Moan, groan and general patheticness...


Having such a rubbish day so far..
I intended to have an early night last night but layed in bed from 10 and just couldn't go to sleep, i think i finally managed to drift off about 1am...
Alarm woke me up at 7am this morning but i turned it off and overslept, woke up at 8:15 and all the electricity had run out (It's on meters) so i coudln't have a shower or proper breakfast.
Rushed into work late cause i had to put money onto the gas and electricity cards as the shop i need to do it is the opposite direction from my house so i did it before work.

And now it's 12:15pm and as a result of my morning i'm tired, hungry, my hair feels horrible and that always gets me down, i just can't be bothered and would quite like to just go home, sit on the sofa under a duvet and watch Children in Need tonight. *Sigh*

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Poor you, I hate bitty days like that when you end up out of sorts and everything aggravates. I always describe it as feeling like I'm wearing somebody else's knickers.
If it's any consolation me and the OH are intending to watch pudsey with a duvet too. No syns in hot vimto :)
Sometimes a tv and duvet night is just what you need to put yourself right.
Cheer up chicken x


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Awww what a day!

Well look at it this way.. when you get home.. you can have a nice shower.. have your dinner and get that duvet out... sounds like heaven!


Even having proper comfort food- bangers and cheesy mash! lol.. xxx


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Bring on the duvet!
I'm on an afternoon off so I've got my pjs on already - only 4pm!