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Monday 3rd Sept - Hour by Hour!

S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Morning, my eyes had trouble opening this morning, its so dark in the morning now :( Had a terrible weekend eating :( back on ss today until Saturday and then I'm on holiday :) I find it much easier at work so got my first litre of water ready on my desk! Have a great day Sarah, hope we wake up soon! Good luck to everyone weighing today, thankfully I'm not! x
Morning all!
I am still behaving after fridays slip lol
I got on my scales this morning and they say another pound off, but going to see CDC later so will see what her scales say!
I did 4 litres yesterday, hoping to do a bit more today, I am off to the gym!
See you all later, good luck weigh ins and have a fab day those who are starting over X
doesn't time fly :) I've been at work for an hour and a half already! 1st litre of water gone, i have to get thorugh today on ss so may be popping up from time to time when i'm struggling to say hi! x
Morning girls,
Well omg i am a mother of a 15 yr old!!!!! :eek: its my ds birthday to day really cant believe where the last 15 yrs have gone, makes me feel old yet am only 36!!!!.
I have been really bad on the old water the last wk so today i am really going to try harder and get back into drinking 4ltrs.
Good luck with weigh-ins today
is this "hour by hour" thread just for CD'ers ? i lost quite a bit on CD but have put 20lbs back on :eek:. Tommorrow i am going to restart by using the packs i have left over & then move to Slimfast as i can no longer afford CD, will i still be able to post on here for support ??
Hey Everyone!

I'm feeling a lot better than I did yesterday!! =o) I did eat a couple of slices of chicken!! I've had my first litre of water so far today and a vanilla shake. Feeling more positive!!

Hope everyone has a great day and good luck to everyone who has a WI and to those getting back on track!!



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning all, Everyone is sounding positive today, well done.:)

Good luck with weigh in Spooky.:)

Muffintop, of course you can post on here, we are all striving for the same thing...A SLIMMER ME. Look forward to seeing your posts throughout today.:)

Keep Glugging Maz.:tear_drop::tear_drop:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAFFRON'S DAUGHTER.....WOW 15, (long time ago for me:rolleyes:)

Good luck every one, I have downed 1 litre so far and will have my 1st shake later. I like to leave it as late as poss.:D
Morning all, getting a bit busier on here now :) 3 hours down at work now, on my 2nd litre and just drinking my first shake :)
Meant to finish at 4pm today but we'll see :(
Only 4 more 5.30am starts and then I'm on holiday :) I think i may just sleep thorough the whole 2 weeks!
Keep glugging everyone and have a great morning x
Morning everyone!

Well day 5 for me and i conquered the weekend completely! very pleased about that. Today is going very well i seem to be thinking of food a little less and im not hungry!!

I was on here over the weekend reading all the forums and so on and just want to say thanks again to everyone for sharing, being on here really really helps me stay motivated.

Have a great day!
Morning Guys...

I'M SO TIRED....!!

Maz - do you reckon you could fit me in your suitcase - I really feel like I need a holiday..!

Mood certainly seems more positive today - I don't think there isn't anyone that struggles at the weekends for one reason or another...

I'm always glad to get back to work purely for CD'ing...

Another local Rag interested in Mother Funker's - it's all go... the next 6 weeks are going to fly past!

Have a good day one and all. I'm off to get weighed at 6pm tonight - not really looking forward to it after my blips yesterday..

H xx
If i didn't have so many shoes and bags Hannah you'd probably fit! LOL Good luck getting weighed tonight, i had major blips over the weekend and don't get weighed until Sat so fingers crossed I can get back on track! Let us know how you get on x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Just checking in, having my 1st shake of the day. Managed 2 litrs so far. Felt hungry today for some reason..tummy rumbles.....:confused:.... . Doing mundane housework trying to keep bust and keep mind of eating.
Have a good afternoon all! :)
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Afternoon everyone

Bit late getting on here today. Had a quick skim through and everyone seems really positive today. As Hannah said I think weekdays are certainly a bit easier on CD!

Good luck to all with WIs today, I have mine this evening but it is looking likely to only be a couple of pounds. Has anybody else experienced such erratic WIs I seem to go from big losses to small losses each week.

Hope everyone is having a great afternoon.


Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Hiya everyone,

its my first day today! so far i have had just under 2 litres of water and a banana tetra, i feel quite strange though - but only since i had the tetra, the only way i can explain it is 'spaced out', and my skin feels like its got mild pins and needles, is this normal???
Hi all, sorry Sarah, I didn't experience anything like that but I'm sure someone will be along in a bit who can answer you question.

Hope everyone is having a great day, its flown by today which can only be a good thing when I'm back on day 1 of ss :( only an hour and a half to home time I hope :)

good luck with weigh in Georgie, let us know how you get on.

I'm just off for another wee!!! and to get another litre of water from the fridge, chat later x
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
afternoon all.

Good Luck for WI Georgie. Hope its a good one for you. Hannah sounds like you are real busy with MF and am so pleased for you at the press attention. If it helps to raise the profile of your business its got to be a good thing.

Well Im having a busy day today. Have heard back from two jobs Ive applied for with interview dates for this week. Been getting everything ready for DD1 going back to school tomorrow. And have put an offer in on a house we saw at the weekend, oh and been to Asda to do the shopping. Got a Virgin Vie meeting tonight as well so its all go here. Just had my second pack and really need to get glugging on the water as only just finished second litre.

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