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missed u guys

hi all, how r u all getting on?

im sorry i havnt been around for a while, have had alot going on.

diet wise im doing really well, gained 3lbs the first 2 wks after coming off tfr and have stayed the same since then. im really happy at this weight and now eating what i want as long as its in moderation.

i sadly had another early miscarriage so have been all over the place for a little while. main reason ive not been on here.

i hope ur all doing great, i'll be checking out what ive missed over the next few days.

really missed u lot. hope every1 is well and still shaking.


x x
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Jenny, lovely to see you on here again. So very sorry that you lost another little precious baby. I hope you are managing to cope. Delighted for you that you are doing so well on the diet front. Hopefully it will be good over Christmas as well. Not too many goodies!!!
I'm doing well, now down over four stone. I will need to do a good bit of shopping in the sales as nothing I have fits anymore!! What a great complaint!!
Happy holidays.
Hi Jenny, i wondered where you had disappeared to hun. So sorry to hear about your miscarraige...what does the doctors say??
Good to hear you are managing your new weight, you must have the balance right. Take care sweetie, hope to chat again soon xxx
Hi Jen
Really lovely to hear from you. Sorry you've had a tough time but you're maintaining really well. Take care and have a great Christmas. Hope you'll stick around lovie.



Wants to Maintain Gd!!
Sorry to hear about the loss of your baby, hope your ok. Well done on keeping the weight loss up x

- Minimin
thx guys.

well done molly, ur doing great. bet u feel great for losing so much.

omg jon, ur looking great, look like a totally different person. well done hun.

hey hun, doctors say im perfectly healthy, have had all the tests done and nothing is wrong. but to have 6 miscarriages in a row there must be something not right. im gutted thought, for some reason i was really hopeful this time. makes me that little more thankful for my girls. be replying to all my fb messages later or 2moro. really been out of it so sorry not replied sooner. x x

keep up the good work every1.

love jen

x x


The Minis Bad Boy
Oh no Jen. I did wonder why you stopped emailing me. Sorry to hear about whats happened.



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Oh Jenny :hug99: I had been wondering where you have been! Sorry you are having a rough time but you are a tough cookie and youll pull yourself through. Well done on managing to keep at a steady weight :D xx
hey luke, sorry hun. got about a million emails i need to reply to, gona get sorted over the next few days. hope ur ok hun.

thx tanya. glad to see ur doing well chick.

love u guys x x


Otherwise known as Jools
Awww Jen sorry to here your news :( You sound as though you are coping well right now and as you say you have your girls who will help you through this, and your hubbie too.

Well done on maintaining your weight despite all this. Keep up the good work.

love Jools


A little of everything!
Oh Jen, I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. I'm a bit pi**ed off at your Doc's attitude though, to lose 6 babies and be told theres no reason for it isn't good enough! Have you had a second opinion? My thoughts are with you & your loved ones at this time. Take care of yourself hun.:hug99:
sorry to hear your devastating news xx my thoughts are with you. perhaps a visit to a different dr would be a good idea and get their thoughts on why you keep miscarrying?

just want u to know that there can be light at the end of the tunnel. we took five years to get our first baby girl through lots of trial and error (and lots of drugs and injections lol) but dont give up.

if your not happy with what that dr says do not take it as read, question it.

(btw, i know medical science has moved on since the 1990's but we used a drug called clomid...perhaps ask about that?)


h xx

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