Morning everyone


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Ive lost track of what day im on, hold on till i count with my fingers haha..... im on day 14 okaaaay not bad going, had a wee blip last night BUT i didnt let it get bingey which it was trying to so all in all im not too bothered im only human and im back on track today :) hopefully going to join a gym over the weekend so that will give me more reason to stick at CS. Hope eveyone has a good day today :)
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Hi Emily - well done on reaching day 14, you're doing great! Is it tomorrow your wk2 weigh-in? Best wishes for that and can't wait to see what you've lost this week. I'm off to a tums, bums and thighs class tonight and really enjoy it with a couple of friends. Didn't do any keep fit last week due to being ill, but back on track now doing my 2-3 classes a week and it does really make a difference to your weight loss and general wellbeing - good luck with the gym.

Have a lovely day - I'm at work just now having a quick peek! x


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hiya alison, although im on day 14 i didnt weigh till sunday of my first week as i didnt have scales so im going to keep to my sunday weigh in even though it throws me out by two days. hope you have fun at your class tonight, i dont think im fit enough for that yet lol ill probably pass out after a five min blast of exercise


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Happy non-Fry Day :)

Here's a tune to cheer everyone up for the weekend

Cheryl Lynn - Saved my day :D