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Milk calories and fat.


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WOW! :eek: What a difference between them!


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When you see it written down it makes you think twice about full fat, even semi-skimmed.:sigh:

I drink skimmed milk now and don't really like anything else and yet I found it took me awhile to get use to the skimmed.


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They say that calcium now plays a part in weight loss, which is why slimming world have increased their healthy A options from 1 a day to 2 a day. I've also heard that semi skimmed milk has more calcium than whole milk.



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Wow yamyam. Look at you!! Aren't you doing brilliantly:wow:

As for the milk. We have skimmed. Found out that DS1 was allergic to full fat milk. Took a bit of working out there:rolleyes:

We're used to it now. Have to admit that I still prefer the full fat variety...even the jersey milk. The creamier the better, but so used to having skimmed, it's not a problem.

Sometimes get the other sort when I really fancy it, but the habit is to buy skimmed:clap:

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