Red Days Mincemeat help plz


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Happy Sunday all

Well i have got mincemeat that i need to use today.

Im having mincemeat in pitta bread this afternoon, but what do i do with the other bit of mincemeat.

I dont want a shephard's pie as i have some already done in freezer and cant use pot as a (B) as ive used up my b's today but have one (A) left.

I cant have chilli con carne cos i only use baked beans as i dont like kidney.

I have not got no salad in but loads of veggies so basically i would like something that would fill me up tonight as i dont wanna pig out later :D

Thanks all you red lovers lol
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I've seen a recipe on SW Website, although when I tried to find it again I couldnt, it might have been on a meal planner im not sure, but they basically made a plain omlette, put bolognase in the middle and folded it over? Sounds interesting but I havent tried it! x


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you could always make it into a burger or meatballs depending how much you have left, serve with veggies and gravy.

have you seen the recipe for the spiced doner meatloaf that goes great with pitta bread


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You can ake chilli using baked beans if you don't like the kidney ones. But if you're on red then you would need to syn them. How about moussaka? Curried mince? Chilli without the beans (there's no rule says you need to put them in!)


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beefburgers are delicious make some of them with your left overs

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I fry mine with onions, garlic and mushrooms then add tinned tomoatoes or passata and herbs and stuff an aubergine with it with an allowance of cheese over the top and stick in oven...delicious and you dont need a huge portion of mince to do it!