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Megarinnyroo's Xenical Diary

Hi all,

I thought I would start my diary as I am today starting xenical. I have in fact just had my breakfast and taken the first tablet!!

I have yo yo dieted for years and have recently lost a stone on WW only to put 5 pounds of it back on. So I decided that since it was my birthday yesterday and I will be 30 next year, it was time to change for good.

Off I went to by Weightloss Nurse and she gave me the British Heart Foundations eating for life programe. I also asked for Xenical and she was happy for me to do both together. So here goes!!

Starting weight:

14st 9-10 (in between on scales)

Height 5ft 4ins

BMI 35.4

Waist 41 3/4 inches

Hips 45.5 inches

Biceps - L 13.5ins R 14ins

Thighs - L 26.5ins R 26ins

My goal is to mid range healthy on the BMI chart. However that means 9 1/2 stone. When I was 18 I was a size 10 at 10st 10lbs. So I'm aiming for 10st 7 and go from there.

Wish me luck!!!
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So today went:


Scotts Porridge Oats
100ml semi skimmed milk
Frozen mixed fruits
Glass Fresh Orange


2 Slices Wholemeal Bread
2tsps low fat spread
Pink Lady Apple


Turkey Breast
new Potatoes
Peach Halves


3 Ryvita
Cheese Triangles x2

100ml Semi Milk in Tea

Think its gone well so far!!

I'm around 1500 Calories so need to up the amount a bit, aiming for 1700 as per the nurse. Am under the 30g of fat recommended and have stuck to under 5% other than the snack (will see what happens)

Any comments/suggestions welcome!!

I'm just starting xenical too so will be following your diary if thats ok. Your meal plans sound great and has given me some ides for my start tomorrow!!!

Good Luck!!!


Not such a fat kat now :)
Hi and welcome. The recommended fat is 45 g per day not 30 g. Which equates to 15 g per meal.
Good luck

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Hi, Thanks Kat, not getting anywhere near the 15 g a meal while eating less than 5% fat, wasn't hungry yesterday so looking good so far.

I like the BHF plan, its livable which so many "diets" I've tried aren't!

Have read some of your diary - well done!!

Hi Boofaloo - good luck today! have you a diary? what are you eating?


Violet is shrinking
Him hun, I know that you're following BHF diet, however their fat levels may not mix with the Xenical, and i certainly wouldn't rely on your GP or nurse in telling you this as most of them know zilch about the 'rules' and a lot of people who were given Xenical, really didn't know what to do until they found us here at Minis :)

Working with the Xenical you need to eat foods that have 5grams or less per 100grams and no more than 15grams per meal..so no more than 45grams of fat per day.

Spread of any sort doesn't mix with Xenical, and watch out for the cheese spreads too..there is one that fits with Xenical, that laughing cow extra light cheese traingles. :)


Not such a fat kat now :)
Whats BHF?

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Hi all,

BHF is the Bristish Heart Foundations food for life plan. Its basically eating a from the eatwell plate.

My diet is based on 1500-1800 cals a day as I'm 14st 9. I can have:

7 or more portions of fruit and veg
7/8 portions of carbs (bread, pasta, potato etc)
2-3 portions protein (meat, eggs, beans, pulses)
2 portions dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt)
100-200cals for a treat of my choice (havent had this yet as not wanting the side effects!!)

It means no weighing as all portions are in spoonfuls or sizes and although it restricts most processed foods I'm happy to check out the ingredients and make an informed choice.

So far I haven't had a problem fitting it into the 5% or less fat and up to 15g fat per meal. Will see what happens!

I'm studying to be a nurse and have been working in the treatment of obesity, I'm avoiding eggs, cheese (using LC xtra light triangles), pork, salmon, croisants, nuts, seeded bread, all butters etc

I decided on Xenical as a deterant really, I find I have lots of motivation in the morning, lunch is fine, i'm wavering by dinner and then stuffing my face all night!! Plan is that if I've taken Xenical all day I will be too scared to stuff my face in the evening, therefore keeping me on the straight and narrow!

Hoping for a slow, steady weightloss, anything more than 1-2lbs a week will be a bonus, so not really using the xenical to boost my weight loss so much as to stop me breaking into old habbits!! I'm giving myself a year to lose the weight, I have 57lbs to lose intitially so I could do it at 1lb a week.

Thanks for your posts xxxx
So todays food went:


Mixed frozen fruit
Glass Orange Juice




2 Slices Brown Bread
Ham (3% fat)
Low Fat Spread (2 tsps)


WW Roasted Garlic Sauce
Penne Pasta
Diced lean beef
Peaches (tinned in juice)


3 Ryvita
2 cheese triangles

feeling rather stuffed (not used to eating so much!!)
Day four today and feeling great!! Finding my "diet" to be not like a diet at all!!

Day 3 went:


100ml Milk


Subway Beef sub with salad and light mayo (only 1.6% fat!!!)


Diced Beef
New Potatoes


Activia pouring yoghurt
3 Ryvita
Laughing cow triangles x2

Also an apple, nectarine and an orange during the day.

Day 4 (today)


Missed due to long, much needed lay in (thanks husband!!!)


Carvery at local pub - 3 slices beef, new potatoes, green beans, carrots, peas (no butter, no gravy etc)


2 slices wholemeal bread
low spread

planning a snack later of 3 ryvita and laughing cow, may have a mug shot, or repeat the activia of last night (have two spare carb portions due to missed breakie!)

Looking forward to seeing the nurse on Tues for weigh in!!

So pleased you're finding it easy - your food diaries are really good to read. Are you finding you're ok with the cheese triangles. i really fancy some cheese but obviously cant have 'normal' cheese. :)

Are you doing much exercise??

I have had no side effects at all, the cheese triangles seem to be fine, and the flora light spread too.

I havent done any excersise at all yet, I am a member of the gym but never go, really must get more active!!

WoooooHoooooo!!!!! Well done on the weight loss!!! So so pleased for you. :) :) :) xx


Not such a fat kat now :)
5lbs off that's fantastic. The BHF diet sounds pretty good. You're allowed an awful lot of calories aren't you?

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Violet is shrinking
Well done :)

Hi all,

I havent been on here in ages, I've found that the tablets slot into my life nicely and I forget I'm dieting!!

I came off them for my holiday as planned and put on 9lbs! I think most was water though as I managed to lose it all the following week.

Here's my results so far:

4th August 14st 10
9th August 14st 5 -5lbs
23rd August 15st!!! +9lbs
30th August 14st 5 -9lbs
6th Sept 14st 2 -3lbs
13th Sept 13st 12 -4lbs

I am really really pleased with how well things are going!

However this week I have felt really ill, bloated, indigestion all the time, extreeme fatigue and lots of headaches. My husband went away today for the weekend and I have been on a massive bender!! I have stuffed myself silly with crisps, lasagne, milk..........looks like i'll have my first tango, in a way i hope it happens, at least it will put me off doing it again!:cry:

Back on track tomorrow, I WILL lose my weight this time around!
Well done on losing the holiday gain so quickly. One night awry isn't the end of the world, you can be back on track tomorrow. I find reading through the other posts on here can help me refocus.

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