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Minimins Very Bad For You

I'm suffering terribly since joining this site three days ago.

I've hardly slept!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep looking at all the threads and today my ironing pile has got so big I'll have to apply for planning permission and what do I do about it?????? nothing, I merely step over it to get onto here and post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curse you and all you losers (weight) Just hope after my first meeting tonight I'll at least start on the journey to being smaller so I can fit in the house with all the dirty washing and huge ironing pile

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Tell you the worst thing, is gettingconfused between Mrs V and MrsV!

Kerry-Ann, sarah, stop marrying people with surnames that begin with V, think of other first please

hehehe xxx
Lol - Hello!!!

I do have an ironing pile that would equal the size of Everest!!!
I am supposed to be working, but prefer to offer advice and support on here!! Ooops!!!

I could change my name......Hmmmm have to think of another!

Kerry-Ann (to avoid confusion!!!)

MrsV your username changed!!!!

I've changed, (it's me the other mrs v) that chappy who does the tech stuff is very fast, well done you if you can hear me xx
Lol Hi Sarah!!

Thank you for changing your name!!!



Staff member
Hi Sarah,

Put it down to research and development and don't feel guilty.:D

Never saw a man feel guilty over housework not being done:rolleyes:, have you:confused:

Have yet to see it on a tomb stone with..."She was great at housework"

One thing for sure the ironing will be there waiting for you along with the dirty dishes, they may pile up but they won't disappear unless you have got one of those husbands who do house work:D

When you lose your first stone you will tackle the housework in half the time it takes you now for sure as even one stone off makes a huge difference I find!

Love Mini xxx
Mrs V you're frightening me, I was just reading another thread and you said you're born 1975!!! me too, please tell me you're not a Valentine from Up North????????
Thanks Mini, I just had a great idea, leave the dirty washing, hopefully it will be too big for me by the time I bother washing it hee hee


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Thanks Mini, I just had a great idea, leave the dirty washing, hopefully it will be too big for me by the time I bother washing it hee hee



I will get to goal .....
Ssshhh don't tell anyone but I've done no work at work today ... hehe!!! Just as well I'm the boss!!!

This site is sooo addictive. I moaned all weekend doing the DIY as I couldn't get on here. BF not impressed!!!
im the same, love this site. hubby not impressed as he cant get to play his internet poker .......
as for my ironing well i need a new iron !!!! not in a rush to go and buy one til we all run out of clothes !!
wonderful supportive site , best thing i have found on the internet and cheaper than ebay !!!!!
We got a lappy and a PC inthe front room atm, is Oli wants my attention he MSNs me!!!
He thinks minimins is "evil, as it gets your attention without havng to make you cups of tea"

I mean, what has our relationship come too???

I have a confession to make though, i dont own an ironing board...

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