I've been loving slimming world and the amount of food I can eat - I'm quite healthy in general but just enjoy too much healthy foods ;)

recently I've lost motivation for slimming world though

How are avocados so high in syns when they are one of the healthiest foods on this planet? And the oils in nuts are nutrient rich and also help you absorb the nutrients in other fruits like vitamin a and c.

And how can these foods be so "synful" when things like mug shots, pasta n sauce, Müller light etc are all "free" but full of additives and artificial sweeteners and salt??

I just think that some of the plan needs a little adjusting, and it's really made me lose motivation. I think eating half an avocado is better than six mullers, five chicken breasts and a plate of pasta and tomato sauce (which some people in my group do) but according to syns, the avocado is 9.5 syns higher than the "free" splurge!

Can someone please give me motivation as I'm starting to question it all?

(Btw my signature below isn't representative of my current weight/goals etc I just haven't had time to change it!)
I have to commiserate a bit. I have had several long conversations with my 10 year old daughter about why I'm not eating avocados or nuts anymore. Also that syns aren't "sins" - I have done my best to raise her with a very healthy attitude towards food and fitness and never want her to think of good food as bad (if that makes sense??!)

That said, there are very few instances where this conflict comes up. For the most part, I still feel I'm setting a good example with the food choices I'm making all within SW (and I too agree that the mug shots and some of the other "free" foods don't add up to promoting a healthy lifestyle though I suspect its a good option for some to transition from eating rubbish foods).

I'm sticking with it. You sound like you know what you should eat and how much. SW just gives you the boundaries and accountabilities so that you do that all time.

Best of luck to you.
It all about portion control too. A bag of lettuce has less calories and less fat than a handful of nuts. Slimming world is still allowing you to have them if you really want them, shift your syns about to accommodate them. But can you really just had a few nuts a day? I can't I can easy demolish a bag of nuts especially brazil nuts and dont get me started if they are covered in chocolate :worthy: but I wont be able just to have 2-3 I would want more and there goes alot of syns either high calories or high in fat. Yes they are considered as a "healthy fat" but high in calories or high in fat also. Thats why most free food and low syns food are really low in calories and hardly carry any fats and they fill you for longer.
Slimming world can't work with high calorie food or high fat foods, they let you have them so you dont feel deprived. Thats the only reason why its allowed in their "system" so it helps you to feel less guilty and still feel like you are having a "normal life" without been on a strict diet......Thats why they used the words super free and free. It helps us and our brain to re-program into thinking these food are amazing, you can have as much as you want, these are fab! because you can have like 10x honeydew melons, 10 whole ones for "super free" because its high in water and low in calories and fat because it will be level to a galaxy bar calories.

Which will make you feel fuller for longer? 10 honeydew melons or a chocolate bar. If it has a high calorie or high in fat it cant work in slimming world and avocados and nuts unfortunately high in fat and very easily can have more than 1 per week.

If you really want them, do what I have done. Syn them, still lose weight and never feel deprived :) you will last longer on this journey.
Hope this helps.
If i ate 10 melons I'd certainly lose weight.

Eye of a needle anyone?? :eek:
lol, Yeah we worked it out in the class, calorie wise for a bar of galaxy is the same as eating 9- 10 whole melons. Was helping us to see you would get full on just 1 melon let alone 10 melons but you wont be full on a chocolate bar and that's why Melons are superfree because you will never eat 10 melons to hit the same calories as a chocolate bar. :D Kinda helped me see things more clearly xx
@soshbfly I love gherkins and Pickled onions, while been on this plan! lol I always have a plate with about 4-5 pickled onions and sliced gherkins most night, the sourness and the taste, satisfies me and curbs my appetite on a night. perfect when I'm catching up on my programmes, I've made it like a treat and keep my hands business when im watching tv. and I can always go back for seconds!
@soshbfly i love pickles. Any thing in vinegar is a winner. I have pickles in my fridge next to my home made pickled eggs and onions in the cupboard. Yum
next to my home made pickled eggs and onions in the cupboard. Yum

Yes I remember reading that about you and in fact it inspired me to researching making my own pickled eggs (which I am yet to do, but will add to my ever-growing list of SW foods to prepare :D)
Oh my you have never tried them? They are so easy :) and very handy for a grab and go snack.

I feel another vlog entry.....
They don't exist yet but I'm lining them up in my head haha. It's another for the list along with the Ono!