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I just need to get all this out so here it goes ...I had a terrible day yesterday, on returning from visiting my mum in hospital i found out my beloved cat had been hit by a car.

Luckily my boyfriend's brother saw it happen and managed to find her. The driver (a young boy racer in a pimped up vauxhall) was driving really fast and didn't even brake when he saw her. He stopped the car and when OH's brother spoke to him he just laughed.

My beautiful cat is now in Cambridge animal hospital with a broken pelvis and fractured spine. She is having her tail amputated and a pin in her pelvis. So far the bill is estimated at £2500 and thank goodness she is insured.

We will not know whether the operation was a success until at least 2 weeks as the break has affected the nerves to her bottom and she cannot tell if she is going for a poo. It is a50% chance that the nerves will recover but obviously not if they are severed.

Am i cruel to go through with the operation? She is only 3 and we love her completely. She's a real lap cat. The vet assures me they would not reccomend a procedure if it wasn't in the animal's best interests and she is not in any pain because she's on kitty morphine.
I am so worried that we will get her through the op and then she will be permanently incontinent.
I have read stuff on the internet where people express their cat's bladders and put nappies atc on them but I just think it's selfish and not fair on the cat. I just hope with all my heart that she recovers and that we've done the right thing because I do not want her to suffer anymore. :cry:
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Oh my :(

I am so sorry to hear about your cat. eurgh, im so mad at that silly boy. How dare he laugh-he should be accountable for what he's done!

*Massive hugs*

i think your doing the right thing poppet.xxx


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Oh gosh. I didn't want to read and run but just want to say how sorry I am to hear your news. What is happening about the driver? Can he be done for driving without due care or attention or anything?

Sending you massive (((((hugs))))) xxx
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Thank you it's not illegal to hit a cat and leave it however it is illegal to threaten someone (which is what he did to OH's brother) He is always driving up and down the road too fast. I accept that it wasn't his fault that she ran across the road but maybe if he was going a little slower her injuries would be less severe.

Just waiting for the vets to call after her op and keeping our fingers crossed.


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So sorry to hear about your cat.... I hope she pulls through, i'd go through with the op for one of mine if the vet thinks there is a chance.

Take care


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It's so unfair that cats are easy game on the road, if you hit one there is no-one to answer to because cats are seen as "wild", whereas dogs are "domesticated" and protected.
I know my sister was devestated when her cat was hit, and wish your's a speedy and full recovery
Oh hunni I'm so sorry to hear about your little kitty. Our road is full of boy racers who drive like absolute muppets, makes me so mad I just wanna go and slash their tyres! :mad:
I think you're doing the right thing going through with the op, she's a young cat, the vet wouldn't have recommended it unless he was confident.
Google 'the bionic vet' It was a programme on BBC not too long ago and the vet was AMAZING! He put a cat back together after it'd been hit by a car-I think it's legs were pinned etc. It's amazing what vets can do these days.

Fingers crossed kitty pulls through xx


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If your vet has recommended the procedure they must be very sure she is going to make a 100% recovery. They would not put you or her through all that this entailed if they didn't. It might take time, but that is the easy part.

We have a cat, called Cat actually, who adopted us. One day we found her in the tack room, she was frightened, hungry and very thin. It took several weeks before we could stroke her When she had been with us about 6 months she succumbed and decided to become a pet cat.She lives in the stables. One day after the 6 months she disappeared for four days. We were very concerned. On the 5th day we found her collapsed on the floor of the tack room. She had been hit by a car. Her tail was broken and her stomach was literally hanging out, her pelvis was damaged. She smelt of putrified flesh. She must have dragged herself back to us, we live in the country.We took her to the vet straight away. He told us more or less the same as your vet told you. He amputated her tail just below the break, put her stomach back in again and repaired her pelvis. She was with him in his little hospital for 2 weeks, she spent a further 3 weeks in our spare bedroom and when the vet said she could she went back to the stables.

Two years later she is perfect, she was perfect after about 3 months. The vet forgot to steralised her and also didn't tell us. Now we have her, her ginger husband Buster and their 3 kitties, now quite big kitties, all ginger like dad and called Rag, Tag and Bobtail.

I only tell you this longwinded story to give you faith. Believe that she will be alright. She is in really good hands. These are vets that deal with accidents on a daily basis and as I said they would not have wasted their time if they did not think she had a very good fighting chance.

I am sure with your love and care she will be the cat she was before. They have to tell you the downside as well.

I really, really hope she makes a full recovery and hope you will let us know often how she is doing.

hugs to you all xxxxxx
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Thank you everyone your support is so kind I am very grateful.

Fillymum, that made me cry (in a good way) I am so pleased that Cat made a full recovery.

The surgeon just called and they have pinned her pelvis. The nerves to her tail were completely severed but they couldn't amputate yet as there would literally be a hole on her back as the break was so far down. They stabilised the tail so that it fuses back at the base and then will amputate further up in a couple of weeks. The nerves to her anus were stretched 3x longer than normal but thankfully are not torn. 50% chance of full recovery and 50% partial or no recovery. If it's partial recovery we would not have to put her to sleep it would just be very careful management. I never thought i'd be desperate for my cat to be able to clench her bum hole! Fingers crossed please everyone.

She will hopefully be home in a few days but needs to go in a puppy cage type thing. My other cat has been looking for her all day bless him.

Seem to be lots of other horse lovers on here too which is fab xx


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I have everything crossed for you and Matilda and will look everyday for progress reports.

It is looking good so far.

I am a total believer in positive thinking and when I was told to have my young stallion, Nefydd Buccaneer Champion of Spain (Google him ), put down, I would not let him go. I did not for one minute believe we could not make him right. His treatment in the Equine Hospital,Barcelona was going to cost around 20.000€. With baited breath I said go ahead no problem. His insurance would not cover him for the procedure he needed. I raised the money in ways you would not believe the easy ones being a dinner and auction with all items being donated. That raised 4.000. I did garage sales, I sent out begging letters, I opened an account for him, but I never stopped believing he would be o.k.

Today he is in a field in Vitoria with about 10 wives. He is sound , he is ridden, above all he is happy and alive. His batch of foals this year are just amazing.

The point I am trying to make here in a very roundabout way is that even what appears to be unsurmountable can be surmounted. Just believe.

Bucky is the bay. The grey is his son, Misty.
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What a great story about Bucky the horse Sue. What a fine animal he is. You did wonders raising the money for his procedures. As you say - just goes to prove the power of positive thinking. And what a life he has now! With all his wives and little foals too. Good luck with your little cat Horse Rider - there's lots of us animal lovers here rooting for you!


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S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
Please let us know how she is today. I have been thinking of her constantly and praying she is recovering.

Our little Cat was a bit depressed whilst she was living in the vet hospital so do not be surprised if Matilda is. She was her old self again when she was allowed back onto the stable yard, and has never looked back and never goes off exploring now.

Thinking of her. xxxx
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Ah Sue, Bucky is beautiful and what a wonderful story with a happy ending. I am so pleased you stood by him, I would do exactly the same for my mare.

Update on Matilda; she has recovered well from the anaesthetic and is starting to try and move her back legs.
She ate a little bit of chicken but doesn't want to eat today. They are going to slightly reduce her pain relief which may encourage her to eat.
They tested her anus today and although there was no muscle response there was a flicker of the skin around it. It is less than 24hrs since the op and that tiny flicker of skin has given me such hope! I keep sending her positive thoughts and telling her to clench her bum!
She hasn't urinated on her own today and when the bladder was full, they had to help her. They said this should be ok as the bladder isn't damaged we might just have to give her a little squeeze a couple of times a day.
I am hoping to see her tomorrow (not sure if they allow visits?) and will take her snuggly fleece or one of Rob's t shirts.
We sre missing her so much and Badger our rescue cat keeps looking round the house and crying.

Thanks for all your words of encouragement and support it means alot and I will keep updating xx
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oh and The Punisher, I checked out the bionic vet and it looks amazing. Shame it's not on i player anymore. xx


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S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
That all sounds very positive. very positive indeed.

I am sending bum clench vibes to her too lol and I keep saying "she WILL be alright "

I am sure they will let you see her. Do not be alarmed if she looks like something from an animal version of Casualty. Or, if she doesn't want to know you. Cat shunned us for the first week but purred like a train when the vet went near her...............loyal or not !!!!

Hugs xxxx
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I am allowed to visit her today. They said she won't eat anything so I am going armed with tuna and some plain cous cous (she goes mad for the stuff!)

The vet said Matilda can now feel the thermometer and there is still some skin flickering around the anus and she actually said "which is good," which I haven't heard her say yet....

I keep thinking positive and hoping for the best. I spoke to the insurers today and that all looks pretty simple so no worries there for the moment.

She will need her urine expressing for a while so they are going to show me how today. I hope it doesn't hurt her as I couldn't bare that.

I let my other cat out today for the first time since the accident and I am constantly worrying about him

All your positive vibes are helping, thank you. :vibes: