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Meli's Weight Loss Diary 2011


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I've decided to start a brand new diary for 2011. I'm happy about the weight I've lost since joining in November 2009
(52lbs), but feel I now need to focus on where I am now and where I want to be and stop looking into the past. I will be changing my stats later today to state my actual weight as my starting weight (after WI today and being off plan for over 3 weeks) and take it from there.

Please do comment on my diary as I need all the support I can get and I want to make sure that 2011 will be the year I get all my weight off for good (and keep it off) ;)

Green Day today:

Breakfast- 42g All Bran (HEB) with skimmed milk (HEA), banana
Lunch- Packet of Low Fat Super Noodles with chopped carrots and leeks mixed in
Snack- Activia FF yogurt, clementine
Dinner (after WI)- Quorn Sausages, Fried Egg, AH Cous Cous (1 syn)
Snack- 2 Alpen Lights (HEB) with Green Lemon Tea, EDIT: 2 finger kit kat (5.5 syns)

Water: 1.0 litre
Exercise: None
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Hi Meli hunny, well Happy New Year!!

Sorry you're an unwell bunny, sounds like you've really had it bad! Hope you're on the mend now though!!

I think it's a great move starting a new diary for 2011! A clean slate!! You can look back very very proudly at your overall loss so far! Don't focus on 2 or 3 bad months- your acheivement is so much more important and indicative of success than just a snapshot of a short bad period! I have been a bit like you lately to be honest with you! Not as focused as I used to be, a bit blazee about it and easily persuaded by myself and others to have 'just one slice' or 'just a few of those', whereas previously I would have stuck to my guns, thought about what I wanted to see on the scales and consequently seen the desired results!! I've realised that carrying on like this will NOT help me to get to target anytime soon and I REALLY want to, so changes have to be made and 'focus', 'planning' and 'discipline' have be the key words!! I also need to up my exercise big time! I'd like to get a Wii and Wii Fit, but not prepared to pay full price for them so hoping to get them second hand from somewhere, maybe wait for a few weeks until people start selling them off because they're not using them! In the meantime I've invested in Davina's 'body buff' DVD which is supposed to be excellent! I gained 7.5lb in 2 weeks over Chrimbo but weighed tonight and have lost 3.5lb of that so really really glad I nipped it in the bud before 7.5lb turned into over 10lb!! Easily done!! Well good luck in your 2011 quest! I'm sure you'll zap those lbs with a new improved outlook!! I have every faith in you hun, you've done it very very well before so you can do it again! And it's not as though you've undone all your hard work! On the contrary in fact! You've still lost a MASSIVE amount!!X


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Well I went to WI today and my new starting weight is 169.5. I've also altered my goal weight to 120lbs (used to be 130) as I think this is probably more reasonable for my height of 5 ft.

Funcurls: Congratulations on your loss and well done on getting that determination back. We will get there this year- you will see!
Donnajt: Will have to check up on you as well. You have been very supportive in the past, so please keep an eye on me too! Good Luck!

Have stuck to plan today, so definately proud of my first 100% day back on plan. Hope to make it to the gym tomorrow to pow those lbs down....

Oh yeah...bought the Jan/Feb 2011 magazine...so hopefully that will also inspire me :)


Never gets tired of SW!
Yes we so will do it this year!! There's less to lose now!! If you want to lose 49.5lb that's basically 1lb per week so why not strive to acheive this rather than trying to have big losses and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself! Thanks for your words of encouragement! I was very pleased with myself I must admit and it's given me huge motivation to continue!! Can't wait to get UNDER my pre Chrimbo weight which was the lowest I've been since I was 18!! 4.5lb to go for that!X
Happy new year Meli!!
I have had a big old gain over the last three weeks but have eaten A LOT as well so it is deserved! Am feeling super motivated today though, so back on plan we go - think how light we could be by next Christmas!!! :)


Now to maintain.....
this will be your year - i just know it!!!!
glad to see a new diary and i will enjoy looking in and catching up x


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Thanks for your words of encouragement girls :)

Another 100% day today, but have had less food than usual as I'm still recovering from my earache and had a really bad headache all day today and my * week has returned after finishing 3 days ago...God knows what's going on inside me. Didn't get to go to the gym...let's see if I can make it tomorrow??

Green Day:
Breakfast- started with green lemon tea, but started to feel sick, so didn't eat anything else
Lunch- Fried Egg, Baked Beans and 1 piece of Warburton WM toast (.5HEB)
Snack- 2 clementines, Shapes Yogurt
Snack- Pear
Dinner- Pack of Low Fat Super Noodles with 3 Quorn Sausages with ketchup (1 syn), 3 plain WG CrackerBread (.5HEB)
Snack- Green Lemon Tea with 2 Alpen Lights (HEB)
Not sure if I'll have space for any syns...not feeling very hungry.

Water: 1.5 litres


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Everything was going really well yesterday until my husband's brother in law called to tell us he was stuck on the M6 motorway and we read on the internet that it wouldn't be open until at least 3am (he actually got back at 7am poor thing, so had to fill up on a few things while waiting for his hourly updates....read on....) :cry: I had finished my dinner, but still felt hungry, so had my green lemon tea and Alpen Lights...then we had some guests who came over and they left a few custard pastries and trifle sponges, so I had 2 mini custard pastries and 2 trifle sponges. No idea how many syns...maybe 5 syns each, so need to cut out on a few syns today and tomorrow if possible to make up for it.

Unable to go to the gym again today as had a busy day with dropping kids off, going to doctor (who just gave me the same antibiotic but a higher dosage), then shopping.

Have stuck to plan so far today, but another weird day of eating.

Red Day:
Breakfast/Lunch (at 12pm!!!)- A whole pack of crabsticks (not sure if I overdid it??? 16 crabsticks) with 6 Ryvita WG CrackerBread (HEB)

Snack (ate at different times)- Green Lemon Tea with 1 Alpen Light (.5HEB), 4 clementines (need my Vitamin C ), Shapes Yogurt, Mini Milk (1.5 syns)

Dinner: Tikka Chicken Breast with Mushroom and Onions (stir fried)

Snack- Green lemon tea with 1 Alpen Light Bar (.5HEB) (notice that the apple and sultana ones don't fill me up as much as the Choc/Orange), Melon (SS);)

Water: 1.0 Litre
Exercise: None
That poor man, stuck on the motorway all night! Have you had snow over there or something?
Well done for sticking to plan :)


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That poor man, stuck on the motorway all night! Have you had snow over there or something?
Well done for sticking to plan :)
He was coming from London to Manchester on the National Express bus and there was a serious accident yesterday that occurred at around 9pm and they closed the road both ways (Northbound and Southbound) from Junctions 14-16 (around Stoke on Trent). His coach was supposed to arrive in Manchester at 11pm and due to the really long delay in closing the M6 they had to turn the bus around and wait for another driver to come (must be some new regulation that they don't want the same drivers driving because of safety reasons or them falling asleep on the wheel). So they had to wait in the Service Station for the other driver to come and that other driver was stuck as the M6 was closed both ways and the motorway didn't open until 5am (which was around the time the other driver turned up). Tried searching the news to see what the serious accident was, but could only get info that it involved 2 cars?
Think OH's bil has bad luck with buses though as on the way to London it took him 9.5 hours (that was because of snow though), normally takes about 3.5-4 hours max.


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Good day yesterday (have to add a few more syns though as I had a Skinny Cow Ice Cream- think it's about 5 or 6 syns).
Going off to the gym in a few mins, so updating this quickly.

Red Day-
Breakfast- 2 pears, 2 clemetines
Lunch- 10 crabsticks (going off to the gym and then when I get back having 3 Ryvita WG CrackerBread (.5HEB) with some Laughing Cow Triangles (HEA)and Fresh Black Pepper, clementine
Snack- Shapes Yogurt, Fresh blueberries
Dinner- BNS and Carrot Soup, Chicken Stir Fry Veg with Noodles (HEB)
Snack- Green lemon tea with 1 alpen light (.5HEB),Skinny Cow Triple Choc Ice Cream (4.5 syns), melon (SS)
Water: Aiming for 1.5 litre
Exercise: gym today --finally!! 45 mins workout
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Have fun at the gym Meli :)


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Have fun at the gym Meli :)
Fun....oh goodness...it was pain!!!
Did 15 mins treadmill-power walking, 15 on the crosstrainer, 10 on the bike, 5 on the rower and then the weights and I felt it bad!!!! Had to really push myself to do those extra 5 mins on each of the machines. No pain - no loss :) How was your gym session?


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Your poor bil! I'd go insane if I was stuck on anywhere away from my bed overnight lol

You will be pleased to know I have bought loads of beans/pulses, I aim to impress you over the next week or so...
Yeah I know poor thing...don't think he'll go on a bus again to London after that experience!!!

I made beans today as well...left the recipe on your diary. Will have them tomorrow, but made for the rest of the family today with oil added at the end and it tasted yummy.
Haven't been to the gym since I pushed myself too far on New Year's Eve and have been limping about ever since!
Hopefully will get back into it next week - weird how it's such hell at the time but as soon as you get home you think it'll be fun to go again huh?!

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