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Mel's Food Diary


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A good start to the day with a 1lb loss.Still a very long way to go though and hopefully this diary will keep me on track!

Tuesday (green)

Breakfast - fresh pineapple, activia yoghurt and a slice of homemade scanbran tea loaf (1 syn)

Lunch - leftover quorn spag bol with 28g cheese (hexa), orange and a slice of tea loaf (1syn)

Snack - 2 clementines

Dinner - quorn cottage pie (28g of cheese in too hexa)with baby corn and brocolli

Snack - fibreplus bar (hexb)

Supper - 2 pieces of toast (hexb) with nutella (8 syns)

Syns = 10
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Thanks Cai!

Wednesday - extra easy

Breakfast - cheese (hexa) and tomato omelette

Snack -nectarine

Lunch - Leftover quorn cottage pie with baked beans. Orange and activia ff yoghurt.

Snack - banana and 2 clementines

Dinner - Ham, fried egg(fry light), SW chips and loads of grilled tomatoes (have a glut of these at the moment so trying to use them up!), tomato ketchup (2 syns)

Pudding - Skinny Cow triple chocolate brownie ice cream (4.5 syns and absolutely gorgeous!!!)

Supper - fibre plus bar (hexb)

Syns - 6.5


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Thursday - Green day

Breakfast - half a melon, activia ff yoghurt and an alpen light(half hexb)

Snack - 2 M&S mini chocolate bites (95 cals each so approx 10 syns)

Lunch - Homemade mung bean wrap rolled with egg mayo (1 tbsp Hellmans extra light 0.5 syn), rocket and tomato. Shape delight apple crumble yoghurt (0.5syn)

Snack - Alpen light (half hexb) and a nectarine

Dinner - quorn bolognaise with loads of added veggies, spaghetti and cheese (hexa)

Supper - fibreplus bar (hexb)

Syns - 11
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Friday - green day

Breakfast - whole grapefruit, banana and activia ff yoghurt

Lunch - mung bean wrap with kidney beans in chilli sauce and rocket. Shape delight yoghurt (0.5 sun)

Snack - melon and weetabix oaty bar (hexb)

Dinner - gnocci (7 syns) with tomato sauce, roasted baby courgettes + sweetcorn, red pepper, mushrooms and cheese (2 hexas)

Pudding - pecan and caramel cupcake (15 syns)

Snack - toast (hexb) with 1 tbsp nutella (4 syns)

Syns - 26.5
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Saturday - green day

Not a good day today and I'm sure I will be paying for it on weigh day!

Breakfast - poached eggs, toast, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, tomato ketchup (1 syn)

Lunch - leftover gnocci (3 syns) activia ff yoghurt

Dinner- Petit pan risotto .

Wine - 24 syns


Syns - 71
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Sunday - extra easy
Going to be having the absolute minimum in syns today and tomorrow to make up for yesterday. On adding them all up this week I've used about 125 so far this week which isn't many over my 105 allowance so hopefully it won't affect my loss too much.
No breakfast as got up too late.

Lunch - mung bean wrap filled with ham, rocket and tomato. Salad cream (1 syn). Shape delight yoghurt (0.5 syn). Banana

Snack - nectarine
Dinner - roast cicken, roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage and runner beans. Free gravy made with stock cube, whizzed up onion,celery,carrots and water.

Ooops then had a slice of treacle tart. No idea how many syns and now feel incredibly guilty.
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Monday - extra easy

Breakfast - banana, nectarine and satsuma

Lunch - waitrose sushi (not sure on syns but know its very low ? 3 or 4 and not going to have anymore today). Activia ff yoghurt

Snack - kellogs fibre plus bar

Dinner - chicken and mushroom pasta (sauce made with the leftover gravy from yesterday with added frylighted onions)

Supper - apple with 28g cheddar . Coconut Muller 0.5 syn

Syns - 4.5 Max


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Tuesday - extra easy

Well only a 0.2lb loss today - hardly surprising after the weekend though!

Breakfast - scanbran carrot cake (half hexb)

Lunch - mung bean wrap filled with leftover roast chicken and salad cream (1.5syn) and a large salad. Melon and yoghurt.

Snack - banana and alpen light (half hexb)

Another snack - handful of raw mange tout and some pickled onions

Dinner - sausage (Morrisons eat smart cumberland 1.5syns for 3) and bean casserole with rice, green beans and spinach.

Pudding - strawberries with sweetener

Supper - apple with 3 light babybels (hexa)

Snack - caramel and pecan cupcake (15 syns)

Syns 18
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Wednesday - started as a red day then ended up turning into an extra easy day!

Breafast - banana

Snack - mangetout and nectarine

Lunch - ham salad with hard boiled egg and syn free onion chutney. Activia ff yoghurt

Dinner - pork tenderloin with mashed potato, green beans and roasted courgettes sprinkled with chilli flakes. A free gravy made from stock cubes, smash and meat juices.

Snack - oops, my son wanted me to do some baking with him today so we ended up making cheesy cornmeal muffins and chocolate fudge slices. I ate a small muffin which was about 8 syns (if i use the cheese as my hexa) just after they came out of the oven this afternoon then just had 2 of the choc fudge slices. Aarrgghhhh - so annoyed with myself! I haven't a clue how many syns are in them but guess it's a lot (possibly 20ish?)

Someone give me a kick up the bum please as I desperately need to stop doing this to myself ? !!!

Syns - 28ish although haven't had my hexb today so saved some calories there if it helps!
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Thusday - green and hopefully better than yesterday day!

Breakfast - large orange and activia yoghurt

Snack - scanbran carrot cake (half hexb)

Lunch -half a tin of kidney beans in chilli sauce with toast (hexb). Kiwi fruit.

Early dinner - mung bean base pizza topped with 2hexa cheese, courgettes,mushrooms, peppers and passata.

Supper - OMG I got an actifry today on offer at £109! So excited! When I get home from footy with my son later I'm going to make my first batch of chips. (3 syns for oil and 2 syns for tomato ketchup) with a frylighted egg for dipping!

Pudding - choc fudge slice (10 syns)

Syns - 15

N.b the chips were absolutely amazing! Love my actifry already!
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Friday - extra easy

Breakfast - scan bran banana cake - 2 syns for the banana (really yummy and best scan bran cake I've made yet) half hexb. Activia ff yoghurt.

Snack - alpen light (half hexb)

Lunch - mung bean wrap filled with spicy pork, 1tbsp éxtra light Mayo (half syn), rocket and tomato. Large orange.

Dinner - fish, chips and mushy peas (oil 3 syns)

Pudding - rice pudding (hexa milk) with jam (2 syns)

Syns -7.5
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Saturday - extra easy

Breakfast - scan bran cake (half hexb +2 syns) and activia yoghurt

Lunch - mung bean wrap filled with prawns in seafood sauce (2 syns) and a grapefruit.

Snack - alpen light (half hexb)

Dinner- chicken curry (loads of veg in it) with rice

Pudding - 2 m+s meringue nests (5 syns) with fat free natural yoghurt mixed with lemon essence and sweetener and sprinkled with fresh raspberries
Syns - 9
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Hi Mel, when do you weigh in? Good luck for this week and if you get time do post your banana scan bran cake recipe. Sounds good!


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Hi Mel, when do you weigh in? Good luck for this week and if you get time do post your banana scan bran cake recipe. Sounds good!
Hi Sparkledpixie,
Weigh in is on Tuesday. ive had a really good week so far this week but am going out for something to eat tomorrow for my anniversary so might go a bit over.

As for the banana scan bran cake - I just kind of threw it together but it was a Real success! It consists of 5 scanbran soaked in a tiny bit of boiling water which I then whizzed up with a handblender. I then threw in a large Banana, a sprinkle of cinnamon, 1 egg and a few tbsps of sweetener. And whizzed it all up again. It made a very runny batter. Poured into a silicone loaf tin and microwaved for sbout 8 mins.the bottom was a bit soggy so I took it out, turned it over on a plate and cooked it again for a minute ot two.

I've made loads of scanbran cakes before but have never blitzed it all up before. It worked really well and almost has a proper cake texture.
Ooo fabulous I'll be giving that a go thank you!


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Sunday - extra easy

Breakfast - banana

Lunch - tuna, rocket and tomato salad with wholemeal bread (hexb) and 1 extralight laughing cow (1 syn) and 3 falafels (3 syn). Activia ff yoghurt

Dinner - went out for a meal for our 13th anniversary. Had a seafood platter, lamb shank with roast potatoes and veg. Then had a hot and cold chocolate plate consisting of choc icecream, white choc rice pudding, white choc cheesecake and choc mousse with biscotti. All tiny little portions ofveach but probably loads of syns! Gorgeous though!
Back to it 100% tomorrow.
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Monday -

Breakfast - porridge with a scan bran dissolved in it (made with water + sweetener)(hexb)and raspberries

Lunch - mungbean wrap with ham and salad and 1tbsp ÉL Mayo(0.5 syn). Activia ff yoghurt

Have got the serious munchies today. Really trying to eat minimal syns to limit last nights damage!

2 falafel 1 syn

Dinner -3 sausages (1.5 syns) actifry chips with frylight, musrooms,baked tomatoes and egg

Total syns 3
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Tuseday - a rare red day. I tend to lose more doing red days but tend to feel hungry so don't do them often. I put on 0.8lb today (time of the month might have something to do with that - I hope anyway!) so I'm hoping a red day might kick start things again.

Breakfast - activia ff yoghurt, banana and alpen light (half hexb)

Lunch - cheese and ham omelette (hexa)with salad and balsamic vinegar

Dinner - large roasted cod fillet (extra virgin olive oil hexb) With herbs and homemade ratatouille (consisting of onions,garlic,tomatoes,aubergine,courgette) and green beans and carrots.

Pudding -scanbran banana cake (half hexb + 2 syns)

Choc brownie options 3 syns
Syns - 5
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Wednesday - green day

Breakfast - whole grapefruit, banana and activia ff yoghurt

Lunch - very proud of myself as was shopping with my son all morning and he had a pasty for lunch while we were out and I had nothing until I got in even though I was absolutely starving! When I got in I had a tin of tesco beef raviloi (still can't believe this is free on a green day - shows how much meat they put in it!) and 2 big corn on the cobs.

Snack - kellogs fibre plus vat (hexb)
Dinner - spaghetti with ratatouille (as per yesterday) sprinkled with cheese (1hexa and 1hexb)

Pudding - rice pudding made with sweetener and 250mls semi skimmed milk (hexa). Jam 4.5syns

Syns - 3
I'm going to a bbq party on Saturday so am saving up My syns all week to help compensate for the food I will eat there.
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