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Total Solution Melting the lard away!!!!

Well I'm only on day one so far so good! I've still got 1 shake left and drinking one now I've never yet managed to complete day one but this time I feel ready for it however I still havnt got to the hunger stage so I'm hoping....

How is everyone else doing and where are you at? What have you lost total etc
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This is my year
Welcome and good luck!

The first few days are the hardest, then it just becomes a matter of routine.

I have found taking food choices away completely a very liberating experience.
I'm now on day 3 and ketotic. Yay!! Hope I stick this for the four weeks - I intend to have a food week as recommended. Have decided not to weigh myself until the 4 weeks are up - have an obsession with scales that I'm trying to break. Fingers crossed! Good luck! X
Oooo I would be too tempted to jump on the scales and see how I get on but another fab idea good luck xxx

Yeah day one has been ok but I don't for one minute think tomorrow will be easy but to spur me for day 3 I'm going to weigh and check tomorrow night and see if it's working x going to have little peeks to spur me on for the first 2 weeks x

I feel ok after today I do still have a shake left and going to have the vanilla warm with a small bit of coffee in it don't quite think I have had enough water yet though so going to make sure I have a few glasses before bed and improve on water intake tomorrow x
im now on day5 i agree its a matter of routine you kind of just get up and get on with it as you dont have to think about anything u no wn ur having ur shake u drink then try n forget other food exsists xx
Ahhhh day two I've never managed day two yet !!! I can do this good luck to everyone else on whatever day your on!!

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Aww we sure can!!! I'm gunna sneak peak at my weight tonight to help spur me on and I'm quite excited lol so hopefully it's at least a lb or more lol I feel lighter if that makes sense but I feel a bit tired today going to treat myself to a coke zero or dr pepper zero if I get through today lol

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Feel a bit shaky today and only on day two but then I am due a shake so hope that makes me feel better I'm at work on my break so I'm gunna go look in new look at skinny clothes and that will make me feel better......I hope

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Hi huni I think it was day 3 for me I had a really shakey day if I did the slightest thing energetic my hands wouldn't stop shakin. But settles down. Your doing really good :) xxx

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