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My Dukan diary

I thought I would start to keep a Dukan diary of my weight loss journey. If nothing else it will keep me occupied for a while typing it. I am not yet sure whether it will need to carry a government health warning to say this diary may cause drastic weight loss or possibly bore you to tears. LOL. we will have to wait and see.

I am on day 6 of Attack and so far have lost 4.2 kilos in that time which is amazing to a serial dieter like me. It has given the encouragement and motivation to keep going. I am definately in this for the long haul, having 34 kilos in total to lose, so will be hanging around here for a good while.

I have had a weight problem for most of my life; back in 2006 I lost 34 kilos doing cambridge diet but unfotunately found I could not maintain the loss and over a period of 5 years gradually put the whole lot back on. This time I am determined to lose it and keep it off using Dr Dukan's rules.

Today is the first day that I felt up to doing any exercise and so did 30 minutes walking on our treadmill, but am absolutely shattered now and have fallen asleep twice since lunch :sigh2: maybe I should wait till I am on cruise. Another day of attack then move on.

I have been posting my daily menu's so it seems the food I am eating is ok.
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I also reached one of my mini goals yesterday; that was to weigh under 100 kilos (bit of a pyschological barrier for me)

My next 2 mini goals are
1 get under 90 kilos
2 To be able to wear my engagement ring without cutting off the blood circulation to my finger and then having to use tons of soap to get it back off my swollen blue finger.

Let's hope it doesn't take too long!
Well done for sticking to Attack, it does get easier and tastier in Cruise and the weight keeps coming off. I still can't believe the scales as I have lost so much, still have loads to go though! Well done on reaching your mini goal and don't worry about feeling tired - sometimes I do too but think how hard my body is working getting rid of all this weight and have a snooze! How do you like having your oatbran?
I love my oatbran I either make an oatbran galette/pancake or make a muffin in the microwave and eat it with a vanilla ff yoghurt. It sets me up for the day.

I went to the Drs today and asked for a thyroid function blood test as I fall asleep several times during the day, even before I started Dukan. I never see the end of any TV programmes lol which is quite frustrating. Anyway GP happy to do test and wanted to weigh me too. I told him what I weighed before I got on the scales and his jaw dropped open. He said I obviously dress well for my size as he never thought I was so heavy.
Talk about an underhanded compliment. I then told him I was doing the Dukan Diet and he apparently knows the Dr and is more than happy for me to follow the diet. It does make my life easier knowing that I have the full support of my Dr whilst doing this. Anyway will have full set of bloods done on Monday so we will see what that brings.

We went round to friends this afternoon and were asked to stay and we would get take out pizza's and make a night of it.... but no I declined their offer, initially by saying I had dinner ready at home. But we have insistant friends who said well have it tomorrow instead. I ended up telling them I was Dukaning and therefor unable to eat pizza so they gave in and allowed us to go about with our original plan and go home for dinner. Pizza was tempting but the thought of how much more weight I can lose by tomorrow was more compelling and I feel great for not giving in.

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Back on the Dukan wagon!
How long are you planning on doing Attack?
Have you been on the Dukan site to calculate it and your true weight?
Well done on your losses! :)
yes I went onto Dukan website and it said to do attack for 7 days. Then I will move onto cruise, have not decided 100% whether to do 1/1 or 5/5; the jury is still out on that one. I have the veggies in. Now when I transfer onto cruise do you start with a pp or pv day? That bit is not clear in my head.

My true weight is 72kgs but I intend 70kgs which still gives me a BMI of 24.2

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Back on the Dukan wagon!
You start cruise with a PV day, and after attack veg taste soooooo good! :D
I try to do 1/1, but last week due to circumstances I had 3 PV days together and found I was hungrier than usual on my next PP day so I shall stick as near as I can to 1/1. That said, I always have a PV day on a Sunday so that I can have my Sunday roast but minus the potatoes. :)
I have been so busy today I forgot to eat. Now what is that all about, me forget to eat, I would have said NEVER. I had my breakfast, had some jobs to do in house then I decided to make a start on the sugar paste decorations for the grand piano cake. I made the key board, flowers, music & stand, cut cake boards to shape and made a start on the figure. Before I knew it the time was 4.30pm (french time) and I hadn't eaten lunch; wasn't even hungry and had never given it a thought. So I have decided just to have my dinner a little earlier and maybe snack tonight (using my lunch food)if I feel hungry.

!st day of cruise tomorrow, I am a little apprehensive in case it makes me feel hungry. So plan to have a roast dinner with veggies, yum yum


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well done, you're doing really well. I'm on Day 1 of Attack today...so far so good! Keep up the good work!
Day 8 and 1st day of cruise. Another 1.1kilos lost making a total of 5.9 kilos in one week. I am soooo happy with that.

I have been for an hours walk this morning around the lake nearby with the dog, then stopped at the cafe for a coffee and a small bottle of water. I resisted the crepes and chichi.

I have got a few hours to do today making the decorations for the birthday cake due next weekend, so that should keep my hands well away from my mouth.

1st day of cruise is a bit nerve wracking but it has to be done, so wish me well.


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Good luck and well done on your loss, you're doing so well! Keep up the excellent work xxx

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Doing ok, struggled more than I thought I would yesterday and felt shattered by about 9 o'clock last night but feeling a lot better today. I haven't weighed myself though, thought I would wait until tomorrow just incase there's no loss.

Are you finding it expensive to follow?
Bella, I live in France and therefore I find meat expensive anyway. I have my own chickens so eat their eggs, lots of them and tend to buy meats on offer and stock up the freezer. Lidl & Aldi are quite good for cheaper meat and fish. But I suppose if you start to add up all what you spend on extras normally like chocolate, crisps, wine etc then it works out quite similar in cost per weekly shop.


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Very true - didn't look at it that way!
No change on the scales this morning. back on a pp day today so hope to have a loss tomorrow.

I found that I was very nervous yesterday eating veg and to be honest didn't want to eat too much so kept it to a normal serving but kept my protein intake high.

Had to go for blood test this morning before breakfast so threw me totally. I came home and had brunch so will have my oatbran pancake or muffin later today.
I am feeling a bit down this morning. The scales have shown 0.5 of a kilo gain; I refuse to put it on my ticker and stats as I have followed the diet to the letter. It just doesn't seem fair when you are being 100% and then a gain for whatever reason. I know it could be fluid retention or any number of other reasons, but it still doesn't mean I have to like it.
Anyway rant over; I will not lose heart and will continue to be good.

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