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Team 1 Measuring for April


Right to the 'point'
Attention all my team

Puggso_32 - WI day - Wednesday
size102b - WI day - Monday
Lisanat - WI day - Tuesday
elegantropiste - WI day - Monday
♥ Nicki WI Day - Wednesday
Smirky - WI day - Monday
*Saski* - WI day - Monday

Shlinz WI day - Monday
Marysu WI day - Monday

We need a name. And I'm throwing it out to all of you. Not that I am lazy or that but I like mob-rule!

So between the 8 of you lets see if we can get a decent name. I will go with whatever the majority feels is the best.

Then we will go about getting some team challenges and goals and things like that

Right everyone, hands in

*go team*


*wonders why no one else joined in!*

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Right to the 'point'


Minimin Addict
Any of these any good?

Biggest Losers
Starvin' Marvins
Waist Managers
Light Choices
Fat Lot of Good
Going Going Gone!
Less is More
I love Starvin' marvins (because i usually am)



Right to the 'point'
Hello Ive just read Im in your team :family2:xx
I like going going gone as it says what we ARE going to do and doesnt state fat hungry and more :) x
Welcome aboard!
Hi , I just found out i'm in here too!. How about 'Thin it to win it' ?
I love Starvin' marvins (because i usually am)

Snap!! as soon as i read it i chuckled! my vote is for Starvin' Marvins!!! :D

Come on team!!!!!!!!


Right to the 'point'
I'll keep track of it all and, as I said, mob rule wins.

So we'll give it to early Sunday and go with the most liked (in terms of number that have said it!).
Good shout Captain ! :D


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hi Team, have just been allocated to team 1!!

Will give you all a wee introduction. I'm Linz, 30yrs old, married 6yrs come may, no kids and have been obese for most/all of my adult life. I'm 5ft 6 and seem to be in proportion so don't look mega huge or anything just heavy!!! lol....

Have tried several diets in the past, none of which were successful, for some reason unbeknown to me I always bypassed ww. However due to work shifts and stuff i stumbled upon a local ww meeting on a monday night on 9/11/09 and began my journey weighing in at 19 st 7.5lbs and joined my local gym the following week. So far i've lost 25 lbs, (now 17st 10lbs) which i'm really chuffed with, although was hoping to have lost more by now but xmas/new year put a stop on that, but at least i got back on track!

So i'm definately here for the long haul and will strive to lose every week to help the team out and help towards us whipping the other teams buttocks!!!

Apologies for the ramble guys!

I opt for either going going gone or one of my own - United we lose!!

Good luck everyone and lets get losing...xxx


Right to the 'point'


Right to the 'point'
Ok the team shall hence forth be;

Going Going Gone as it got 3 votes. Starvin Marvins got 2.

The teams start tomorrow. The 1st of March. Handy that eh? :p

I would like everyone to be part of the March challenge that Irene does on here.

Here's the link


And also we can follow it ourselves here. So put a reply in here with what your aim in the March challenge is and lets see how we get on come the 31st

Puggso - 5lb
Puggso - 5lb
♥ Nicki ♥ - 7lb

lisa - 8lb

Ilove the name too!! Are we all going to an introductory post like Sclinz did?It'll be lovely to know everyone. I'll do one in a bit when I haven't got 2 children running around me prob tonight! x


Right to the 'point'
Puggso - 5lb
♥ Nicki ♥ - 7lb

lisa - 8lb

Ilove the name too!! Are we all going to an introductory post like Sclinz did?It'll be lovely to know everyone. I'll do one in a bit when I haven't got 2 children running around me prob tonight! x
That sounds fair. I'll do mine...now!

My names Stephen, I'm 23 and work in the finance department of a company in Glasgow.

Anyone who knows my diary will know I play the bagpipes and it is a major part of my life with 2 weekly practices that build up to the competing season in the summer.

I also play drum kit and played in a couple of bands, never anything major but have played in England and Wales as well as Scotland. Not got anything on the go currently though.

Been through a few diets and found weight watchers has been the most stable for me, as in I almost always lose. It just clicks with me and when I get in to something I can become mildly obsessed with it. This is the case now, I'm always thinking of my points when eating, not in a way that it is over-running my life...I just like to be in control and never to have any excuses come weigh in!

Anything else?

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