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My first weigh in was rubbish

I'm GUTTED! First week of weighing in, and I feel I've been really really good, I haven't exceeded my Syns (that I can see) and I've had mainly free foods. Done Extra Easy all week. AND I HAVE PUT ON HALF A POUND :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

I'm a bit disappointed that I don't get feedback on the food diaries that I've (a) been brutally honest with and (b) have kept all week til I phone my consultant tomorrow. I work full time and I invested the time to go there for the hour tonight but now I've got to invest even more time tomorrow :-(

I've been eating loads of fruit, most dinners have been meat and veg of some description, lunches have been pasta n sauce for past 2 days, soup for a couple of days before that, and chicken breast (no skin) and salad before that. Drinking only diet drinks/tea/water.

My consultants first idea - in front of everyone - was "Didn't you really understand it?" which I thought wasn't great because I'm sure I've followed the plan to the letter. Maybe I haven't.

Anyway, now I'm not eligible for Slimmer of the Week next week because I've had a gain and its been a long week this week looking forward to getting weighed as it is, so motivation will be even worse next week. I'm just gutted because I was sure I'd done so well, I've been really good and exercised some strong willpower around chocolate etc (haven't had any). Unless I'm doing something wrong with the plan, I can't do anymore because I've been as good as I can be.

So can anyone spot what I've done wrong???

dried pasta, all types including low carb
low calorie fizzy drinks
chicken bacon
courgettes oranges
Healthy Extras a 250ml semi-skimmed milk
b _______________________
Syns Syns
Oats So Simple, Apple & Blueberry, dried 6½
Pasta n Sauce, Cheese, Leek & Ham, excluding milk & butter, dried 1
Total Syns 7½

Free Foods bananas nectarines
cabbage Pasta n Sauce, Tomato, Onion & Herb, excluding milk & butter, dried
french/string beans plums
.Syns Chicken, average, meat & skin 1½ Syn Chicken, average, meat & skin 1½ Syn
Chicken, average, meat & skin 1½ Syn Oats So Simple, Apple & Blueberry, dried 6½ Syns

Total: 11 Syns

Free Foods grapes plums
lamb rice
low calorie fizzy drinks tomatoes
low calorie fizzy drinks
.Healthy Extras b 1 Asda Wholemeal Pitta Bread, 6 pack
.Syns Vegetarian, Mediterranean Tomato Soup, canned 6½ Syns

Total: 6½ Syns

Free Foods bacon eggs
baked beans in tomato sauce eggs
beef Mullerlight Smooth Yogurt, Toffee
broccoli potatoes
.Healthy Extras a 250ml semi-skimmed milk
b 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g small sliced loaf)
.Syns Margarine/spread, light/low fat 1 Syn

18th September 2010
Free Foods apples french/string beans
beef Mullerlight Smooth Yogurt, Toffee
broccoli Mullerlight Smooth Yogurt, Toffee
carrots mushrooms
celery potatoes
eggs quark
eggs Worcestershire sauce
.Healthy Extras a 250ml semi-skimmed milk
b 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g small sliced loaf)
.Syns Barbeque sauce 5 Syns Margarine/spread, light/low fat 3 Syns

17th September
Free Foods dried pasta, all types including low carb Mullerlight Smooth Yogurt, Toffee
fruit, selection of fresh onions
low calorie fizzy drinks tomatoes
Mullerlight Smooth Yogurt, Toffee very low fat natural yogurt
.Healthy Extras b 1 Asda Wholemeal Pitta Bread, 6 pack
.Syns Beef, mince, standard 1½ Syn Healthy, Chicken & Vegetable Soup, canned 8 Syns

Total: 9½ Syns

16th September 2010
Free Foods apples lettuce
bananas melon, all varieties
beetroot mushrooms
chicken pork
chicken pork
cucumber sweetcorn/corn on the cob
.Healthy Extras a 250ml semi-skimmed milk
b 1 Asda Wholemeal Pitta Bread, 6 pack
.Syns Dressing, French dressing, reduced fat ½ Syn Yogurt, low fat fruit/flavoured 2 Syns

Total: 2½ Syns
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Hi ya,

It's a bit hard to tell from the above what your meals actually were. Have you been having breakfast every day? This is crucial to get your metabolism kick started. Have you used your Healthy Extra A every day? I can't see it in the list above every day. Have you had one third superfree food with every meal? It doesn't look as though you have, although it might just be the way you've listed your food. Why have you synned the chicken? Without skin it's free on Extra Easy. Finally, you can have up to 15 syns a day. You don't appear to be getting anywhere near that. I'd say you're not eating enough and your body is going into "starvation" mode where it hangs on to everything cos it knows it's not getting what it needs. Oh yeah, and have you been drinking plenty? You need to make sure you drink lots!!

Hope this helps and you lose next week. :)

dont be upset - i hope you do really well on SW.

Stick with it - sometimes if you have been doing different plans it takes a while for SW to start working - or showing on the scales. Plus half on is not a horrific amount (although im sure you were upset at a gain!) :(

If you give it 4 weeks, and average out your losses, then i bet you will see a happier picture.

I can have a week where i gain, then lose, then maintain then lose - but overall i will have lost that month - best to look at it that way than on a weekly basis sometimes.

Good luck xxxx
My consultant reckons that I've been having toooo many syns where I haven't been exactly measuring them - but usually they were tins of soup or packets of porridge so pre measured.

I also thought I hadn't eaten enough but consultant didn't think so.

Started with ovulation pains this afternoon, I have a coil so don't get a period but consultant reckons this could make a difference.

The 1/3rd superfree foods - how do you do this with something like lunch that is just soup/pasta n sauce etc. I can't eat 1/3rd plate in basically fruit or veg every meal!!! How do you all do it?

Thanks again!

I had 2 weeks of bad gains and nearly gave up myself. Could not believe I had put on weight. I have now moved to more red days that fingers crossed seem to be helping
The 1/3rd superfree foods - how do you do this with something like lunch that is just soup/pasta n sauce etc. I can't eat 1/3rd plate in basically fruit or veg every meal!!! How do you all do it?
Why do you think you can't do this? What do you see as the difficulty?

If you have soup, why not have a salad as a starter or a little tub of cherry tomatoes? Or some carrot or cucumber sticks to much while soup is warming on the hob?
Pasta n sauce is easy to add veg to, add mushrooms, broccoli, green beans, peppers, courgette, whatever really and it will cook as the pasta itself cooks.
Or you can always have a salad that makes up about a third of your meal volume-wise. Or have some melon as a starter, fruit salad as dessert...
If you imagine that one in three forkfulls of food you eat is superfree, and it takes x amount of mouthfuls to feel full, you will eat a third less mouthfuls of the higher-calorie food while feeling just as satisfied by the end of your meal. This is the principle of Extra Easy.

I read many people on here bemoaning that they don't have 'room' for all the superfree they have to eat but the point is that you eat the superfree so that you have less 'room' for free foods which, while not unhealthy, are more calorie-dense than superfree foods.

I hope this has given you some ideas LJB12- don't be too disheartened and stick with it :)


Slowly but surely!
Im kind of a newbie myself but I dont think your eating enough, or maybe im eating too much lol :) Hope things go better this week!
hi ya why dont you make a few meals like past sauces the night b4 work but frylight loads of onions mushrooms add some peas then mix it in and portion it up in a tub for work then you have your veg all mixed in, i do that also i make chilli like that or stew list goes on but you could also make stir frys i love turkey chunks you can buy from asda you get loads its a super free food and its much nicer than chicken. i buy loads of frozen onions and mushrooms cos i can't be bothered choppping them lol, i lost 5 doing that in my first week but put on 1 1/2 the week after but that was due to 4 bottles of wine woops! try that any way you will love it!
Hey LJB12 - I feel ya! I had my first weigh in last night and only lost 1lb despite sticking religiously to the plan all week and keeping the food diary. I have to admit, I do find the plan complicated but have consulted the book over everything and feel that, if anything, I havent been eating enough!
I had a brief strop when I got home but am determined to stick at it, it must work for millions of other people so surely it will for us too! stick at it and be positive!!

Extra Easy would not work for me, I know this because I retain carbs like you wouldn't beleive, I do red and green because I know it will work for me - you have to find the best plan for you!

I have only 1 green day (Friday) the day after weigh in) the rest are all red and I am losing - not lots, but I am going for slow and steady after losing 4 stone on Cambridge and piling it all back on!

Why not try another plan see what happens?
Just wanted to say, stick at it, I stayed the same in my first week and my boyf who had been eating the same meals lost 2.5lbs so I was devastated but then when I thought about it, he was eating more fruit and veg between meals. I've since boosted my fruit and veg, and got a 4.5lb loss in my 2nd WI and 2.5lbs this week. Stick at it! it really does work! :) x

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