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My Dukan Diet Diary...

Discussion in 'Dukan Diaries' started by TamaraAbi, 7 August 2012 Social URL.

  1. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    I've been reading everyone's diaries for a while now and thought even though I'm not the best at writing I will give it a go as I'm sure it will help motivate me and keep me on track (even though I haven't cheated yet and dont plan to), so i apologise in advance if it is really boring haha.

    I've been on Dukan for 35 days now, today is the start of week 5, I have lost 19 lbs so far which i'm so happy about and my official WI is on a Tuesday. Also I do the alternating 1PP/1PV.

    Today is PP
    B: Oat bran Porridge, boiled eggs x 2
    L: chicken breast x2
    D: probably a steak and fish ?
    Drink: at least 8 pints of water, 2 coffees black
    Excercise: Day 2 Level 2 30 Day Shred
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  3. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Well-Known Member

    Fabulous loss, Tamara, really fabulous :D

    P x

    CHRISR Well-Known Member

    Tamara welcome and WOW on a fab weightloss in 5 weeks - BRILLIANT X
  5. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    Thank you Pauline and Thank you Chris :) x
  6. ellie1969

    ellie1969 Well-Known Member

    well done on your loss so far :D
  7. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    Thank you Ellie :) well done on yours aswell :) x
  8. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    Eeeeeeee just had an amazing NSV happy isn't the word, I thought I would try on some clothes to see how they fit as I have read that people have been doing this and I started with all my dressy trousers and could pull them all up and down without undoing them and they were huge on me !! Then I tried on a dress I wore to a ball about 6 years ago when I was 16 thinking it wouldn't fit and that i could use it as an insentive to keep trying to fit into it but shockingly it did plus it was a little loose on my waist :D, so then I thought I'd sort my dresses and I had to get rid of 5 as they were too big plus the 7 pairs of trousers a pencil skirt 2 blouses and 8 tops i'm shocked at how much losing 19lbs has changed my figure..... I Love Dukan <3 x
  9. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    Day 36:
    Today is a PV so I had/ am having
    B: Oat bran Porridge and 2x boiled eggs
    L: Tuna in spring water, lettuce and cucumber
    D: Dukan Sbaghetti bolognaise and courgette
    Drinks: have had 2 black coffees and 9 glasses of water will probably have about four more before bed :)
    Excercise: Day 3 level 2 30 day Shred, 30 minutes treadmill

    I was thinking to myself earlier how Dukan definitely doesn't feel like a 'diet' and if I chose a diet with shakes or set meals I wouldn't have felt as great and healthy as I do doing this one, it's very odd it's like it's changed the way I view foods in a good way and I actually like making healthy choices now I hope this feeling just doesn't wear off...... x
  10. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    Eurgh not feeling to great today as TOTM is due and i've been sufferring the stmach cramps and cravings but I'm having a dukan chicken curry for dinner so that will make me feel a bit better been looking forward to it all day haha!

    Day 37 PP:
    B: Oat Bran Porridge
    L: Tuna and 2 egg omelette
    D: Chicken Curry
    Drinks: 2L water, 2 Black Coffees
    Excercise: just a 10 minute Tiffany Rothe workout, will attempt the shred later but I might just leave it until I'm feeling better tomorrow?
  11. ceridwen

    ceridwen Well-Known Member

    Amazing weight loss in such a short time!

    I see you like oat bran porridge too. I love it! I make a chocolate version (using 1tsp of low fat cocoa powder as a tolerated item), which is yummy.

    Hope you're feeling better tomorrow and back in the Dukan zone :)
  12. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    I have some low fat cocoa powder so I will have to try that thank you :) yeah I'm a bit addicted to the stuff at the moment haven't had muffins for a while becuase each morning I fancy some oat bran aha. I am feeling better today thank you and will definitely be doing some exercise after work make uo for missing out yesterday x
  13. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    At work today my colleagues bought me a box of Thorntons and a handmade cupcake as an early birthday present and it was so thoughtful and I will be honest they both looked delicious but as soon as I got home I gave them to my niece and nephew so there was no temptation I felt bad for not eating the myself as they were a gift :( but I just couldn't so it hmmmm.....

    Day 38 PV:
    B:Oat Bran Porridge, 2x boiled Eggs
    L:Roast Chicken, cherry tomatoes
    D:Steak, BNS wedges, Brocoli
    Drinks: 2L Water, 3 Cups Coffee
    Excercise:pump it up DVD
  14. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Well-Known Member

    Well done Tamara, that's some strong willpower, girlfriend! :D

    P x
  15. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    Thanks Pauline :) today was easier no temptations or anything although TOTM still hasn't come so I'm badly bloated :( and that and a 10 hour shift has made me so tired I cant wait to just curl up and chill out tonight :)

    Day 39 PP:
    B: Oat Bran Porridge
    L:Roast Chicken, SF Jelly
    D:Chilli Chicken, scrambled eggs (a lot of chicken I know...)
    Drinks: 2L water
    Excercise:none as such just rushing around in work
  16. sididd

    sididd Well-Known Member

    Evening Tamara, fantastic loss in five weeks your doing great and i love Dukan too xxx great will power too massive pat on your back girl xxx:D
  17. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    Aww thank you Siddid :) Well yesterday was my first meal out on Dukan it was an early birthday meal but I'm proud I stuck to the plan and didnt have any cheats I only went to the Toby Carvery so it wasn't too hard not too cheat :)

    Day 40 PV:
    B: Oat Bran Porridge, 2x boiled eggs
    L: Beef (cut around the fat), turkey, brocoli, cabbage, carotts
    D: 2 chicken breast, brocoli
    Drinks: Water 1.5L, Sparkling Water 1 small bottle
    Excercise:10 minute solution

    I'm back in the excercising zone today as I've been making excuses such as haven't had time/not been well, well today I'm going for a jog with a friend and I'm back to the 30 day shred no excuses :)
  18. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    Jog done but decided I will leave the shred until tomorrow :) It's WI tomorrow aswell so i'm pretty nervous about that I don't know why though probably because it's my first week I havent weighed all week plus I'm still waiting for TOTM to come and am reaallllyyyy bloated :( plus it's my birthday tomorrow so it would be nice to have a loss on my birthday aww well fingers crossed for the morning...

    Day 41 PP:
    B: Oat Bran Porridge, 2x boiled eggs
    L: Tuna
    D: Haddock and chicken
    Drink: 3 Black Coffee, 2L water
    Excercise: 30 min jog
  19. sididd

    sididd Well-Known Member

    Best of luck for weigh in tomorrow, just remember how totm affects weight when your weighing, exciting:D
  20. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Well-Known Member

    Well weigh in done and i've lost 3lbs!!!!! i'm shocked I can't believe I've lost that amount especially since TOTM started last night but I am definitely not complaining :D what a start to my birthday haha.. my next mini goal to myself is to be in the 12's in two weeks so starting tomorrow up the excercise and up the protein and water :)
  21. ceridwen

    ceridwen Well-Known Member

    3lb loss is brilliant!! You must be feeling great this morning.

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