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Monday workout... What did you do ?

Well done! I've got yoga and Jillian Michaels 30 day shred ahead of me and NOT feeling it. It's moments like this I wish i was a morning exerciser!
Thanks I normally do more but Monday's are so hard.... I have no choice really it's the only me time I get whilst the little fella is at nursery :) .... Shred.. ? Do tell ! X


Les Mills Fitness Freak
15 mins powerplate, 15 mins stability ball, 1 hour body combat :D

love my body combat mondays!
9.15 am ...Back to gym after scrambled egg to start me off... Pure protein... 120 crunches... 80 twists... 10 on the rower... 20 on treadmill ... 6 on power plate( that's maximum it's fee based)... Then another 120 crunches to finish... Feeling debloated today .. Yay.. X
My mins boggles with all the crunches!

The 30 day shred is an exercise DVD by Jillian Michaels (one of the Trainers on the US Biggest Loser). It has 3 levels so ideally you do level 1 for 10 days, then 2 for 10 days and then 3. They say that if you do it every day for the 30 days you should see dramatic weight/inch loss. I'm due to to day 10 tonight and i've already lost 4.5 inches, though the weight seems to be stuck.

If you put "Jillian Michaels 30 day shred" into a search in youtube you'll get some highlights of the DVD. It's really tough but i'd totally recommend it and so would my shrinking belly!
Cool ill take a look...:)... Oh crunches are fab once you get into it.. I vary them . Fast , slow,upper and lower tummy... Try anything to tone up me ! X


Les Mills Fitness Freak
Sounds good ... What's your plan for Tuesday ? X

todays (tuesdays!) plan was walking to the gym, 15 mins on bikes, and lots of ab work outs, finished off with a body attack class :)

Boxing tonight for an hour and my 30 Day Shred before bed! Go go go!
6 mins power plate..100 waist twists... 60 arm pushes(god they hurt)...20 mins on treadmill full incline ( fast) ...130 crunches.... And 6 toning tables.... Lovely x
Good lord - you're a machine!

30 minute run and level 2 of my dvd. Dvd was a killer. I actually think I pulled a boob muscle. Perhaps it's time to invest in a new sports bra?


Les Mills Fitness Freak
today was just body pump....

but doubled the weights, can feel the ache already, my arms feel so heavy :p only added an extra plate origianlly, but found this was a little light, when before it was heavy! only when i doubled did it feel effective enough
Power plate.... 100 waist twists... 60 leg pushes... 40 arm pushes... 10 min cross trainer....130 crunches... 15 mins treadmill..5 mins rowing... Not bad at all ;-) x


Les Mills Fitness Freak
body combat, 30 mins power plate, 30 mins bike, 15 mins ab work :D
Usually ride my bike it has no gears ( on purpose) make sure i go in the direction of a few hills. Do around 5 miles, its a small amount but not at full peak yet, must get more in as i go along.

If i dont take bike then i walk or sometimes i get to do both.

Was out at 10 the other night in light rain it was amazing. i have a running machine and it bores me to tears. nothing like fresh air and elements. Loooove it!:D

So realy I just try to stay active in something through the day.

All movement is a bonus:D

oh and i do want to start the podcast running next week, once i get over the vision of my wobbly bits bouncing up the road:eek:

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