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My 100% TFR Diary

Day 1 just about over.
Yay!!! ?
I'm so cold right now, freezing!!
Colon is feeling a little 'ify'. I remember having a bit of diarrhoea the first few days last time so just waiting for that to kick in.
I have to say I am loving the coffee mixed in with the shakes!! I'm having 3 choc shakes a day. I don't like any other flavours so I'm just sticking with what I can palate.

I have consumed 4L of plain water today, 2 mugs of peppermint tea & 500ml per shake which brings me to a grand total of 6L of fluid.. WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Have had a few hunger pangs it's prob my belly saying 'eh where is my sugar gone??'

Anyhoo.. Day 1 done.

I made it ('',)
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So Day 2 has started nicely. I went to bed feeling SO hungry. My stomach was grumbling actually. I was worried I wouldn't get to sleep but I did and had the best nights sleep in AGES!! Must be the detox of sugar.
I slept for 11hours... I feel so full this morning? Strange? Maybe because my stomach is getting smaller? I won't question it anyway, hehe ('',)

So my plan for the day will be to drink loads of water, have a few peppermint teas & give my bedroom a spring clean.
Just 5 days until 1st weigh in... Getting excited already!! ('',)
Day2 is coming to an end, time wise anyway. I'm back on nightshift tonight. Going to have my last shake before I leave & bring water with me to keep me going throughout the night.
I'm really willing the time on. Can't wait for it to be wednesday at least. I'm quite hungry today. No headaches or unusual feelings. Not as cold as I was yesterday.
Managed to have a lovely bath & cooked DH a beef casserole. OMG it smelled so nice in the oven.
Onwards and downwards ('',)
Looking forward to Saturday already!!

Start of Day 3 and I dont feel hungry.
Feel like I have dog breath though.. Ewww..
I have those weird jelly feelings in my legs must be glycogen on the move.
Drank 2litres of water overnight.
Don't feel hungry today & going to have a shake @ 8 am then hit the hay.
Might weigh myself today for a 'lift'.

Roll on ketosis!! ('',)
Oh just remembered dreamt that I ate a bar on sat night that was VERY weird. I was raging at myself because all I thought was ARGH another 4/5days of feeling crap before going back into ketosis BUT thankfully it was just a dream yay!! ('',)
Feeling 100% better today. Really feeling the glycogen on the move especially around th elove handles and my thighs kind of a dull achey kind of pain. Nothing TOO uncomfortable though.

Can't believe it I've lost 6lbs already!! WOW :eek:
Really looking forward to the big weigh in on saturday.
Having no adverse reactions at all. No headaches thankfully. Hopefully that will last.

Plan for today drink drink drink drink and relax & give myself a pedicure later on before I have to go to work.

Made it through Day 3. I'm dreaming of food again. Walked into the kitchen this eve & the smell of DH's dinner actually nearly sent me over the edge.
But I know that I will enjoy food again soon once I lose what I need to lose & need to keep the thought of holidays in my head ('',)
I felt very very dizzy this evening but had a shower & freshened up & I felt better then. Back to work tonight. I love being in work because it gives me something else to focus on.

Really hope I can focus on something other than the thought of food tomorrow...

Day 4 FINALLY!!! ('',)

Ok so I've decided that today will be different. I didn't really feel too much achey pains / cold yesterday so I know it's time to start a little mild exercise.
So later on I'm going to play a few games of table tennis on the xbox kinect. That usually gets my heart pumping.

Stomach is grumbling this morning but I'm really really hoping I'm on the way to ketosis today.

Very happy with my 6lb loss in 3 days so I really hope I can double that by Saturday.

Fingers crossed.

Onwards & Downwards ('',)
Don't want to be negative or anything but I'd advise you to not to expect or hope for toooooo much as it might be very disappointing if you don't achieve that - I don't want you setting yourself up for a fall. 12lbs weight loss is absolutely huge - especially for someone whose bmi isn't even over 30. I hope this doesn't sound discouraging, I really don't mean it to be - I just don't want you to be disappointed. Best of luck and really wish you all the very best!!
Hi Rebeccah. I totally understand what you mean.
But for me its wishful & positive thinking. I know the last time I did LT I lost 21lbs in 3weeks and I was around the same weight that I was when I started this time.
I totally understand that I more than likely won't get to 12lbs but then again it doesn't hurt to think positive :)
I'm on Day4 now & I have lost 8lbs already you never know :D
Another Day done. WOOHOO!! ('',)
Feeling great had a very busy day so didn't think of food at all really. Feeling a big difference now clothes are less tight & I'm not as hungry.
Will go for a cycle tomorrow.
Really want to challenge myself to lose another few pounds loss by Saturday.

Still no headaches so I'm VERY HAPPY ('',)

Thankful thinking less about carbs now.

Onwards & Downwards ....
That was a very quick day. Woohoo!!
Felt crap today not hungry etc but low mood :-( probably my body looking for those pesky carbs!!
I have picked up this evening though & still going 100% yahoo!!

Onwards & Downwards ('',)
OOOOOOOOHHHHH I am VERY happy today. Made it over my hump yesterday thankfully. 10lb weight loss so far, I am a VERY happy bunny!! Really hope I get another 2lb off by tomorrow morning hehe :D Then i'll be ONLY 30lbs away from my goal weight :angeldevil:

I can do this!!!



Silver Member
OOOOOOOOHHHHH I am VERY happy today. Made it over my hump yesterday thankfully. 10lb weight loss so far, I am a VERY happy bunny!! Really hope I get another 2lb off by tomorrow morning hehe :D Then i'll be ONLY 30lbs away from my goal weight :angeldevil:

I can do this!!!
Well, keep at it, you will get there, we are all on the same journey!:D
Day 7 done WOOHOO!! Weigh in tomorrow looking forward to it. Was at a friends this eve & just drank water didn't say i was on LT and when she offered me fruit , nuts, coffee I just said no thank you but she left them on a plate in front of me and I had no problem with that. Had no problems at all. Just had my last shake & now having some water before bed.

Having bad cramping in my back & in my stomach also bad pain in my tooth/jaw. Don't know why this is? Possibly because I'm not chewing I don't know??

Anyway looking forward to weigh in..

1week done :D
Well done - that's amazing!! good for you!
So Day8 done and dusted. Turns out the pain in my teeth is because I have a severe sinus infection. I was in agony today but got antibiotics and painkillers & feeling a little better now. Hope the meds won't kick me out of ketosis but sure if they do there's nothing much I can do. I need them.
Anyhoo still feeling good. Looking forward to my weigh in next sat. Hopefully I'll have another good loss fingers crossed.
Onwards and Downwards
Feeling so rank since friday. This sinus infection doesn't seem to be budging at all and to top it off AF has arrived and all I can take is paracetamol feeling VERY sorry for myself.
I'm not craving anything though which is good I suppose.
Roll on Saturday so I can start refeeding & lose the rest with Atkins.:wave_cry:

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