually seems like a lot, lets see me actually stick to it this time! :)
that casserole veg sounds lush! was it nice? x
Hiya, yes let us know about the casserole sounds really nice. I need to try to stick to my points this week too. Didn't help that I had an 100 percent week last week and sts and last week was a bit up and down and I .lost 3lb (go figure). Sounds like you are doing all the right things :). Good luck with the rest of your week and let me know if you find those 0 percent sweets!!! xx


Chronic dieter!!!
Casserole veg will definitely be featuring again on the menu!!! Soooo yummy :) Apparently these Organic All Natural Candy - St. Claire's Organics - Allergen-Free - Hypo-Allergenic Candies are zero points, but no idea if they are available in the UK... It's given me an idea though, maybe i might check out the "free-from" section of tesco's or sainsburys to see if they have an sweets that may be 0 points!! Will keep you updated on the zero-point sweet search once i know more!! :D

Just had some yummy fish cakes and went to the gym tonight as well, so hoping that Saturday's weigh in is a good one, especially as i have an appointment at a bridal shop to start looking at wedding dresses straight after.... YAY! So super excited :D


Chronic dieter!!!
Challenge of the week:

Weigh in tomorrow and having a dinner party tonight with the future in-laws.... Could be a disaster, but as it is me that is cooking, i might just manage it if i can stay off the booze :D

See you tomorrow for weigh in!


Chronic dieter!!!
Okay folks, been a wee bit neglectful.... Work has been real busy and i am going to be changing jobs at the end of next week so quite stressed out!! But managed to lose 1/2 lb on Saturday's weigh in. Not the best but certainly not the worst outcome.... That's 13 1/2 left to lose to meet my xmas target :)


Chronic dieter!!!
I missed my WW class today :( Was up until 4 am sorting out wedding stuff... Getting really stressed out that nothing is booked yet and i am still looking at venues!

But i just hoped on my scales (which usually give me the same weight as WW ones) and i've lost 1.5 lbs this week YAY! Am now 12 st 9 lb :D

That's a total of 2lbs lost for my 14 lbs goal to lose by xmas WHOOP WHOOP :D


Chronic dieter!!!
Went out for a thai meal last night (my favourite but not very WWie) after a wedding related argument with h2b... We decided we needed to get out the house and let our hair down, leave all our stresses behind etc etc. I was going to write the day off but have just pointed up everything i remember eating and drinking and challenge for this week:

Revised daily points allowance (to make up for yesterday): 16 (or 19.5 if i go to an aerobics class)
Make a low point pizza for a late lunch early dinner today

Ideas so far:
WW sauce only 1 or 1/2 a point for half a jar depending on which one i use
Swap full fat mozzarella (38.5 points for a 500g pack) for reduced fat mozzarella (21 points for a 500g pack)
Do a marinara pizza (i.e. mixed seafood) rather than using higher point toppings like pepperoni and other meats.

Any other low point pizza ideas?


Chronic dieter!!!
Plan for the day - 19.5 points (doing an aerobics class later)

Bran flakes and milk - 2.5

2 Apple toasties - 3.5 points
4 WW malted danish slices
1 granny smith apple
low fat spray for the george foreman grill

Homemade pizza and salad - 10 points
To follow, still haven't decided on toppings... Any suggestions??? :)

soya yoghurt - 1.5 pts
jelly - 0 pts
2 cranberry crispy slices - 1.5
For the pizza idea, Asda do a ww pepperoni pizza in the freezer section for 8.5 pts and I've also seen a chicken italiano and a hawaian one at around 4 pts and they do other small ones in the chilled section :) so you could maybe have a look there?

But your homemade pizza sounds lovely hmm for some toppings, could have some sweetcorn, mushrooms, peppers, onions and some chicken?

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