My daughter - England's next goalkeeper?


Back again!
Dinner tonight was GI chilli - my DD's favourite. I was serving it up and did hers first as she wasn't having all the veggies that DH & I have, so she put hers on a tray and was walking behind me as I stepped backwards not realising she was there. I knocked into her, the tray went sideways, the bowl of chilli slid down the tray and was on it's way to the floor, and somehow, I don't quite know how, she managed to catch it, one handed, without spilling a drop - and this from a child who's normally a right old butterfingers. She's so her mother's daughter and not one to waste good food LOL :D
Well done to her!! Was just imagining the mess otherwise!!!

Sounds lovely .......... chilli and vegetables ......... mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
Yes it was nice I'm pleased to see - dog was disappointed though, I think she saw a freebie coming her way :D