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My Atkins journey from 12st to 10st 7

Today was my first day back on atkins. I want to ideally weigh 10st but I will settle for 10st 7 if my body doesn't wish to go lower. I have a big build.

I am currently a 12/14 on top and and 14/16 on the bottom and i would to be a 12 on bottom and a 10 on top.

Today I ate:

b- bacon
l- tuna salad
d-lamb steak and brussel sprouts- also had coleslaw which I shouldn't have. I hope it doesn't affect me too badly.
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Hi CC and welcome to our little Atkins forum. I don't see much green leafy veggie in your eating? Sorry to be critical. :)
Hello and best of luck!!
Hello! Thanks guys. It was shop bought coleslaw so had 5.5carbs per 100g and I ate about 130g. I knew I shouldn't, it was totally compulsive and could not stop myself.

The only green veg I eat is broccoli or brussels at the mo.

Today I felt better. Yesterday (my first day) I had the most intense headache. Today i ate:

b- bacon
l- tuna salad (lettuce and tuna)
d- lamb steak and brussels sprouts.

I have decided not to weigh myself for a while. Maybe i can wait (weight!) till my birthday on Nov 24. I am sure my clothes will ne giving me clues. I hope to be at goal or very near it by then but doubt ful so def by end of December.

my only enemy at the mo is red wine.... I find it hard to resist.
I am a wine addict too cc28...I managed to give it up in the first few weeks but it is slowly creeping in again...must be careful....red or white I don't mind....

I have to weigh myself every week as I find it really motivates me, although I am not losing masses each week, when you add it all up its great....

Good luck with it...Jx
welcome cc :) when I started low carb/atkins and I was more determined to not slip up I stay away from pre-package foods and bought fresh veggies and etc.. or even frozen veggies and I always read the lables.. I still do that now. It's like my head has an automatic carb counter in it LOL..
I was the same as Morenachica, only fresh green salad veggies. Still the same now mainly.
Not get weighed till the 24th Nov oh my god I get weighed twice a day!! I know I shouldn't but can't stop myself well done you and good luck

I have a love/hate relationship with the scales they can derail me totally so sometimes I avoid them if I know I wont cope with a gain or a sts. How are you getting on today cc
I don't weigh anymore, not unless I've been on a big binge, or after Christmas and stuff, I just go by my belt and clothes, if they're tight it's time to go back on Induction. :D
Emma and Anna welcome to scale-oholics :D been there and it's still a struggle for me since I'm in maint. and don't want to regain all the hard work ive done.. I don't weight every week but every other week well one week ago when I had a binge on with pringles and a kebab :drool: and I didnt gain anything..

Just remember our weight changes everyday or sometimes throughout the day.. I now use clothes as a way of seeing how my weight is like jim. If it stills fit the same and etc.. then I know I haven't gained anything..
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hi guys thanks for stopping by and giving your comments. Oh wine.. I miss it already. I nearly caved and had a sip last night.

i am feeling good today. think I am in ketosis as i dont feel hungry. I have ketostix but not going to check just yet. Today I had:

b- bacon
l- beefburgers
d- lamb stew (no veggies at all today as i was on in London all day and had to grab what I could on the cheap).

BTW the coleslaw I overate was just a pot I forgot to throw out the night before. i dont normally eat anything other than brussels and broccoli ( and berries once out of ketosis)
morenachica - well done you for managing once a week, one day i will get there. I hate myself for getting weighed so much and the way it makes me feel but I tell myself I would give up if i didn't!!

i def feel ketosisy today- just made a word up! Cant wait till the weight starts dropping off. Today I had:

b- bacon
l- corn beef salad
d- lamb chops with brussel sprouts.

I feel really good. Have lotsof studying to do plus busy with my children, work and trying to move house so my goal is not to go out too much at all in the next 8 weeks. That way I can stay out of temptations way a little more.

for some people they find it easy to lose weight but hard to keep it off but I am the opposite now. Plus when i am slim its nice knowing you can have a boozy/ eatey weekend occasionally knowing that you can take care of the extra pounds in a couple of weeks or less and be back to your best.

Somehow when I am big and I take a detour it does depress me somewhat, even not taking a detour and being big depresses me somewhat. I just dont like being overweight at all but I have a weird relationship with food.

i think I will feel fairly uncomfortable till I get within half a stone of my goal weight
Plus when i am slim its nice knowing you can have a boozy/ eatey weekend occasionally knowing that you can take care of the extra pounds in a couple of weeks or less and be back to your best.
That's where I'm at now. It is good.
Im the same cc Im a better maintainer than loser - my plan this time is to maintain with lots of exercise! How much do you have to lose - you need a ticker lol
Emma you will get there.. the scale is a good thing and sometimes can be a bad thing.. Water can be a factor and hormones and etc.. anything that may cause a stall when you are doing everything the right way.. I just always tell myself I've been doing everything right so there is no way that I've gain weight etc.. and then after a week or so the stall will go away with a weight loss of 4 or 5 pounds.. around TOTM I'm always 5 sometimes 7 pounds heavier.. I just sweat about it now if I'm doing the right things. Now if I was sitting around eating and stuffing my face then I'll be worried ... You'll get there.. don't let the scale beat you..

Jim I think I'm getting into that mode now.. I keep telling myself I can have 1 day if eating whatever and I won't put on 20 pounds.. I sometimes think if I eat that I'm going to gain weight.. It's a mental thing with me and I'm gradually working on it.. 2night I'm going to have rice and veggies as my carby thing for the week..:)
Oh Jim you are so lucky!!! Well you worked hard to acheive where you are now so well done you. I can't wait till i can do the same.

ShrinkingAnnie its nice to know when we get there we will hover around there but it's getting there arrgh!!! I plan to exercise now too. I don't know how to do tickers but i will try and get one. I am about 11st 11lbs at the mo but its the TOM so I will weigh next week.

I usually go by the tape measure. My hips are the largest fattest part of body body and my tum fairly flat and waist. So my aim is to get 38-40 inch hips as once i get there i know the rest of my body will be really slim
Thanks morena- great name by the way. I am a morena chica myself! Though I am cc here not Emma lol!

Today was quite hard. At work people were eating all sorts and one of the guys even bought in doughnuts for the team and I had to say no. Other days of the week I can resist quite easily but Fridays are hard and I often find myself thinking take the day off and Sat off and sometimes Sun and then Mon off too!

Once I am slim I will take Fridays and Sats off at times but that will mostly be it.

My friend text me in the morning not to bring lunch in as she had cooked for me. I twas chicken breast pieces and a salad with feta. It was lovely and I ate some of the tomatoes and feta to please her ( i know!) but I know I shouldnt have as in induction. I very nearly bought coleslaw in the supermarket too and found myself checking the carbs but luckily I was strong enough to walk away. Im sure home made is best though I cannot be bothered to make it and carrots arent on induction as far as I know either which is a shame because all that vit c and protein would be great for iron levels.

Anyway today I had:

b- corned beef
l- chicken and feta salad
s- lamb chop
d- lamb soup with brussels
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Hiya cc you'll get there and you are doing good. But doesn't it make you wonder why do people try and get you to eat foods you can't have when you tell them you're on a low carb diet.. I remember when I was in my induction phrase, I had so many people trying to force food down my throat...

woohoo you walked away from the coleslaw :) that's will power for you..

P.S. I have big hips too. my waist is now 27 inches with 39 inches hips LOL but you know what I found that works the body slimming pants. I use them for some jeans because my hips are bigger than my waist and it helps.

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