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ProPoints MommyB's food diary

Have decided I should start one of these and keep it going this time-please feel free to comment !!

Saturday 14th May
Daily milk 2
Breakfast- 1slice wholemeal toast 2
low fat spread 1
1 egg 2
2 turkey rashers 1
1 teaspoon olive oil 1
Total so far 9/31 ( 22 left)

Not sure what having the rest of the day yet,need go shopping !!
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1 asda wrap 3
deli chicken tikka slices 4 ( est)
salad 0
1 tsp extra lite mayo 0 ( book says 1pp for 3 stablespoons )
1 bag ww bacon snacks 2
1 banana 0
total 9

18/31 ( 13 left)

making a veggie curry tonight with creamed coconut in- havent poitned it yet but doesnt seem like it's going to be high-let you know how it turns out and since it's saturday I SHALL be having wine-oh yes !!!!!


Here to help :-)
Hi Jane, well done so far. Food diary looks spot on. I am dying to hear how the veggie curry worked out??? I wonder could I ask you to stick up the recipe, please. I'm a newbie to this cooking lark, but I & my kids are martyrs to curries. Never tried a veggie one before, so I'd be interested in giving it a go
Well to be honest it wasnt the best ever !! beautifully cooked by my hubby but we agreed probably wont repeat that particular recipe !!

so the rest of yesterday's food was

2 rice cakes with el philadelphia 3
small chunk of brie and aslice of bread and spread 5

Curry worked out to 6
small portion boiled rice 4
half bottle Pinot Noir 9

31/31 used and 9/49 weeklies

so far today
Daily milk allowance 2
breakfast 2 whole meal toast 5
low fat spread 1
2 teaspoons peanut butter 4

12/31 oops !!

going to in laws today which is dangerous as mum in law is very good cook-will be as good as I can be:p;)
Well as predicted i ate way too much at my in laws-too tired to work out all the points now-will attempt tomorrow but fairly sure all the weeklies gone-and was it worth it ? hell yeah !!:D

( tho in my defence I didnt have seconds of anything !!:p:eek::eek:)


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Your meals are almost identical to mine! Turkey rashers are lussssh <3
Have you tried the WW curry? It's 10pp and really yummy. One of my faves. Do you go to meetings or follow ww online?
Welcome Steph, which curry is that ?

I go to classes, joined in jan and set myself a target of a slow and steady lb a week, I have currently lost lbs which is behind target but during that time my mum was ill in hospital and sadly passed away on mothers day,so there was a period when dieting was not priority as I'm sure you understand- I am however really proud that I didnt loose the plot completely and gain it all back !!
Back later with today's menu as just heading off to work
Food for today

Milk allowance 2
Breakfast- 2 turkey rashers 1
1 egg 2
teaspoon oil 1 total 4

Lunch- 2 wholemeal bread 5
low fat spread 1
4 slices salami 1
salad 0
tspn extra lite mayo 0
ww bacon bites 2
ww yogurt 1 total 10
Snack 1 rice cake with el philly 2
Dinner spag bol with grated cheese 15

Total 33/31

oops try harder tomorrow
Tues 17th may

Milk 2
B wholemeal toast 2
low fat spread 1
scrambled egg 3

wrap 3
cheese 4
mayo 1 ( teaspoon)
Cuppa soup 2
banana 0

rice cake and el philly 2
cheese 4

22/31 so far
Hi MommyB! just checking in to subscribe and follow ur progress :) xx
friday 3rd June

Thought I had better dust this thing off and start again !!

Milk allowance for day 2

Shape yogurt 2
Banana 0
WW fruity cereal bar 2


WW shepherds pie 6
Cauliflower 0
sweetcorn 1
Asda smart price choc ice 2

total 15/31
:) enjoy x
Milk allowance for day 2

Shape yogurt 2
Banana 0
WW fruity cereal bar 2


WW shepherds pie 6
Cauliflower 0
sweetcorn 1
Asda smart price choc ice 2


1 can stag chilli 14
100g white rice 4

31/31 3/49


Here to help :-)
Phew , mommyb, you had me worried there for a moment, 15/31 PP, I said what is this poor lady doing starving herself???

But in fairness, you redeemed yourself with a hearty 18 PP dinner!

What, pray tell is Stag Chilli???...surely you're not eating Bambi's Daddy :eek::eek::eek:

Sorry CT I missed out a G !! it's a brand name ( tho I do lurve venison!!). It's not quite the same as making your own but I was due to be busy today so had planned something quick and easy.

Need to add my pud of sufagr free jelly and evap lite for 1 pp and have just treated myself to a can of lager too for 5 points so now my weeklies are 9/49


Here to help :-)
Oh that's a relief, Bambi's Daddy's safe ! :D:D:D:D

Never had Chilli in a can... I am on the look out for a decent (strong) chilli recipe, I'd love to get an authentic chilli recipe that I could assess, I'd gladly cash in my Weeklies for that feed...

I love your choice of dessert, a can of lager, good for you girl... I'm sipping an ice cool bottle of Stella...Happy Days! ;)
Sounds Yummy Jane! Slightly concerned by the bambi chat lol x
Now all this chat about Bambi is making me want venison !!!

Food plan for today.

Milk allowance 2

2 bacon 2, egg 2, spray of oil 1, mushrooms 0, slice toast 2, spread 1 total 8

meatfree burger 2, roll 3, cheese slice 1, ketchup or relish 1, veg sticks or salad 0 total 7

Rib eye steak 6, free veg roast in 1 spray of oil 1 total 7

total so far 24/31 but need to add in puds and snack, and since it's saturday I shall be using some of my weeklies for a cheeky red !!
Yummy yummy!! Breakfast sounds lush :) x
Oh it was Carly, it was !!
Just back from the toning studio-just joined and really enjoyed it. I do not like exercise and have struggled to find something i think I can do and keep at-this could be it !! Walked there and back too-OMG I might even find myself earning AP's !!!

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